Jewelry Organization Hacks and Tips

The following guest post was created by Mckenzie from Girl Loves Glam.

We have moved 10 times in our marriage. With each house, there are new challenges as to how to organize things. One thing that can be hard to figure out is how to keep my jewelry organized. I like to keep my jewelry where I can see it because I am the type of person who will completely forget to wear my jewelry if it isn’t in plain sight. Here are a few jewelry organization hacks to help you start getting your jewelry nice and organized this year.

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Tip #1: How to Organize Necklaces

Hang up your necklaces. I used to hang up a big magnetic board and hang my necklaces on it with magnetic hangers but the more I moved, the more I realized that I didn’t always have room for a giant magnetic board. I transitioned to using removable hangers that I can stick directly to my wall and that has been an awesome way to keep them in sight, without taking up a lot of room. When your necklaces are stuffed in a container of some sort, not only are they going to get tangled up but you just won’t see them enough to remember to wear them. Hanging up necklaces is the best!

jewelry organization hacks with full set up and glass jar


  • Keep Your Necklaces Visible and Out of Containers
  • Use Removable and Magnetic Hangers

Tip #2: How to Organize Jewelry You Wear Often

Find or make a tray where you can put your most used jewelry on. I like to have some place where I can easily remove my earrings and most worn jewelry and put them where I can grab them in a moment’s notice. It makes the days where I am in a rush to get out the door really easy to grab and go! I love the catch all trays that are available from Shutterfly because you can customize them to fit your style as well. I got one with a fun black and white print added the text “pretty little things” on it.

jewelry organization hacks with necklaces and catch all


  • Keep Your Most Used Jewelry Somewhere Easy to Grab
  • Catch All Trays are Great for Everyday Jewelry

Tip #3: How to Organize Bracelets

Use glass jars for bracelets. When bracelets are in containers that aren’t clear, it is hard to see what bracelets are towards the bottom of the jar. When you have big, chunky bracelets mixed in with your smaller bracelets, this becomes even harder to find the small bracelets. That is why having a clear jar is important.

You can lift up the entire jar to look into and see what bracelet you want before trying to fish one out. Having a lid on the jar also helps keep dust off of your bracelets. Some of my bracelets have a lot of detail on them and its really annoying when they get dirty and you have to try to clean them out. Having the lid on the jar helps keep them a little cleaner. I really love my personalized jar from Shutterfly. It is functional, but I love that it adds a little touch of personality to my jewelry organization.

jewelry organization hacks with glass jar


  • Clear Jars Help You See All Bracelet and Jewelry Options

Tip #4: Organized Jewelry in the Closet

Keep your jewelry near your clothing. This may seem like an obvious choice but I have lived in a few places where I would keep my jewelry in a drawer, far from my closet. This meant I wouldn’t wear jewelry very often. I would either completely forget about the jewelry because it was shut away in a place I didn’t see all of the time or–  it would become a hassle to go back and forth from my closet to my jewelry drawer to find pieces that matched my outfit. Now I have shelves in my closet where I keep my folded clothes. I love being able to have my jewelry right on top of that shelf so that jewelry is an active part of choosing my outfit each day.

jewelry organization hacks with full set up and tea cup


  • Keep Your Jewelry Next to Your Outfits
  • Shelves Can Help You Display Jewelry More Conveniently

Tip #5: How to Organize Rings

Use those mugs you love to collect! There are so many beautiful mugs out there and everyone seems to collect them for one purpose or another. Why not give them a surprising purpose and let them help you organize your jewelry? I like putting my rings, bracelets, or watches in mugs. They are easy to pick up and examine what I have to choose from and they help add a fun splash of color to my jewelry organization. I absolutely love my custom latte mug. It’s nice and big so it’s perfect for keeping my rings in because I have so many large, statement rings that can take up a lot of space in a regular sized mug.

jewelry organization hacks with tea cup


  • Mugs Make Great Storage for Rings

A Few Final Jewelry Organization Hacks

Having an organized space for your jewelry is such a great way to make your mornings run a little more smoothly, as you aren’t spending too much time looking for a piece of jewelry. It’s also a great way to not only add functionality to your closet, but it also can add a little more decor and style to your space. You can use these tips to keep your jewelry organized as your collection grows.

Additionally, you can visit Shutterfly’s resources on statement jewelry and other jewelry content for additional tips and ideas. What jewelry organization tips do you have? Let me know below!