23 Great Gifts for Movie Lovers

Everyone likes movies, but we all know people who live and breathe cinema. They’re probably used to being gifted director’s cuts of their favorite movies or merchandise from their favorite franchises, but they deserve to be celebrated in other ways too! Whether it’s a birthday present for a movie buff or a Christmas gift with a personalized holiday card, all that really matters is the thought and consideration put into it. We’ve collected the best gifts for movie lovers that they’re sure to rate 10 out of 10.

1. Film Reel Clock

No matter how much technology advances, there’s always a special place in every movie lover’s heart for actual film. Upcycle an old film reel and turn it into a clock to make a great reminder of the good ol’ times!

2. Custom Canvas Prints

canvas print of two children

Source: Shutterfly

The best gifts are often the simple ones, and a personalized canvas print is a great way to show someone how much you appreciate them! Gift a friend a print of their favorite movie poster for the perfect addition to their bedroom decor!

3. Burn Book Bake

Every birthday calls for cake, so why not bake one that looks like one of the most iconic books to ever appear on screen? It’s so fetch.

4. Film Reel Ice Cream Sandwiches

The perfect snack for the summer get-together, these ice cream sandwiches will make any movie watching experience a better one. Make them for a movie lover at the next movie night!

5. Cinderella Glass Slippers

These are a perfect addition to any aspiring Disney princess’ wardrobe. They’re extremely stylish and actually wearable, and will make sure the recipient is truly ready for a ball!

6. Seven Evil Exes Frame

Scott Pilgrim vs The World is a well-loved cult classic. This picture frame is the perfect gift for any lover of this iconic movie!

7. Haku Ornament

hanging ornament that looks like Haku

Source: Otaku Crafts

Movie lovers can’t help but go crazy over Spirited Away, and for good reason – the story is great, the characters are easy to love and the art style is amazing. Help a friend bring some of that magic into their home with this ornament of Haku’s dragon form!

8. Film Reel Chalkboard Frame

Gift a loved movie buff this film-reel-turned-frame! Make sure to write a nice message on the chalkboard parts and include pictures of special memories you’ve made together.

9. Guardians of the Galaxy Night Light

These night lights are the perfect guardians against the dark! Gift them to a Guardians of the Galaxy fan, or get creative and add characters from different movies.

10. Jaws Soap

Soaps are a classic gift, so put a twist on it for a movie lover. Even though it was released in 1975, Jaws is still an extremely well-loved movie, and any movie buff will surely appreciate this Jaws-inspired soap.

11. Heart of Te Fiti Jar

tea light in blue jar with clear heart of te fiti symbol

Source: Mama Cheaps

It’s safe to say that Moana took Disney fans by storm. Gift this jar to someone who truly hears the sea calling to them!

12. Movie Marquee Sign

mini marquee sign that says

Source: The Sway

There’s something about the vintage quality of old movie theaters that really appeals to every movie lover. Make and gift this mini marquee sign to a friend so they can bring that feeling home with them.

13. Calcifer Plush

plush that looks like Calcifer

Source: Sew Desu Ne?

For many movie lovers, Howl’s Moving Castle was their first foray into foreign films. Help them recapture the magic of watching it with this palm-sized Calcifer plush.

14. Drive-in Movie Plush Set

Most movie lovers have great memories of watching a loved movie at a drive-in theater. Gift them plush versions of their favorite drive-in snacks to remind them of those good times.

15. Custom Collage

posters on the wall above a desk

Source: Shutterfly

Collages make great presents, especially for movie lovers with a lack of space. Personalize a collage using moments from a friend’s favorite movies and gift it to them. It makes for fantastic apartment or dorm room decor.

16. Color Pop Wall Display

Know someone who has a collection of ticket stubs from movies they’ve watched, or photography projects they don’t know what to do with? Help them display their keepsakes in a stylish, colorful way.

17. Outdoor Movie Screen

It’s easy to have a fun time while watching a movie in a friend’s backyard. Create this outdoor screen and gift it to a movie lover who loves having people over.

18. Personalized Pillow

cushion that says

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A very important part of enjoying a movie is being comfortable. Gift a friend a customized pillow with a movie quote that they can curl up with on their next movie night!

19. Wes Anderson Guess Who

Guess Who is a classic game, so give it a twist and make it Wes Anderson themed! Use some beloved characters to make this a perfect gift for a movie buff.

20. Smartphone Projector

Projectors can be very expensive, but they are incredibly useful for people who love movies. Help a friend get the full projector experience on a budget with this smartphone projector.

21. Personalized Photo Panels

one giant photo on a wall divided into three photo panels

Source: Shutterfly

Looking for a grand gift for a film lover? Customize these photo panels with some frames from their favorite movies and help them hang up their snazzy new metal wall art.

22. Crocheted Avengers

Put your crochet skills to use to make a gift for a Marvel fan. These adorable crocheted Avengers will be loved and appreciated at first sight.

23. Burn Book Planner

planner that looks like the burn book

Source: Dawn Nicole

Know someone who has trouble knowing it’s Wednesday? Turn a regular planner into a fabulous Burn Book and gift it to them.

There’s no shortage of movie gifts to give those you love. Just showing them that you do listen when they spend hours talking about movies is enough. Take inspiration from this list and get creative with the gift and card you give them!