Anything Flys™ with These Funny Family Portraits

You never know what unexpected twists will happen during a family photo shoot. A toddler could lose one of their shoes, the family dog may decide to chase a squirrel mid photo, or a family member might be caught mid-sneeze. But those imperfect moments often become some of our favorite memories or keepsake photos. Anything can happen– and that’s something to celebrate. We’re sharing our top picks for funny family portraits because we know that when it comes to family photos– anything flys. 

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Examples of Funny Family Portraits

The following funny family portraits include examples from formal portrait sessions gone wrong, opportune photo surprises, and everything in between. Pick out your favorite ideas from those below or use them to inspire something all your own.

1. Dress for the Job You Want

Family photo with every person dressed as a superhero.

Watch out. This family of superheroes is going places. To use the inspiration from this fun family photo idea simply pick out your favorite superhero series and find costumes to match for each member of the family.

2. A Little Chilly

Family of four take photo in the snow,

Take the family out for a winter photo shoot. Just make sure to dress warmly, otherwise, you’ll see plenty of clattering teeth instead of warm smiles.  Or maybe that sounds like the perfect funny Christmas portrait idea for your family.

3. Picture Perfect

Mother and two sons make funny faces.

Candid moments caught on camera can quickly become your favorite family portrait. While there’s no way to plan for this idea, it’s important to remember to always keep the camera running so that you don’t miss out on any of these special timed moments.

4. Set Your Sights on Something New

Parents and baby wear silly glasses for the camera.

This group of people in funny glasses has the right idea when it comes to including props in family portraits. Don’t be afraid to get silly with your photo ideas; it helps highlight your family’s unique personality.

5. Holiday Festive

Parents and baby pose for a camera in funny Christmas hats.

Nothing says “funny family picture” better than odd hats. Dress up for the holidays or simply go garage sale hunting for a unique accessory find. Then don your fun outfit creations for a one-of-a-kind photoshoot.

6. Funny Faces

Two young boys make faces at the camera.

These three brothers giving funny faces to the camera know how to make their personalities shine. Make a silly face or two in your photography session to help break up the monotony of regular portraits. This can help you avoid “fake” smiles, too.

7. A Well-Timed Selfie

Mother and father spends quality time with their adorable daughter, taking wacky selfies and swinging around on a hammock outdoors.

Sometimes the best photos and portraits come out when you just have fun with the family. For example, spending a weekend afternoon on a hammock in your backyard can make for a great slice-of-life selfie.

9. Matchy-Matchy

Humorous family portrait with a golden retriever dog all in cardigans.

Whoever said matching sweaters are out of style? In fact, these matchy-matchy family outfits make for a super fun family photo. Even the dog seems to love the look. This idea works especially well for family reunions.

10. Take it to New Heights

A family holding hands and jumping on beach.

Photo jumps are a great way to keep the family awake and energized during a photoshoot. And beyond that, the outtakes make for hilarious family photos to add to your annual photo book.

11. Celebrate a Hike

A real extended family pose for a selfie on a deserted beach.

Take the family to a local hiking trail to capture a portrait full of activity and teamwork. You’re sure to love the memories behind the photo, even if they come out looking a little sweaty.

12. Braces & Happy Faces

Close-up portrait of a young boy and a young girl, brother and sister in an outdoor setting

Every smile is picture-perfect– whether you have braces, a chipped tooth, and anything else. Never be afraid to show off those pearly whites for any reason. After all, you’ll look back on those family portrait years later and be glad you didn’t hold back.

13. Staggered

A family of three pose for photos on their couch.

Any location can be turned into the perfect photography studio, given the right lighting. If you have plenty of natural light coming into your living room, try loading the family onto your favorite couch for a portrait full of comfortable laughter.

14. I Mustache You a Question

Funny portrait of Father and a son both with Handlebar mustaches.

This father and son duo know who to make their family portraits pop. With this minor prop choice you can turn your photoshoot into comedy gold the whole family will love to laugh at.

15. Reach for the Stars

Cheerful family reached out to the camera.

Don’t be afraid to interact with the camera itself. Reach out towards the photographer or play around with the staging of the photo. And take plenty of photos inebwtween to capture those special candid memories.

16. Looking at You

Family members are standing, while laughing, and greeting one another.

If you’ve ever tried to take a family photo during a large reunion, you probably know just how difficult it is to get everyone smiling at the camera at once. The good news is, sometimes capturing the simple smiles and subtle laughter as the family talks to one another turns into the perfect family portrait.

17. New Perspectives

Cheerful family lying on the couch at home.

