How to Make Jigsaw Puzzles

Working on puzzles is a great way to get your whole family involved by doing a fun and engaging task. Putting jigsaw puzzles together will keep you and your loved ones involved and engaged for hours improving mental awareness and problem-solving skills. Customize your personalized photo puzzle to include images of your favorite memories to create a one-of-a-kind puzzle. Learn more about creating custom photo puzzles below.

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Shutterfly’s wide range of puzzle types and designs are perfect for every member of your family. From toddler puzzles, kid puzzles and adult puzzles; there is a perfect type of jigsaw puzzle for everyone. Explore all the custom options you can create with Shutterfly’s puzzle maker. 

Toddler Puzzles

Start helping your toddler learn how to problem solve with a personalized toddler puzzle that features their favorite images. With toddler puzzles, the pieces are large enough that their little hands can fully grab the puzzle pieces and see which pieces fit where. With easy to piece thick wooden puzzle pieces, your toddler will be engaged with this fun 12 piece puzzle set. Conveniently this toddler puzzle set comes with a wooden tray to assist your toddler when they start assembling their puzzle and it is also a convenient storage option as well. Perfect for toddlers ages 3 and up, giving a personalized toddler puzzle will be the highlight of their day. 

Use a memorable family photo as the background of your personalized toddler’s puzzle. As they put one piece after another, they will be happy to see their family member’s bright and smiling faces as it appears in their jigsaw puzzle. Choose an image that will be memorable for both you and your toddler, and so they will be motivated to complete the full puzzle each time.

Alphabet Animals Toddler Puzzle 

Help your toddler learn their ABCs along with problem solving skills with this alphabet animal toddler puzzle. As they learn their basic ABCs, piecing this custom jigsaw puzzle will reinforce the things they already know and will benefit and improve their problem solving skills. With a highlight of different animals, you can review with your toddler which animals start with which letter of the alphabet. At the end of the alphabet animal puzzle, you can include a picture of your toddler along with their name so they know this puzzle is specially made for them.

Alphabet animal toddler puzzle with rainbow letters and colorful images

Moon And Stars My Universe Toddler Puzzle

Include a memorable and sentimental quote on your toddler’s jigsaw puzzle to let them know how much you care about them. With a message of “You are my Universe”, the festive and colorful artwork will make it inviting for any toddler to piece together. Include solo pictures of your toddler and images of your whole family as well as featuring their name. With these custom personalization options, your toddler will have more interest in working and completing their toddler puzzle.

Kids Puzzles

Fill your kid’s minds with fun filled challenging kids puzzles that they will love to complete in their free time. With a variety of pieces and sizes, kids puzzles aren’t overly challenging or difficult to put together and come in a variety of different jigsaw puzzle materials. Depending on your kids skill level, you can opt for a puzzle piece count of 30 pieces or upgrade them to a puzzle with more pieces. Design a memorable puzzle your kids will love to complete and once completed, it can double as a home decor piece for your kids room.

Kids photo puzzle with an image of daughter and father having a tea party

Best In Show Dog Breeds Kids Puzzle

A kid’s best friend is often their four legged pets. As an essential four legged member of the family, pets are always there for kids throughout their life. As a tribute to your pets, create a kids puzzle that will highlight them in a festive way. Featuring different art prints of dogs, you can include your own pictures of your furry friends within the puzzle. As your kids complete this puzzle, they will be reminded of the wonderful memories they’ve spent with their best four legged friend.

Dinosaur Party Kids Puzzle

Perfect for your kids who love dinosaurs, this custom kid’s puzzle features different artwork pictures and names of each of the dinosaurs, letting your kids see their favorite dinosaurs brought to life. Your kids will learn more about their favorite reptiles as they complete their favorite dinosaur puzzle. To make things more personalized, include their name and a picture of your child playing with their favorite reptile toys. Your kids will love to complete this puzzle and see their favorite reptiles come to life as they piece each piece together.

Jigsaw puzzle for kids with dinosaurs

Princess Castle Kids Puzzle

These princess castle kids puzzles are perfect for any of your kids who love the fairytale life. With the main focus of a castle in the middle of the jigsaw puzzle, there are additional images of a horse drawn carriage as well as space to include four images of your kids. To make things more customized for your kids, you can add their name to the middle of the castle to make them feel like they are princess and princes of their fairy tale castle puzzle.

