50+ Creative Literary-Themed Gifts for Readers

When you’re shopping for a person who loves to read, it’s an obvious choice to give a book as a gift. But, how do you know what they’ve already read? While readers love getting books, they’ll never expect these unique and creative gifts that celebrate their passion for all things literary.

We’ve curated 50 of the coolest, most creative book lover gift ideas for the readers in your life — and none of them are books! From jewelry and art made from vintage books to unique ways to store and carry their favorite stories, your favorite bookworm will appreciate your thoughtful creativity.

1. Fruit Leather Books

What’s better than a book about food? Books made of food, of course! Books feed your brain but these fruit leather books will actually feed you. They’re a hilarious and adorable gift for anyone who loves to read.

2. Personalized Mug

gifts for readers tea photo mug

Source: Shutterfly

A coffee mug, customized with book covers, sentimental book quotes or excerpts from their favorite novels is sure to give the bookworm on your shopping list an extra pick-me-up with their morning cup o’ joe.

3. Dictionary Necklace

“Bibliophile” is the common term for a person who loves to read. Imagine the actual definition of the word, fashioned into this adorable necklace. What a perfect gift for a, well, a bibliophile!

4. Animal Planters

These cute and colorful planters are totally on-trend and guaranteed to brighten the bookshelf of your favorite reader. Fill them with low-maintenance succulents and they’ll bring a smile every time someone reaches for something to read.

5. Hardback Book Lamp

Here is a creative spin on the essential reading lamp. This vintage book-turned-lamp is not only a practical gift, but it’s also a really cool conversation piece.

6. Book Page Flower

Who knew the pages of a book could be made into works of art that were as creative as the words that were printed on them? This gorgeous book page flower is a striking piece of home decor that would be cherished by any book lover.

7. Layered Paper Jewelry

Here’s a beautiful way to bring new life into an old book. This stunning bracelet is actually cut from the pages of well-worn books and laminated to create one-of-a-kind literary jewelry.

8. Custom Bedding

gifts for readers personalized duvet

Source: Shutterfly

We all love to curl up in bed with a good book. For a reader, soft and cozy bedding, personalized with a passage from their favorite book or a quote from an author is a gift they will truly cherish.

9. Pineapple Bookends

Pineapples are popular right now. They’re a symbol of good vibes and this cheerful set of plaster pineapple bookends is guaranteed to bring a smile to your favorite bibliophile’s face.

10. Book Stand

Every reader eventually needs a place to display their books. This unique DIY book stand is perfect for neatly holding a book lover’s cherished collection of travel books and photo albums.

11. Chunky Knit Blanket

gifts for readers chunky knit reading blanket

Source: Lily Ardor

These ultra-plush, oversized, chunky knit blankets are all the rage right now, and it’s easy to see why. They’re so soft and cozy — perfect for curling up with a good book.

12. Floating Book Shelves

These aren’t just any floating shelves — they are literally floating books! These innovative shelves are a unique, space-saving way to showcase and store your favorite books. Perfect for small spaces, like offices and dorm rooms.

13. Rainbow Floor Pouf

People who read a lot spend some serious time kicking back with a book in hand. Why not gift them with a fashionable place to rest their feet? This too-cute and colorful rainbow floor pouf is just the ticket.

14. Custom Pillow

gifts for readers custom pillow

Source: Shutterfly

Every bookworm needs a comfy place to curl up and read. Personalize a pillow with a passage from their favorite book or a quote from an author they love to make the gift extra special.

15. Geometric Bookends

gifts for readers wood triangle bookends

Source: make + tell

Here’s a modern take on a necessary item for any bibliophile. They may be simple in design, but these little geometric bookends are a pretty and minimalistic way to keep the bookshelf in order.

16. Handpainted Bookmarks

Unless you’re someone who can always finish an entire book in one sitting, you probably need a bookmark (or a longer book). If you’re artistically inclined, paint a set of delicate floral bookmarks like these.

17. Book Page Magnets

This is an easy small gift you can make for your book-addicted friends. They’re useful, charming and so simple to personalize. Pull a page from their favorite book and start creating!

18. Funny Bookmarks

Who says you’re stuck using a boring paper bookmark? Now books can have just as much character when they’re closed.

19. Origami Wreath

A wreath can be an assortment of flowers, twigs, fruits or, in this case, origami folded vintage book pages constructed to resemble a ring. This is such a unique and elegant way for a reader to welcome others into their home.

20. Tiny Book Necklace

gifts for readers tiny book necklace

Source: Dear Summit

If you know someone who’s always got a book in their hand, then a tiny book necklace is the ultimate accessory. This one has pages they can actually write in when inspiration hits them.

21. Book Sculpture

“The Thinker” contemplates new knowledge under the shade of a tree made from a sculpted book. What a clever take on paper art that would look great on the wall of anyone who appreciates art or reading.

22. Kids Book Bin

Do you have a bookworm-in-training on your shopping list? This charming, mid-century modern miniature book bin marries form and function. We just wish it came in grown-up size, too.

23. Macrame Hammock Chair

gifts for readers macrame hammock chair

Source: Fish & Bull

Someone who loves books needs somewhere cozy to sit while they read. A ridiculously comfortable and oh-so-cool macrame hammock chair really gives them something to sink into.

24. Vintage Button Bookmarks

Are you looking for a way to add character to your books and put your button collection to good use? This is a simple DIY project that makes a perfect small gift for your favorite reader.

25. Gilded Giraffe Bookends

Show your bookworm buddy that you’re wild about them by gifting this too-cool set of gilded giraffe bookends. They’ll add a touch of whimsy to any room.

