Make Your Best Personalized Photo Books

From family milestones and vacations to special occasions, save your treasured memories in a beautiful and timeless personalized photo book. Photo books are not only great for showing off your favorite photos, but they are also the perfect gift or keepsake for you or a loved one to treasure for years to come.

So how do you turn a hard drive of photos into a collection of memories? We’ll guide you step by step to make your photo book customized perfectly to your taste. With Shutterfly, you can choose from a selection of book sizes, cover designs, bindings, and endless unique layouts. Make your memories last forever in an unforgettable personalized photo book with these easy steps.

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How To Personalize Photo Books

Enshrine your memories or create perfect gifts for friends and family by creating the best photo book possible. The secret? Personalization. You’ve already captured your favorite moments, now make a custom photo book that’s uniquely your own. With one-of-a-kind layouts, cover style options, decorative embellishments, and more, you have no limit to what you can do to make your album stand out.

beach pictures in a custom and personalized photo book

Customize Your Layout

No two photo albums will be the same when you customize your layout. Maybe you want to share stories with text for every photo in your book, or perhaps you want to keep it simple and let your photos do the talking without any captions. Whatever style you’re planning for, you can move and resize photos and add text anywhere to design your book to your taste.

Pre-Designed Idea Pages

Not sure where to get started? Get inspired with pre-designed idea pages that make personalizing your photo book a breeze. Inspire your storytelling with unique pages that show off your favorite memories with fun colors, layouts, and extra embellishments.

Add Stylish Embellishments

Spruce up your photo book by adding art, text, or design embellishments. Choose from stickers, ribbons, and frames to add an extra dose of elegance to your custom book.

girl looking through custom high quality photo book

Professional Six-Color Printing

Upgrade your book with professional six-color printing for smoother tones, subtle color blends, and more ink coverage on every page, so your photos print better. This printing option is a game-changer for sharing your favorite snapshots.

See-Through Memorabilia Pockets

Add a pocket to the inside cover of your book to preserve special keepsakes such as tickets, holiday cards, birth announcements, photo strips, and other souvenirs.

Photo Book Covers And Bindings

Your photo book will be as unique as the photos it showcases when you choose one of Shutterfly’s cover and binding options. Choose one of our standard options or upgrade to a premium cover to make your personalized photo book extra special.

custom wedding photo book with premium leather cover

Deluxe Layflat Pages

Show off your best photos seamlessly with deluxe layflat pages that lay flat when your book is open, allowing for a seamless view across them. Perfect for wedding, baby, travel, and special occasion photo books, seamless layflat books are printed on double-thick pages made with satin-finish paper. They are available in Custom Path and Simple Path with hardcover books only, at an additional charge.

Available Sizes: 8×8, 8×11, 10×10, 12×12, 11×14

Standard Layflat Pages

Printed on matte-finish paper, standard layflat pages lay flat with a hinged binding. This style of page is perfect for printing photos of your family, vacation adventures, and everyday occasions for beautiful personalized photo books.

Available Sizes: 8×8, 8×11, 10×10, 12×12, 11×14

Hard Photo Cover

Available in both matte and glossy finishes, hardcover photo books are sleek and durable. Add metallic accents to the matte finish on the front and back to embellish your book with beautiful designs and personalized fonts. Opt for a matte photo cover for a scratch-resistant matte laminate that gives photos a classy look on the front and back.

Available Sizes: 8×11, 11×8, 10×10, 12×12, 11×14

vacation custom hard cover photo books on table

Soft Photo Cover

With a thick, glossy cardstock cover, your photos are showcased on the front and back in an easy-to-flip softcover book. Personalize the front and back covers of your book with your photos and custom text.

Available Sizes: 7×9, 8×11, 11×8, 10×10

Die-Cut Cover

Give your book a unique cover and feature a favorite photo in a die-cut window on the front. With leather, cloth, and linen options, this cover upgrade is made with high-quality materials that will enhance your custom photo book.

Available Sizes: 8×11, 10×10, 12×12, 11×14

Premium Leather Cover

Perfect for all of life’s special occasions, Shutterfly’s high-quality premium leather cover features stitched edges and a gorgeous finish.

Available Sizes: 8×11, 11×8, 10×10, 12×12, 11×14

Professional Flush Mount Albums

Flush Mount Albums offer the quality of a professional photographer’s album at a fraction of the cost. These top-of-the-line albums feature board-mounted pages that go perfectly flat, allowing your wedding photos to spread across the page for a beautiful display. Flush Mount Albums offer eco-leather, photo cover, acrylic cover, and genuine leather cover options, as well as gilded pages, foil imprinting, and square or rounded corners to design an album perfect for your style.

Available Sizes: 8×8, 8×11, 10×10, 12×12, 11×14

Photo Book Sizing

Your photo books don’t have to conform to any particular size. They can be very small for a travel-friendly gift, large coffee table style books, or anything in between. There are tons of sizes to choose from, but the right one will depend on the nature of your photos and how many you’d like to include in the album. For more details on choosing the right size for your book, check out our photo album size guide.

three photo books in different photo book sizes on a bed

  1. 7×9: These small soft photo cover books are perfect for keeping on hand or giving as little gifts. 7×9 photo books are a great option for collecting your favorite landscape photos.
  2. 8×8: A standard square 8×8 photo book is excellent for compiling an equal number of portrait and landscape photos, as it can easily accommodate a mixture of layouts and orientations. 8×8 albums are available in all book cover styles.
  3. 8×11: The most traditional book size, 8×11 photo books are a Shutterfly top seller because of their classic feel. These landscape photo albums are available in all book cover styles.
  4. 11×8: Standard portrait 11×8 photo books offer a professional look, perfect for graduation photos or a yearbook. Showcase your favorite portraits in these rectangular hardcover photo books.
  5. 10×10: A large square 10×10 photo book allows more images per page, both portrait and landscape. 10×10 books are available in all book cover styles.
  6. 12×12: Large square 12×12 photo books are wonderful for putting your best photos on display. Perfect for a wedding album or coffee table book, 12×12 books are available in hardcover, die-cut cover, and layflat books.
  7. 11×14: A large landscape 11×14 photo book provides beautifully printed pages, great for wedding photos, travel photos, children’s artwork, or a portfolio. Available in hardcover, die-cut cover, and layflat books, 11×4 books are great for showcasing locations, panoramas, and larger photos as you will hardly have to shrink the image to fit the page.

