30 Creative Gifts for Pet Lovers of All Kinds

For all the people in your life who love their pet as much as other people love their children, get them a pet-themed present they’ll pawsitivly love. Whether it’s for them or their furry four-legged friend, they’ll appreciate the thoughtfulness of your gift.

If you’re looking for a unique DIY gift we’ve gathered 30 of the best gift ideas for dog lovers and cat lovers alike. Whatever you choose, be sure to personalize it with your friend’s pet’s name or photo for an extra special touch.

1. Animal Toy Planters

This toy-turned-planter is great for animal lovers of all kinds. You can customize it with any animal you like—if there’s a toy, you can make a planter out of it! Go for bright colors or metallics for a piece of fun and funky decor. Just be sure to pick a plant that’s safe for pets.

2. Personalized Pet Bed

dog sitting on custom pet bed Source: Shutterfly Gift your friend’s pet a place to sleep in style with a personalized pet bed made just for them! Owners will love the look and knowing their pets are cozy on a plush bed. They are a member of the family after all!

3. All Natural Dog Chews

Homemade treats are always a welcome gift because they’re made from whole ingredients you can feel good about. Sweet potato chews like these are great for puppies who love to chew on anything they can get their mouth on. Your friend will be forever grateful when her shoes are no longer being destroyed.

4. Photo Tote Bag

reusable shopping tote bags with personalized pictures of dog and family

Source: Shutterfly

Everyone appreciates a gift that they’ll use often like a reusable shopping bag. The pet-lover in your life will particularly love one that allows them to show off their precious pooch to the world even when they’re not together.

5. Rainbow Dog Leash

golden retriever with an ombre rainbow dog leash

Source: Studio DIY

Throw it back to childhood tie-dye crafts, and make a technicolor dog leash. This would be perfect for any engaged friends who love seeing dogs in weddings so that their puppy can make a statement down the aisle too. With only three supplies necessary, you can make this adorable leash yourself faster than you can spell W-A-L-K.

6. Custom Food Storage Container

It’s nice to keep dog food easily accessible for mealtimes, but your average dog food packaging isn’t always the most aesthetically pleasing. If your friend loves home decor, make her this DIY food storage container. Get creative by painting it like a fire hydrant or keep it classic with a black, white and gold color scheme.

7. Doggie Dry Shampoo

For all the pampered pooches out there, doggie dry shampoo would make the perfect gift. You’re not the only one who could use a little freshening up, especially in the summertime. Keep pets smelling good and feeling fresh for longer with a homemade version of dry shampoo.

8. Wine Cork Feather Toy

If you have any wine corks lying around, this cat toy craft is for you. The whole process is super-simple, and kitty will have hours of fun chasing and playing with these feathered toys. No cat can resist the fun of feathers!

9. Vintage-Inspired Suitcase Bed

Know someone who loves to travel, but wants to make sure their pet is comfy at home while they’re gone? Combine their two loves with a vintage suitcase-inspired pet bed. The customization options are endless when you play around with colors and patterns, so you’ll definitely create something they’ll love.

10. DIY Dog Toy

Anyone could pick up a toy from the nearby pet store, but a homemade toy is even more special. This super-simple DIY project can be fully personalized with different colors and fabrics. You might even be able to make it with things you already have around the house.

11. Denim Dog Beds

DIY denim beds are a great alternative to store-bought dog beds because they’re stylish and long-lasting. Denim is a durable material that can endure all of the inevitable slobber and scratching, in fact, certain kinds of quality denim actually improve wash after wash.

12. Felt Craft Kitties

three cat figurines made out of felt

Source: Lia Griffith

If you’re feeling extra crafty, a stuffed felt figurine is an adorable way to express their inner crazy cat lady. Choose your colors to make a replica of their feline friend so they can take it to work and display it on their desk. The reminder will be (almost) as good as snuggling up to the real thing.

13. Hand-Knitted Cat Bed

If knitting is your style, then consider making a hand-woven pet bed. Any pet owner will surely be delighted by such a special gift from the heart. Plus, they’ll be reminded of you every time their favorite furry friend cozies up for a cat nap.

14. Jungle-Inspired Cat Tree

Make an indoor cat feel like the king of the jungle with a cat tree made from real branches. Cats love to look out the window—it’s their second favorite activity after sleeping! Gift them a perch that’s cozy and cute.

