8 Free Printable To Do Lists to Get Things Done

Sometimes inspiration is all that you need to get your life in order. A beautiful printable to do list can motivate you to take on all the tasks that you need to accomplish. We know how beneficial organization is in a person’s life, so we created eight free printable to do lists with varying styles and purposes.

From grocery lists to weekly to do lists to detailed hour by hour planners, we’ve covered all of the bases. With so many options, you are sure to find a list that will enhance your routine.

Cute Printable To Do List

Free Printable To Do List you got this to do list

This pretty to do list is simple so it can be utilized and customized in any way that you want. It includes a reassuring mantra, “You Got This!” and motivational quotes to keep you focused on what you want to accomplish.

Weekly To Do List

Free Printable To Do List to do weekly list

If you are looking for an overview of your week with all of your to dos, then this list is perfect for you. Add your assignments and errands to this list to help you plan and visualize a more balanced week.

Daily To Do List + Hourly Schedule

Free Printable To Do List daily list with hourly planner

Titled “Today,” this list can be used daily or on days that you really need to stay on task. The hourly schedule is a great way to plan out your day while the to do and notes section can help you get your priorities in order.

Printable Groceries List

Free Printable To Do List grocery list

Grocery shopping isn’t always the most fun task, but a pretty list can only help, right? Fasten this printable grocery list on to your fridge with a magnet and keep a running list of the items you need to restock.

Printable Shopping List

Free Printable To Do List shopping list

This printable shopping list is perfect for holiday shopping, birthdays and party planning. There is plenty of room to include details like where to purchase the gift, who it’s for and how many to purchase.

Printable Kids’ To Do List

Free Printable To Do List kids to do list

It’s important to develop good habits early on and this printable to do list for kids is the perfect way to set them on a path of organization and maintaining their room. There is space for goals, ideas and doodles in addition to their homework and chore to dos.

Household To Do List

Free Printable To Do List household to do list

Happiness starts at home and that stems from having a relaxing and enjoyable space to retreat to after a long day. There is a section for every room in the house to keep your tasks organized and to ensure that your time is used efficiently.

To Do List with Tear off Grocery and Errand Lists

Free Printable To Do List to do groceries and errands list

This list is the ultimate to do list for busy parents. It has a section for all of your to dos and tear off grocery and errand lists in the bottom half for on-the-go organization.

Tips to Get and Stay Organized

Making a certain behavior into a habit takes about two months on average, so don’t get discouraged if you can’t make new habits stick right away. Committing to new organizational habits is a great way to reduce stress and the time that you spend on chores. Here are some tips on how to get and stay organized:

  • Set small achievable steps to getting organized rather than one large goal
  • Keep to do lists and mark items off as you complete them, this makes each task into a small accomplishment
  • Get on a reliable sleep schedule, waking up at a set time will lead to more productivity in the rest of your day
  • Get on a workout schedule that fits your needs, whether you’re a yogi or an avid runner, exercise gives you the energy that you need to be productive  
  • Make your bed every morning, start your day by completing an easy task that sets your day in motion
  • Declutter your living spaces, break up your organization by room so you don’t get overwhelmed by taking on your whole house
  • Purge items you don’t need, including extraneous papers and unworn clothing
  • Organize your home in a way that makes most sense to you, just because one thing works for someone doesn’t mean it will be the best for you
  • Tackle messes when they are small, don’t let piles of clothes, dishes or items accumulate into a large chore
  • Plan meals before you grocery shop and take stock of what you already have, this will prevent double purchasing items
  • Make a list of where you need to go before running errands, this will save time from going back and forth

Did we miss any helpful organization or productivity tips? Please let us know in the comments below!

In addition to using to do lists to get organized, keeping a notebook or journal is a great way to keep track of long term goals and to write about your favorite memories. If you make gratitude journaling and planning a habit, you should see huge improvements in your stress and time management. Try displaying a personalized calendar in your home, it’s a great way to keep your family in the loop about upcoming events and reduce double bookings.