Funny Save the Dates That Will Make Everyone Smile

Give your save the date recipients something to laugh at…or rather, they will be laughing with you and your partner in these hilarious photoshoot ideas you just have to try. Showcasing your laughter will bring energy, light and playfulness into your save the date announcement. Here are 20 save the date ideas that will have you crying from laughter. And when you’re done with your fun photoshoot, don’t forget to pick an equally creative save the date card to match!

1. Take The Leap

Take the leap by well… leaping off of something for your energetic photos. These photos will definitely have plenty of hilarious facial expressions and awkward body movements, but they will also be a ton of fun to take and enjoy.

2. Boat Ride

Couple on boat ride save the dateGo on a fun boat ride as a way to showcase some personality in your save the date. Capture moments like splashing water on one another or sharing a secret. Rent a small row boat or make it even more unique with a paddleboat excursion.

3. Candid Close-Ups

Smiling couple on save the dateUse unique angles and close-ups to truly capture fun, intimate and raw emotions of you and your significant other. Laugh, whisper in each other’s ear, smile and gaze into one another’s eyes. This card will be more candid and natural than traditional posed shots.

4. Climb a Tree

Couple in tree on save the dateDo not be afraid to take your save the date photos to new heights. Climb trees, ladders or even rock climb! Your friends will be impressed by how you both went out on a limb to be brave and adventurous in your save the date.

5. Book Worms

Couple reading a book in a parkYour love and passion for each other can’t hide behind books even if you try. Using books to cover your faces, kisses and laughter is an innocent and adorable save the date moment to capture. The book you pick can be something relevant to your relationship or an inside joke.

6. Share Some Laughter

Couple laughing together on save the dateLaughter and smiles will radiate off of the card and encourage your recipient to laugh and smile along with you. During the session, tell jokes, relive hilarious moments or poke innocent fun at each other so you will both laugh until your bellies ache.

7. Play with Props

Couple playing guitar on save the datePlay the guitar, dance under an umbrella or throw around a football to add action and movement into your save the date. Adding props also showcases some of your favorite hobbies to partake in as a couple and gives your recipients a glimpse of your unique personalities.

8. Let’s Go Ride a Bike

Couple on bike for save the dateRiding tandem bikes, bicycles or even unicycles is a cheery way to bring out the childlike sense joy and personality into your wedding announcement. Capture moments of you and your partner riding or simply posing with them for a whimsical scene.

9. Fun with Fido

Save the date card with couple and dogInclude your four-legged fur baby in your save the date to capture not only the love you have for one another, but also the love you share for your pet. Get your pet to do tricks or reward them with treats if they pose well.

10. Splash in the Surf

Couple on beach on save the date cardHead to the beach for a funny and fun-filled photoshoot for your save the date. Splash each other with water, build a sandcastle, jump into the waves, toss around a beach ball or write your names in the sand. The options are endless.

11. Banners & Signs

Couple holding up banner on save the dateGet creative and craft (or purchase) a banner or sign that you both can hold up in your save the date photo. The banner can provide information about the wedding, like the date and time, or have a sweet or infamous saying, like “So I can kiss you anytime I want.”

12. Dance Like No One is Watching

Couple smiling and dancingBring laughter, light and playfulness into your save the date by twirling your partner around the dance floor. Dip, spin, step, glide and cha-cha your way into one another’s arms. To add an extra burst of fun, appropriate dance costumes should be worn.

13. Unique Location

Couple in library on save the dateHead to the place that you first met one another. Perhaps it was a library, the grocery store, a local bar or in a coffee shop—depending on the location, this card idea is be sweet and hilarious.

14. Piggyback Ride

Man giving girlfriend a piggyback rideHop on your partner’s shoulders or leap onto their back for some silly wedding announcement photos you will both laugh at for years to come. A funny story will surely come from trying to capture these moments of trying and failing to hop on and carry one another.

15. Put it in Gear

Couple posing in front of truckGrab your car keys and your pickup truck so you can take lighthearted photos posing with or in your vehicle. Sit in the bed of the truck, cuddle in the front seat or lean against the driver side door to capture unique moments for your card.

16. Balloons

Couple releasing balloons on save the dateLet your love float by blowing up balloons and using them as props during your save the date. Or even better, go up in a hot air balloon. Even if you are scared of heights, cling to each other for comfort—the photos will be breathtaking.

17. It’s Game Time

couple posing together with baseball

Show off your mutual love for the game with a sports-themed save the date card. Write your wedding date on a baseball or wear matching jerseys to incorporate your favorite sport into your big day.

18. Spell It Out

Couple posing on save the dateFind innovative ways to spell out the information or words on your save the dates. One way, is to spell the word “love” using your hands by shaping your fingers into each letter. Or you can use your bodies to form the letters, which will induce plenty of laughs.

19. Goofy Collage

Couple making silly faces on save the dateAfter hours of posing for serious and romantic photos, mix it up and add some laughter to capture tons of pictures of you and your partner making goofy faces. Take all of those goofy photos and put them into one hilarious collage.

20. Paint Splatter

Couple posing after a paint fightTo add some hilarity, amusement and messiness to your photos pull out the neon colored paint. Splatter each other with different colors of bright paint while you are both wearing white. No one will be able to hold back the smiles while covered in paint from head to toe.