3 Ways to Make the Best Photo Book

Put down the scissors and put that glue stick back in the drawer. Making photo books online is much easier, faster, and also gets a much more professional result. Your custom photo book preserves your treasured memories by converting your favorite pictures into a book that you or a loved one will treasure for years to come. Shutterfly offers three services to make designing your album as easy as possible.

woman designing photo book on computer using best site for making photo books

Make My Book Service

Leave your photo book to the pros with Shutterfly’s Make My Book Service. Our talented designers will curate your photos and make a photo book for you. Plus, only buy it if you like it.

  • Select your book size, choose from over 50 styles, easily upload up to 800 photos, and share any special instructions
  • Your designed book will be ready for review in just three business days
  • Order the designed book as is, or personalize it with your captions and finishing touches
  • It’s free to get started, and a $9.99 service fee applies only if you order the designed book

Custom Path

The Custom Path option is a customer favorite because of its flexibility and functionality. This easy-to-use way to make a photo book allows you to personalize each page down to the last detail. Choose from Shutterfly’s collection of over 200 styles to make the best photo book possible.

  • Add, move, and resize pictures and text anywhere
  • Choose from an extensive collection of new backgrounds, layouts, and embellishments
  • Showcase up to 30 photos per page, and up to 1,000 photos in total
  • Select from seven sizes starting from $15.98

Simple Path

The Simple Path option instantly arranges your photos to make the process as easy as possible. This method is perfect for those who are looking for a straightforward option that saves time but still produces a personalized, high-quality book.

  • Your pictures are arranged for you, then ready to be rearranged or add captions
  • There are more than 40 styles with preset backgrounds and layouts
  • Showcase up to 30 photos per page, and up to 1,000 photos in total
  • Select from seven sizes starting from $15.98

Personalized Photo Book Ideas

When planning a photo book, the first step is deciding on a concept. A topic or theme, like documenting baby’s first year or showcasing your favorite vacation photos, will help serve as a guideline for designing your best photo book. Here are 10 ideas to get you started.

layflat custom designed photo book sits on a bench

Gather Memories From Your Wedding Day

Your wedding photos deserve to be collected into a special wedding album. Display photos from the best day of your life in a layflat photo book. Showcase your big day with style and elegance to help relive your nuptial moments.

Create A Wedding Keepsake

Create an elegant wedding guestbook to capture your loved ones’ advice and well wishes. Design a guestbook that’s uniquely yours with patterned backgrounds, pre-designed templates, and embellishments to make your personalized book a treasured keepsake.

Family Photo Album

Showcase your fondest memories with an album dedicated to what matters most: family. With family photos of your favorite holiday traditions or sweet pictures with the grandparents, celebrating your family’s special moments make a photo gift anyone would love to receive.

layflat photo book with hardcover

Showcase Your Engagement Photos

Present your engagement photos in a personalized photo book as an endearing collection of your love. Make a showstopping photo book by displaying sweet pictures from the day of your engagement or a photoshoot taken afterward, decorated with quotes about love and marriage.

Display Your Professional Work

Put your passion on display in a custom portfolio. Whether your craft is photography, art, or design, chances are you have hundreds of photos to choose from. Give your hard work and effort the presentation it deserves in a beautiful custom photo book.

Share Family Recipes

From grandma’s lasagna to mom’s apple pie, every family has recipes that bring you back to the kitchen in an instant. Pass these special moments on to future generations with a custom recipe photo book for an excellent personalized gift.

Celebrate Baby

Celebrate all of baby’s precious moments and milestones by making a photo book that displays all of your little one’s best snapshots. A baby photo book is one of the most important pieces of childhood mementos and a gift that will be treasured for a lifetime. Want to get a head start on your book before the baby arrives? Consider a pregnancy album that showcases your favorite maternity shots.

high quality baby photo book with custom photos on bed

Document Your Adventures

Make the memories of your favorite vacations last forever with a travel photo album. With a professionally printed photo book, every moment of your adventure can be captured in a book you’ll cherish for years to come. Plus, these make beautiful coffee table photo books.

Display Your Kids’ Artwork

Easily save your child’s artwork by turning it into a keepsake photo book. With their artwork piling up over the years, repurposing it all into a custom book can be the perfect way to declutter without feeling the guilt of throwing their art away. Get them involved by choosing the right pieces to include in a book they can be proud of. Use this instructions guide on how to turn your kids’ artwork into books, canvas prints, photo mugs, and more.

Preserve Sports Memories

Sports photo books are a great way to showcase an athletic season, keeping some of your child’s favorite moments in a book they can look back on as they grow up. Celebrate their team’s year with photos of game days, victories, team parties, and cheering crowds. Customized with team colors and fun sayings, these make great personalized gifts for a supportive coach or your child’s teammates.

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