10 Pregnancy Photo Album Ideas To Celebrate Your Growing Baby

You’re expecting! Whether this is your first or sixth, it’s a good time to start documenting all the precious stages of your pregnancy journey from when you first find out to the day your bundle of joy arrives. This will make for a beautiful and memorable pregnancy photo album.

Expecting mother holding her baby bump.Perhaps you want to document the everyday moments of your pregnancy or showcase images of a carefully planned out nursery. Do you have several baby shower photographs you’d like to compile? Now is also the perfect time to start thinking of cute maternity photos you can snap.

To help get you started, we’ve gathered 10 ideas and themes for your maternity book.

1. Weekly Or Trimester Baby Bump Photos

coffee table photo album of photo collage of pregnancy photosA bump progression is the cutest way to display how fast your baby is growing inside of you. If you don’t have anyone to snap the photo, you can always do it in front of a mirror—don’t be shy! Whether you choose to do the same pose every day or mix it up, it’ll be amazing to look back once your child is older and show them how they grew.

2. My Baby Showers

create your own photo album of baby shower pictures and collage photos

Baby showers are a huge part of a pregnancy. Oftentimes a mother is celebrated by her family, in-laws, friends and even co-workers. If you’ve gathered photos from all of the baby’s welcomings, put them in one book and smile every time you look through it. There’s nothing sweeter than gathering everyone you love in one room while waiting for your baby’s arrival.

3. All About Mom

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What did you crave while pregnant? When was the first time you met the baby through an ultrasound? Did you have a gender reveal celebration? All of these moments are wonderful to remember and look back on. Fill your book with sweet mom quotes and photos of you and your partner’s ever-growing fairytale.

4. Decorating The Nursery

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Ideas for the baby’s nursery were probably dancing around in your head as soon as you found out you were expecting. Create a nursery album from start to finish documenting the fun process of decorating the baby’s room, the first items you purchased and the joy of finally completing the crib. Once your baby is born, your final photo can be of them sleeping in the space you’ve built for them.

5. Babymoon

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A babymoon is a relaxing time with your sweetheart before the baby is born. It gives parents-to-be the chance to unwind before taking care of their newborn. Document all of your adventures in a one keepsake travel photo book. Whether it was a staycation or a romantic getaway in Europe, it’s always fun to reminisce on those moments with your best friend.

Additional Pregnancy Photo Album Ideas

If you’re looking for more maternity album ideas, we’ve got you covered.

  • Gender Reveal: If you threw a gender reveal party, it would be fun to include photos plus any funny bets your family and friends made throughout the process.
  • Our Growing Family: This is especially fun for a baby-to-be that has siblings. A little bit about them, grandparents, parents and pets would be a fun welcoming gift to your new bundle.
  • Baby Quotes And Wishes: Have any favorite wishes your loved ones sent your way? Photograph and compile them into an album. Include fun baby quotes you’ve gathered throughout your journey.
  • Seasons: As the seasons changed, your bump grew! Document all the fun parties and celebrations throughout your pregnancy.
  • 280 Baby Days: This one requires a little prep work, but documenting every single day of your pregnancy will be something to really cherish. It can be anything from what food you ate to a special place you visited or even a walk through the park.

As you can see, pregnancy photo albums can be about anything your heart desires. The important thing is to have a keepsake for one of the most wonderful moments in your life and share it with your loved ones.