Running out of unique ideas for how to take your family portrait? Consider a new angle– literally. Try flipping the whole family upside down and capturing a portrait full of laughter and funny hair.

18. Family Love

A front portrait of two parents kissing their embarrassed twin boys on the cheek.

Are your kids easily embarrassed? Take advantage of it by showing them a little love during the photoshoot with hugs and forehead kisses. The photos of them leaning away are priceless.

19. Sideways Smiles

A Little boy leaning away from the family photo.

If you have a wiggle worm in the family, don’t try to fight it through the entire photoshoot. Let them be their squirmy selves during a few photos for the chance to capture their joy and authentic smile.

20. Bunny Ears

A close-up selfie of a happy family on a bike ride.

Selfies on group activities like bike rides or while ice-skating always lead to great family photos. The activity fueled adrenaline will keep everyone looking happy and full of life in the portraits.

21. Unprepared to Pose

Devoted father hugging his son and daughter, enjoying the outdoors.

Babies are notoriously difficult to keep poised in a family portrait session. So instead of trying to convince them to sit still, or even fight off a tantrum, let them be themselves and stick to authenticity.

22. Lining Up the Group

Father and mother trying to make a family photo, but babies are crying.

Lining up your family portrait is never simple. And it quickly becomes impossible when trying to include babies and furry family members. Just don’t stress and make sure to keep the camera rolling.

23. Piggyback Rides

A stylish Santa hat-wearing couple pose for a photo with their girls at the Christmas tree farm. 

Take time to horse around with the family by adding a few piggy-back rides to your family photoshoot. Not only will it help the little ones have fun, but you’ll love the outcome.

24. Squad Goals

Family Celebration at a reunion.

Have a photographer ready to capture a toast at a larger family event. This way they can make sure to catch all of the excitement and cheer for a memorable family portrait.

25. Lifting Up Your Loved Ones

A young family plays in the park, the parents lifting their smallest children up.

Lifting up the little ones will lighten up your family photo in no time. Whether you take them to the park, the beach, or any other fun venue, this is a great way to make sure you get big smiles from everyone.

26. Underwater Waves at the Camera

Portrait of a sweet family smiling to the camera underwater.

Looking for a unique family portrait to add to your yearly Christmas card? Consider taking the family for an underwater photoshoot. While it might take a few tries to get just right, the result is well worth the effort.

27. Tinsel for the Family

Portrait of a family in Christmas time.

If you’re taking a holiday family portrait, don’t be afraid to get silly with the decorations. Consider adding tinsel, Christmas sweaters, knit hats, and more to help bring your photos to life.

Why Take a Family Portrait?

Family portraits are useful in many ways. Some of our favorite uses include:

  • Wall Art: Customize a new canvas print or framed art print with your favorite funny family photos to help liven up your home or office.
  • Christmas Cards: Show off the fun times and perfectly imperfect moments your family experienced this year by including the photos in your holiday cards.
  • Photo Books: If you have dozens or even hundreds of family photos– cute or hilarious– consider creating a yearly family photo album.
  • Magnets: Display your loved ones front and center on your kitchen appliances with a set of photo magnets. 
  • Ornaments: If there’s a photo or two of your family that makes you smile every time you see it, consider turning it into a photo ornament. 
  • Other photo gifts: Make sure to browse our full library of photo gifts to find the perfect idea to display your family photos.

How to Take Family Photos

Looking for specific instructions on how to organize your family photo shoot? If so, check out our advice below:

  • Schedule a portrait time– or don’t. Looking to take a professional family portrait? Schedule a session ahead of time at your local photography studio or hire a photographer. Or, simply bring a camera to a fun family-filled activity. Anytime you have the whole family together is a great time to take photos.
  • Plan out your outfits ahead of time. Pick out a matching wardrobe with complementary colors for a professional photoshoot at least a day in advance. Make sure that any clothes you pick out will be comfortable for the whole day. After all, if your kids aren’t comfy– it’ll show up in the photos. And for more specific advice, visit our resource on what to wear for family photos.
  • Keep the little ones entertained and fed. Nothing ruins a family photoshoot faster than cranky toddlers.
  • Do something fun together. Plan an activity or go on a trip. The fun you’re all having together will show through in your photos.
  • Take more photos than you think you’ll need. Even if you think you took enough, take some more. You never know if the candid photo taken between poses will end up being your favorite of the day.
  • Have patience. As we’ve shown in the photos above, sometimes imperfect moments become our favorite memories. Have patience during the photoshoot that everything will come out just right.

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