Funeral Messages: What To Write On A Funeral Card

When someone passes away, it can often feel impossible to find the right words to express your grief or condolences. And it’s easy to feel frustrated if you’re unable to find the words for a bouquet of flowers or a sympathy card for a friend or family member. And if that person lost a close loved one, you may be trying to help them understand how much you love and support them. We want to help you appropriately express yourself. That’s why we made the following guide on what to write on a funeral card. Choose a section below to find the right funeral card messages.

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What To Write On A Funeral Card

If you’re trying to find the right wording for a sympathy card, we’re here to help. We’ve broken down the process to write an appropriate and thoughtful letter. Follow the steps below or visit our resource on what to write in a sympathy card for additional instructions.

A Sympathy card for a funeral.

  1. Start with a Greeting. Make sure to find an appropriate greeting to start your card. You can keep things simple with “Dear [name],” or start with their name. You may want to use the plural of their last name if the letter is intended for the whole family.
  2. Convey Your Condolences. Extend your sympathies and let them know that you support them.
  3. Share a Fond Memory. Will you miss the deceased’s smile or their contagious laughter? These fond memories make lovely additions to the letter.
  4. Let Them Know They’ll Be Missed. It’s common to end the note by letting the recipient know how much you’ll miss the deceased. 
  5. Include a Sign-off. Once you’ve finished the letter, make sure to choose an appropriate sign off before your signature. Sign-offs may include “Sincerely,” “Truly,” “Warmly,” “Yours,” and “With Love,” followed by your name.

Funeral Card Messages

Whether your condolences are for a close friend or family member, it’s crucial to find the right wording for your card. To help, we’ve found a selection of funeral messages that fit any situation. Look at the sections below to get started, or visit our additional resource on condolence messages for sympathy cards.

Funeral Messages For Family

  • “Remembering [Name]’s wonderful and gentle soul will forever remain in our hearts. May he/she rest in peace and live on within the memories of her/his loved ones.”
  • “I can’t believe [Name] is gone. I can’t imagine life without his/her smile and laughter. Praying that he/she is finally at peace.”
  • “What an incredible soul [Name] was. He/she leaves behind so many special memories and a legacy of love.”
  • “Words seem to small to express the sadness we feel about [Name]’s death. He/She will be so missed. Just know that your family is here to support you in any way you need.”
  • “Wishing you love to bring comfort, the courage to face the days ahead, and happy memories to forever hold in your hearts. And whatever you need, I’m here.”
  • “After the tears have dried and the goodbyes are said, all we have is happy memories that we’ve shared with our loved ones. Praying that they comfort you in this difficult time.”
  • “I cannot believe [Name] is no longer with us. I pray that they have found their home with God and watch over us all in these difficult times.”

General Funeral Condolences Messages

  • “My condolences to you and your family. May our friendship and prayers help you through this difficult time.”
  • “I was heartbroken to learn of [Name]’s passing. Praying for you and your family that you may find a way to heal.”
  • “You and your family are in my heart on my mind. My condolences on the passing of [Name].”
  • “I am honored and blessed to have known your [relation]. He/She was truly a blessing in my life, and I will miss him/her. My condolences.”
  • “I offer you my thoughts, prayers, and well-wishes during this dark time in your life.”
  • “May the love which comes from the memories of the dearly departed comfort you now and in the days ahead.” 
  • “As you grieve know that we are remembering you and honoring the memory of [Name]. Please let us know if you need anything at all.”
  • “Words fall short of expressing my sorrow. My condolences, and know I’m always there in your time of need. May his/her soul rest in peace.”

A Sympathy card with gold lettering.

What To Write On Funeral Flowers

Cards on bouquets of flowers are typically smaller in size. This means that your messaging shouldn’t be too long. To help, we’ve provided some common sympathy funeral messages below to help you write a short and sweet note. And for additional help, visit our guide on what to send when someone dies

Funeral Flower Messages

  • “[Name] was always such a bright star in all of our lives. May they finally rest in peace.”
  • “[Name] lives on in all of our memories, and they’ll always be a part of our hearts.”
  • “Gone but never forgotten. [Name] will live on within our hearts.”
  • “[Name] will truly be missed. Praying for you and your family in these difficult times.”
  • “I wish nothing but love and healing to your family in the wake of [Name]’s passing.”
  • “There’s a hole in my heart after this tragedy, and I already miss [Name] more than I can tell you.”
  • “Though words can’t take your loss away, we hope these flowers sent in sympathy help comfort you today.”
  • “May these flowers act as a gesture of our love and support through this tragedy.”
  • “When a person becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure.”
  • “I’m so sorry for your loss. Sending you all my love and support.”
  • “May [Name] rest in peace. We are sharing in your sorrow.”
  • “In loving memory of a [descriptor] who was always smiling.”

sympathy flower arrangement

Other Funeral Messages

Looking for additional funeral messages outside of sympathy cards? If so, we’ve made a list of messaging you might also find helpful. From out of office emails to attend a funeral, funeral ribbon messages for displayed wreaths, or even just simple phrases for memorial cards– look to the examples below.

Out Of Office Message For Funeral

Example 1:


I will be away from (Date) until (Date). For urgent matters, you can contact (Name).

Best Regards,


Example 2:


I will be out of the office starting (Date) through (Date) and returning (Date).

If you need immediate assistance, please contact (Name) at (Email Address). Otherwise, I will respond to your emails as soon as possible upon my return.

Thank You,


Example 3:


I will be out of the office from (Date) until (Date).

If you need immediate assistance, please contact (Name).

Kind Regards,


tri fold photo sympathy card

Funeral Ribbon Messages

  • “Forever in our Hearts.”
  • “Loved Always.”
  • “Cherished and Loved.”
  • “In Loving Memory.”
  • “With Love and Memories.”
  • “Gone But Never Forgotten.”
  • “May You Rest in Peace.”

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