30+ Gifts for Book Lovers That Aren’t Books

Looking for the perfect gift for a book-loving friend, but don’t know what books they haven’t already read? Get creative with gifts that aren’t books! Of course, they love receiving books, but it shows them how much you truly care when you gift them things they can’t predict — especially when it compliments their reading habits!

We’ve gathered over 30 gift ideas for the book lovers in your life, and not one of them is actually a book for them to read! From a book-turned planter coffee table display to a clutch made from an old book, the person receiving these gifts will be impressed at how creative you’ve been.

1. Cute Cat Bookmarks

cat shaped bookmarks on a book

Source: DIY Candy

Know a bookworm with an affinity for felines? Make these adorable bookmarks to keep them company while they’re buried in a thrilling book. Play with different colors and let your creativity go wild!

2. Personalized Bookmarks

personalized bookmarks on a desk

Source: Shutterfly

Even the smallest gifts can be incredibly meaningful when the recipient can see how much thought went into them. Get your favorite bibliophile a bookmark made just for them to show you’re always available to discuss the plot twists in their latest read.

3. Hand-Stitched Planner

For a busy bookworm, there’s nothing better than a few quiet moments to enjoy their current book. A fun, fresh planner is just what they need to keep track of everything so they have more time to do what they love!

4. Geode Bookends

geode bookends on a coffee table

Source: Shutterfly

Help a friend add a splash of color to their bookshelf or coffee table decor by gifting them some geodes to use as bookends. They’re unique, beautiful and will highlight some of their most prized possessions — books!

5. Personalized Duvet

girls bedroom with personalized duvet cover

Source: Shutterfly

Plenty of bookworms love reading in bed. Make it an even cozier experience by gifting them some personalized bedding featuring their favorite book quotes! It’s the perfect way to ensure they start and end the day with some wisdom from their favorite characters.

6. Statement Pillow

Personality and uniqueness are what make a house a home. Gift a friend a one-of-a-kind pillow with a fun phrase that reflects how much they truly love books!

7. Book-page Gift Bows

Find an old book and give it new life by turning its pages into these beautiful bows! They’re sure to add a gorgeous, personal flair to every literary gift.

8. Book Charms

There is always one book every bookworm holds a little nearer and dearer to their heart than the rest. Help them carry this book on their sleeves, wear it around their neck, or even just have it dangling in their car by turning it into a charming miniature!

9. Bookmark with Legs

If you have some plastic toys lying around, why not turn them into bookmarks for your favorite book lover? It adds a bit of humor and character to any read and can bring characters to life even when the book is closed!

10. Book Planter

book turned into a planter

Source: Shutterfly

A perfect gift for a reader with green thumbs, this DIY book-turned-planter adds a little quirk and character to a home or work desk. There’s ample opportunity to be creative with the book-plant combination, so go wild!

11. Butterflies from Books

Want to repurpose some old books to make something pretty and decorative? These book-pages-turned-butterflies are the perfect way to decorate an office or even a classroom! Gift it to a favorite English teacher along with some other teacher appreciation gift ideas!

12. Book Shelves

Books aren’t just for reading — they make for great surfaces to put other things on! If a bibliophile you know needs more shelf space, why not use some old books to create it? It’s a cost-effective solution to a common problem, and it’s sure to look amazing.

13. Mountain Bookends

Reading a good book is nothing short of an epic adventure to a book lover. Show a friend you understand that spirit by making and gifting them these bookends! Add this to the list of best friend gift ideas and show a bookworm buddy how much you appreciate them.

14. Book Necklace

Here’s an opportunity to give an old, loved book a new purpose! Gift a friend a little piece of their favorite book they can carry around with them. This necklace looks cute and inherently has tons of sentimental value, which makes it a great gift.

15. Marker Mug

mugs with hand drawn designs

Source: Shutterfly

For some people, having that first cup of coffee first thing in the morning is crucial. Help make those early mornings fun by gifting a friend a mug with a quote from a favorite character! There are some words that you never get tired of, and nobody knows this better than a book lover.

16. Book Vase

Know someone who loves flowers just as much as their books? Combine both these passions in a perfect gift — a flower vase made out of an old book! It’s a fresh twist on a classic gift, and is sure to look amazing.

17. Custom Pillow

geometric pillow in a midcentury living room

Source: Shutterfly

There’s nothing better to a book lover than a comfortable place to read. A custom pillow makes a great gift for a bibliophile to cuddle up to as they crack open another book!

18. Rolling Book Crate

Crates make great unconventional storage for books. A fresh coat of paint and some stencilled writing can do wonders to turn an old wooden crate into a fun, convenient place to stash books. Attaching some wheels to that can only make it better —now it’s a moving library!

19. Marbled Bookmarks

Bookmarks are a classic gift for book lovers, and making them yourself is a great opportunity to get creative! Use marbling to make each bookmark uniquely beautiful and gift them to a loved bookworm.

20. Bookplate

A bookplate is the space some books have at the front for the owner to write their name in. It’s classy, pretty and very popular in older books. Help bring them back into style by gifting them to a book lover!

21. Personalized Notebook

diy unicorn notebook

Source: Smitha Katti

Use some felt and a notebook to create a place for a bookworm to jot down their favorite moments from books they’ve read (or anything else, really)! It can make for a whimsical addition to their collection of notebooks, and may even be a perfect place to start penning down a story of their own.

22. Hairpin Leg Lap Desk

Sometimes, all a book lover wants to do is wake up and read in bed. To help make this wish a possibility, craft and gift them a useful lap desk! Whether used for reading or for breakfast, this is a great addition to their bedroom space.

23. Watercolor Quote

framed watercolor quote about reading

Source: Curly Made

The best gifts are often the simplest ones. Create a watercolor background and paint on a favorite quote before you frame it and gift it to a book lover. They will appreciate this decorative piece to have next to their books!

24. Stamped Keychain

Personalized items make great gifts. If you know a bibliophile in need of a keychain, why not stamp one yourself to give to them? Use their favorite words or quotes to make it truly unique!

25. Book Page Magnets

Magnets are ever-useful, and making them using book pages can really help personalize them to a book lover you know. They make perfect book club gifts too, so get creative!

26. Book Purse

Books typically contain words or pictures, but they also make great storage for phones, wallets, keys and so much more! Craft a clutch out of an old book to gift to someone in the habit of carrying a book around.

27. Mini Horse Bookshelf

Give a book lover a new place to keep their books by crafting a bookshelf that looks like a mini horse! It can make a fun shelf for bookworms of all ages and adds a whimsical touch to whatever room it’s in.

28. Photo Bookshelf

You’ve heard of putting pictures in frames, so why not take it one step further and put them in bookshelves? Make a friend’s reading experience truly personalized by filling their shelves with great memories!

29. Printed Quotes

Whether framed or used as posters, quotes are a great way to give a room some personality. Use quotes from universally loved books to give a bookworm’s surroundings some extra style!

30. Pom Pom Bookmarks

books on a shelf with pom pom bookmarks

Source: Motte

Pom poms can take completely ordinary things to a whole new level. These pom pom bookmarks look adorable whether the book is open or closed, and are sure to make reading just that much more fun for a book lover!

31. Reading Nook

A good environment to read in is always a plus to a good book. Create a small reading space for a book lover and watch them fall in love with it instantly!

Great gifts don’t have to be expensive or time-consuming to find! Often, all that matters is the thought that’s been put behind them. The goal is to show how much you appreciate the recipient for being who they are, and gifting book lovers things that inspire their passion is the perfect way to do that!