Adult Puzzles

Perfect as a gift for yourself or for a loved one, adult puzzles are a great way to stay entertained, get your mind moving while working on problem solving skills. Each photo puzzle features a different background making things more interesting as you put each puzzle piece together. Take the time to unleash your creativity by using these various personal adult puzzle templates to create your one-of-a-kind customized adult puzzle.

Solving puzzles can strengthen one’s memory and ability to focus

Puzzles For Dads

Show your dad or any father figure in your life how much you care about him with a customized puzzle for dad. With a message of “Best Dad Ever” your dad will feel the love and dedication it took to create this amazing puzzle for him. Choose between 4 different sizes and puzzle pieces counts for your dad’s personalized adult puzzle. From easy to complete puzzles ranging from 60 and 252 pieces, to medium to complete puzzles with 520 pieces to hard to complete pieces with 1014 pieces; there is a great puzzle waiting for your dad.

Puzzles For Moms

This great Mother’s Day gift will make your mom feel so special when she opens her personalized Mother’s Day puzzle for the first time. As she completes her Mother’s Day puzzle, she will be reminded of your amazing and memorable gift. With a sentimental message of “We Love You Mom” your mom will love seeing that message as she pieces her customized photo puzzle. Include all your mom’s favorite photos within her jigsaw puzzle and after she puts together her puzzle she will be able to frame her puzzle and make it a wall art and home decor piece to keep forever.  

Monogram Initial Puzzle

Monogram initial puzzles make great gifts for any couple or family. These monogram initial puzzles come in a variety of designs perfect for any one of your loved ones. As you create your monogram puzzle you can add different things such as full last names, names of the family members in the picture, the date they started their family and any additional things that make their family monogram initial puzzle one-of-a-kind for their family.

monogram initial puzzle with couple on the front available in different colors

How To Make Jigsaw Puzzles

Making your own personalized jigsaw puzzle is easy with the help of Shutterfly’s photo puzzle maker. Use the instructions below to unleash your inner creativity with your customized puzzle designs. Utilize the different types of layouts and templates, you can find a jigsaw puzzle design that best matches your personality and style. Following these simple instructions will help you create your one-of-a-kind personalized photo puzzle.

Step 1: Find a Jigsaw Puzzle Template. Shutterfly has a variety of templates that is perfect for every occasion. From photo puzzle template that has Mother’s Day themes, Father’s Day themes, family themes, and more there is a template that will be perfect for anyone.  

Step 2: Select your Size and Puzzle Count. Choose between the number of jigsaw puzzle pieces – 12, 30, 60, 252, 520, and 1014. Depending on the size, it will also change the dimensions and size of the puzzle. Our smallest sized puzzle measures 10”X14” and comes in 60 and 252 pieces. Our medium sized puzzle measures 16”X20” and comes in puzzle count 520 pieces. Our largest puzzle measures 20”X30” and has 1014 pieces.

Step 3: Start Uploading Pictures and Customizing! Here comes the fun and exciting part! Start by adding and rearranging the pictures within the template you chose in step 1. You can also choose to add text or any special messages you want within your personalized photo puzzle. Some jigsaw puzzle templates also allow you to change the background color to match any style you’re going for. This step is where you can let your creativity run wild. 

Step 4: Final Checks and Add to Cart. After you finish customizing your photo puzzle, complete any finishing touches you may want to add and add to your cart. 

Step 5: Enjoy! Now that you’ve received your personalized photo puzzle, start putting the puzzle together. Once you’ve finished, you can choose to break it apart and put it together again or you can glue the pieces together to make it a home decor piece. Since the jigsaw puzzle features your most treasured pictures, it will make a great art piece for your wall or home decor. 

Father and son putting together a custom jigsawp uzzle on a table

Closing Thoughts

Personalized puzzles are a great way to get the whole family involved to complete a common goal. Putting together a photo puzzle will remind you of all the amazing memories printed on the puzzle. Each jigsaw puzzle has its own uniqueness and will make great gifts for yourself or any one of your loved ones. 

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