15. Stylish Scratch House

Every cat needs something to scratch on, so why not gift them a scratch house their owner will love just as much? Get creative with it—design your scratch house as a camper, beach bungalow, log cabin or whatever suits the recipient’s style.

16. Pet Picture Magnets

set of three magnets with a dog

Source: Shutterfly

Brighten their day every time they get something from the fridge with a photo magnet of their furry friend. You can customize it with a single photo or put together a whole collage to remind them of all the good times.

17. Puppy Paw Card

For occasions that call for a more subtle nod to their love of pets, a simple, yet elegant card will do. Punch a paw print out of cardstock paper and add a thoughtful message that shows you have them in your thoughts.

18. Surprise-Inside Rope Toy

This treat-filled rope toy is perfect for the dog who loves to destroy toys. Everyone knows a dog who immediately tears apart every stuffed animal they receive. Rope is especially strong, so it makes for a challenge to get inside. Plus, if you know someone with two pups, make a fun game out of it and see who gets to their treat first!

19. Hamster Hammock

hamsters in an orange felt cabinet

Source: Craft Nectar

For all those friends with more unusual pets, cage accessories make the perfect gift. Give them something multifunctional like this DIY hamster hammock that adds a cozy spot for the pets and also brings a new visual element to the cage.

20. Photo-Filled Mouse Pad

personalized mouse pad with photos of a dog

Source: Shutterfly

If they don’t work in a dog-friendly office, your friend probably wishes they could spend all the time they’re at the office with their favorite furry pal. Instead, get them a personalized mouse pad to make the nine to five grind more bearable.

21. Pet-Shaped Pillows

A pillow doppelganger of your friend’s pets is just silly enough to be a great gift. It may look complicated, but basic sewing skills are all you need to recreate this for yourself. Pet pillows would even be the perfect gift for a friend who dreams of having pets someday but doesn’t have any yet.

22. Natural Tick Repellent

Nobody wants ticks—pets or owners! If your friend loves to hike or go on outdoorsy adventures, tick repellant is a must-have. You can whip up this DIY version at home with a few basic all-natural ingredients.

23. Pup Pops

Dogs need a refreshing treat to beat the heat too! Certain short-nosed breeds can easily overheat in the sun, so puppy ice pops are not only delicious, but also practical. If you make smoothies at home you’ll most likely already have everything you need to whip up a batch.

24. Custom Pet Tag

personalized pet tags

Source: Shutterfly

Every pet needs a tag to be easily identified. Why not make a style statement with a personalized pet tag? Once your friend chooses the perfect dog name, add a photo of their new pet or simply customize the text and pattern for a tag that is as cute as it is functional.

25. Photo Transfer Decor

Turn a boring piece of furniture into a work of art that pays homage to the recipient’s favorite animal. If you have access to a great photo, transferring it onto an unusual surface makes for an ultra-personalized gift. You can apply this same technique to any similar surface like a piece of wood for rustic wall art.

26. Pet Puzzle

personalized photo puzzle of a kid holding a cat

Source: Shutterfly

Your friend will have hours of fun putting together a puzzle with photos of their beloved pet. Choose an up-close shot of their pet’s face or a shot of the two of them together. Either way, it’s sure to please!

27. Homemade Paw Balm

Give their paws a little TLC with a homemade paw balm. Paw balms are great for both dogs and cats, so if your friend has both everyone’s a winner. All that time spent outside can wear out pet’s little paws, so a beeswax-based balm like this one will provide soothing relief.

28. Personalized Phone Case

personalized iphone case

Source: Shutterfly

Remind them how much they love their pet with a personalized iPhone case filled with photos of your friend and their pet. With special designs just for pet lovers, you’re sure to find the perfect fit.

29. Slogan Treat Jar

Every pooch loves a treat, and this personalized treat jar will look great sitting on their owner’s counter. Customize it with the dog’s name, dog quotes, or a fun slogan like “Good Dog” or “Roll Over”. You could even make one for your feline friends by swapping out the phrases for cat-friendly ones like “Meow” or “Pretty Kitty” or even fun cat quotes.

30. DIY Agility Weave Poles

Know a dog with endless energy? Get them into agility training with some outdoor equipment. As long as you have space, it’s a simple DIY, and their owner will be thanking you when Fido is worn out by the end of the night.

Final Thoughts of Gifts for Pet Lovers

Pets are part of the family so it’s only natural that we treat them as such. Your friends and family will love that you took the time to get them a present with their favorite pet in mind. Still looking for more gift ideas? Make sure to browse our collection of photo gifts.