The Best Mother’s Day Gifts for Your Wife

Of course, Mother’s Day should involve plenty of celebration for your own mother, but Mother’s Day gifts for your wife are just as important. Whether she’s the mother of your children or you have a precious fur baby together (or both), custom Mother’s Day gifts from Shutterfly are a great way to show your wife just how much she means to you, all while wishing her a very happy Mother’s Day. This holiday, take the opportunity to get the best gifts for mom and go the extra mile for the special woman in your life who has been through it all with you.

The best Mother’s Day gifts for your wife are those that come right from your heart. Think of all the moments spent together from the day you first met to your first date and compile it into a gift that will have her falling in love with you all over again. Explore our Mother’s Day gift guide for the best gifts your wife will love to receive on her special day.

Gifts for Moms on the Go

Moms typically have hectic schedules filled with errands and extracurriculars whether it be for her or for her children. Therefore, the best Mother’s Day gifts for your wife will be those that can keep up with her. A custom travel mug, for instance, will be a thoughtful gift for your wife, surprising her with a convenient and sentimental way to bring her morning coffee or cup of tea along with her. Alternatively, you can upload photos to a monthly planner with her in mind. This way, you can help your spouse stay on top of all the scheduling that comes along with being a mother.

Personalized travel mugs featuring photos of husbands with their wives

Gifts for Stay-at-Home Moms

 If your spouse’s full-time job is motherhood, you might take that into account when picking out custom Mother’s Day gifts for your wife. For instance, have you noticed that she deserves a much-needed nap? Perhaps you’ll create a pillow and fleece blanket set with family photos or a heartfelt message. Would she prefer an at-home spa day over rest? Customize a lavender-scented candle and personalized tea towel with that exact purpose in mind. Simply put, you’ll surely find a great Mother’s Day gift idea that can treat your favorite stay-at-home mom to something extra special.

Sentimental Gifts for Moms

Moms are often considered to be some of the most sentimental members of a family, so many great Mother’s Day gifts for your wife will consider this sentiment. Bring a tear to her eye, and make a photo book showcasing your most precious memories together. You can guarantee it’ll be a gift that she’ll truly love. Simply upload some of your favorite images to Shutterfly—you might consider photos of the two of you, your kids, and even your pets, to name just a few examples. Find templates in a variety of colors and styles, any of which might be the perfect fit for the best Mother’s Day gift ideas for your wife. This will be the sort of gift she’ll cherish for a lifetime.

Best mom ever photo book showcasing a happy family taking pictures outdoors for Mothers Day

Jewelry Gifts for Moms

Jewelry is a common gift idea for wives and mothers alike, so it makes sense that this is one of the most popular options when it comes to the best Mother’s Day gifts for your wife. Perhaps you’ll customize a locket necklace, for instance, adding photos of the little ones to its interior and a heartfelt message on the exterior. Alternatively, you might create a personalized charm bracelet, adding photo charms, her initials, or your children’s initials. You can select from many different colors of metal, including silver, gold, or rose gold, in addition to your choice of jewelry and its embellishments.

Personalized rose gold charm bracelet featuring a birthstone and photo charm of the Eiffel Tower

Mother’s Day Gifts for Wives

When you seek out the best Mother’s Day gifts, you’ll want to consider both the recipient—your wife—and the person doing the gifting, whether that’s you or your kids. This will help determine the perfect customization for your gift. If you’re shopping for your children, consider giving mom the gift of something her and her child can do together to strengthen their bond. On the other hand, if you’re the one shopping for your wife, think of what she loves the most. Whether it be an eye-catching piece of jewelry she can show off, a romantic dinner date, or gift card to get her nails done, you can rest assured she’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Make Her First Mother’s Day More Meaningful

As important as Mother’s Day gifts for your wife are every year, they’re all the more impactful when it’s her very first Mother’s Day. Fortunately, there are lots of different Mother’s Day gifts for your pregnant wife or your spouse who’s a brand-new mom. You could design any number of photo gifts with a precious ultrasound photo, for instance. Or, perhaps you’ll design a journal meant for her to document each milestone along the way once that little one arrives. You could even use a special photo or graphic to create a piece of wall art showcasing your favorite memories together from traveling around the world or to hang in the nursery or elsewhere in the home.

Gallery of six canvas prints featuring a couple with their two dogs on a nature excursion

Help Your Kids Find the Best Mother’s Day Gifts

In many cases, you’ll be seeking out Mother’s Day gifts for your wife on behalf of the kids. After all, little ones would struggle to find the perfect gift or a beautiful card for Mama Bear without a grown-up’s helping hand. In this case, you should start by chatting with the kids and see what kinds of gifts would they most like to give their mom. From there, you can use that inspiration to customize the perfect Mother’s Day gift. Whether that’s a piece of jewelry, a coffee mug, or personalized tote bag, you can help them personalize gifts for Mom with photos, her favorite colors, and other meaningful details. You could even create a special Mother’s Day gift on behalf of a pet.

Celebrate the Mother of Your Children This Mother’s Day

Just as you could find great Mother’s Day gifts for your wife on behalf of your kiddos, you might find yourself looking for great gift ideas for your wife on Mother’s Day that you’ll offer her yourself. Whether it’s gifts for your wife’s first Mother’s Day when your child is far too little to shop themself or you’re simply choosing a gift to show her your love, you‘ll find there are plenty of Shutterfly gifts she’ll love to receive from you, too.