26. Book Clock

It’s easy to lose track of the minutes when you’re reading. But now you can keep track of the time with a clock made out of a book. Use a cookbook for a kitchen clock, a vintage novel for your reading nook or a Dr. Seuss classic for the kid’s room.

27. Paper Rose Spheres

Give new life to an old book by creating these gorgeous paper rose decorative spheres out of its pages. They are a charming way to spruce up a reading nook.

28. Alice in Wonderland Bottles

Lewis Carroll’s classic novel is one of the world’s most popular and frequently quoted books. These stunning mixed media bottles celebrating Alice in Wonderland would be cherished by any fan of the book.

29. Fringe Pillow

Every reader needs a comfy place to kick back and relax with their favorite book. This sweet fringe pillow is a great gift for book lovers. It delivers just the right mix of classic style and cozy comfort.

30. Book Pages Pencil Cup

Fashioned out of the pages of many books, this really unique pencil cup keeps writing utensils, makeup brushes, craft supplies and more upright and organized. It would be a great desk accessory for a book-loving coworker.

31. Library Tote Bag

If you love to read, chances are you leave the library with both of your arms full of books. Embrace your inner book nerd and carry this tote bag on your next trip to the library.

32. Book Headboard

This takes reading in bed to a whole new level. A headboard fashioned out of a wall of salvaged books makes a unique conversation piece for a reader’s bedroom.

33. Punctuation Bookends

Usually, you find punctuation at the end of a sentence. Now, you can find it at the end of a row of books! These literary-themed bookends are a terrific practical gift for a bookworm.

34. Fabric Bookmarks

Here’s a classic gift idea for your book club. Bookworms can never have enough bookmarks, and these fabric placeholders are simple to make and a great opportunity to get creative.

35. Botanic Print

Book pages make a surprisingly pretty and rustic frame for your favorite botanic art print. This wall art would be a lovely gift for a reader who also loves vintage art or plants.

36. Printed Book Pages

gifts for readers print on book page

Source: By Wilma

What better wall art for a reader than drawings printed directly onto the pages of a book? Think about a raven, printed on a page from Edgar Allen Poe or the crest of your favorite Hogwarts house, printed on a page out of the Harry Potter series.

37. Quotation Bookends

If you’re shopping for someone who reads a lot, chances are they have shelves stocked with books. What better gift than these cool quotation mark bookends to punctuate their collection?

38. Confetti Bookmarks

It’s always a party when there’s confetti involved! These DIY bookmarks are fun to make and even more fun to give as gifts. You can personalize them any way you want, too.

39. Book Bag

gifts for readers book bag

Source: Crafty Staci

A reader on-the-go could definitely use a stylish and handy bag to keep their books and e-reader together while traveling. The beauty of these little bags is that they’re easy and a perfect project for beginners — and super cute!

40. Tie-Dyed Hammock

There aren’t many things better than enjoying a good book, outdoors, while swaying in the ultimate comfort of a hammock. Anyone who loves to read will think this tie-dyed hammock is…to dye for.

41. Itsy Bitsy Book Pendants

These adorable, teeny-tiny handcrafted books are the perfect pendant for the person on your list who loves to read. Now she can show off her love of books by wearing them close to her heart.

42. Statement Pillow

No one likes to be bothered while they’re reading. This pillow tells it like it is, so they don’t have to. Gift it to your favorite bookworm so they’ll always have a cozy — and quiet — place to read.

43. Book Planter

Here’s a clever way to combine a green thumb with a love of reading by bringing new life to old books. This repurposed book-turned-planter adds a bit of charm to any office or home.

44. Book Fold

Obviously, readers love books, so what would be more fun than their name folded into the pages of their favorite book? It may look complicated, but this creative craft is surprisingly simple to pull off.

45. Book Vase

gifts for readers paper vase

Source: Nur Noch

A true bibliophile doesn’t just read, but also enjoys the look, feel and smell of old books. This paper vase, constructed out of an old hardback book, is perfect for decorating a bookshelf or reading nook.

46. Book Page Bracelet

Jewelry is always a welcome and thoughtful gift. Here’s a cute and creative way your favorite reader can take the words from her favorite stories everywhere she goes.

47. Rolling Book Crate

Don’t toss that old crate that you’ve got collecting dust. Bring new life to that wooden storage crate with a coat of paint and a stencil and use it for collecting books instead. This is an especially cute storage idea for a kid’s room.

48. DIY Library Pockets

Someone with a large collection of books probably lends many of them to friends and family. Now, with these library pockets, they can check them out — just like the library does. Package the pockets with an old-school date stamp for a really fun gift.

49. Skull Bookends

Who knew a metallic finish and some jewels could take these skull bookends from ghoulish to glamorous? They would make a fantastic gift for a girly horror fan on your list.

50. Wearable Words

With beads made from the pages of a book, this necklace adds new meaning to the phrase “choose your words carefully”. Your favorite bookworm can really make a statement with wearable word jewelry.

51. Bookshelf with a Belt

gifts for readers leather belt floating shelf

Source: Nur Noch

One unique little bookshelf can completely transform the look of a room. This one may be minimalistic and simple, but it’s also elegant and, of course, practical. And, it makes a perfect special spot to display a photo book.

Final Thoughts on Gifts for Readers

Finding gifts that inspire a person’s passion is the perfect way to show them how much you really care. When it comes to finding the right present for a reader, all it takes is a little bit of creativity and thinking outside the book. For more inspiration, make sure to visit our guide on gifts for book lovers.