25 Meaningful Gift Ideas For A Grieving Mother

When a mother loses her child, it’s important to acknowledge her grief by sending a sympathy card and a gift that lets her know you care. In times like this, you may be at a loss for words or you may not be sure what to send when someone passes away. We’re here to help.

From memorial photo books to charitable donations and flowers, we’ve gathered a list of appropriate gifts to show your sympathy. Whatever you choose to send in the wake of a loss, it’s important to reach out and let a grieving mother know you care.

1. Memorialized Art

Photobook of children's art.

Source: Shutterfly

A mother who has lost a child will cherish all the drawings and paintings her child made. Why not protect them forever by having them made into a coffee table book?

2. Say It With Flowers

Bouquets of flowers.

Source: Kayla Seah

For times when you don’t know what to say, flowers will express condolences for you. They are an expression of compassion that brings beauty and comfort in times of grief. Pink carnations are a symbol of remembrance, while white carnations represent innocence and love.

3. Ceramic Tile

Framed photos.

Source: Shutterfly

All you need are some personal photographs and a few kind words to create a meaningful gift for a mom who’s suffering from a hard loss. A custom-printed ceramic tile with an easel is a beautiful way to memorialize those who are no longer with us.

4. Songbirds

Birds are often seen as a sign that our loved ones are near after they’ve passed. They can be a great comfort to those in mourning. The gentle sounds from this songbird garden decor will remind her that those who are gone are always just a thought away.

5. Charitable Donation

A charitable donation is a great way to honor the life of her child and pay it forward. If they had a particular favorite hobby or passed from a particular illness, find a relevant charity and donate in their honor.

6. Essential Oil Diffuser

An essential oil diffuser is a great way to set the tone in a space. Calming, energizing, rejuvenating—a customized blend will help her set the mood. Gift with a set of various oils so she can experiment with her own blends.

7. Grocery Delivery

Many grocery stores deliver these days. Schedule a time that’s convenient for her to deliver the basics she may not be thinking about. Set a regular date for the first month or so—it’s one less thing she has to keep track of.

8. Wind Chimes

Photo windchimes.

For a young mother who experiences a loss, a wind chime is a symbol to attract positive energy. A photo wind chime will decorate her yard and bring peace.

9. Shadow Box

Ballerina keepsake box.

Some of the best moments can be best remembered with more than just a photograph. A keepsake box is a perfect way to keep a mother’s precious souvenirs and mementos for years to come.

10. Book Of Poetry

A book of poetry can offer comfort, insight and respite for a grieving mother. Choose a collection of poetry that highlights what she’s going through and allows her to find peace. It’s something she can revisit throughout the grieving process.

11. Relaxation Hour

Yoga, massage and meditation are great ways to relax and rejuvenate. Gift her a morning at your local spa or health center so she can take a little time to take care of herself.

12. Key To Her Heart

Photo keychains.

Keychains are a wonderful gift when you want to give something heartfelt but the recipient doesn’t wear jewelry. A heartfelt keychain, with a photo of her lost loved one, will remind her that she’s never alone.

13. Embroidered Memories

A child’s drawings and doodles will be precious to a grieving mother. Memorialize them by turning them into an embroidered art piece she’ll cherish forever. Frame to hang in her home.

14. Love Grows

Help her garden grow with a collection of easy-to-care-for plants. Help her plant them and tend to them over the coming months. A garden that grows and flourishes will signify new life and optimism for the future.

15. Restaurant Gift Certificate

Cooking is often the last thing on her mind at this time, so a gift card to her favorite restaurant will be greatly appreciated. Gift a collection to various restaurants so she can change it up and be covered for a while.

16. Set A Date

For a close friend who’s lost a child, sometimes companionship is the best thing you can offer. Set a weekly or monthly date depending on her schedule to go get dinner, take a walk or run errands together. Your company will be invaluable to her healing.

17. Dragonfly Knit

The dragonfly is symbolic in many ways. When it comes to grief, they signify change and transformation. And, in some cultures, dragonflies are believed to carry the souls of those who are departed. A gift with an image of a dragonfly will bring comfort to a grieving mother.

18. Angel Wings

Acknowledge her loss by presenting her with a beautiful angel wing charm necklace. This is a subtle and simple way for her to keep the memory of that lost soul close to her heart.

19. Birdbath

Nature is a soothing and rejuvenating place for many. A birdbath in her yard will give her something simple to tend to and also bring various beautiful birds to her space. She can sip her morning tea and watch the birds for a reflective morning.

20. Home Essentials

This is a difficult time that may not have basic responsibilities at the forefront of her mind. A small basket of basics—dish soap, cleaning wipes, toilet paper—will give her one less thing to pick up at the grocery store.

21. White Lilies

White lilies in vase.

Source: Unsplash

Lilies are most commonly associated with funerals and are the most recognized symbol of grief and the renewal of life. A gift of white lilies will offer hope to a grieving mother.

22. Cookbook

Many people tackle grief with action. If she loves to cook and experiment in the kitchen, a new cookbook will help her flex her kitchen skills and try out a new recipe.

23. Monogram Necklace

She’ll be able to keep their memory close to her heart when you give a grieving mother a sweet engraved necklace of her child’s initials. This gift is a thoughtful way to show you care.

24. Tea Basket

Tea is a calming and rejuvenating beverage. Gift her a basket with various blends and a small teapot. She can brew a pot for the morning and relax into her day.

25. DIY Memory Box

Handpainted memory box.

Source: Wellnesting

After a loss, many are afraid their memories will fade and they’ll forget their loved ones. A memory box is a wonderful way to help her remember, by keeping her cherished mementos together in a special place.

From personalized keepsakes to memorial photos, there’s sure to be something on this list that will help keep the deceased’s memory alive. Remember to pair your thoughtful gift with a sympathy card that offers a grieving mother warmth, love, and comfort during her difficult time.