150 Best Gender Reveal Ideas and Pictures

For many couples, finding out the gender of your baby is almost as exciting as discovering that you are pregnant. A great way to celebrate and share the news with friends and family is through a cleverly staged photo or by throwing a memorable gender reveal party. Since this is such a momentous occasion, finding a gender reveal party or photo idea that suits you and your significant other is an important task. Are you looking for a big reveal with props and cake for your whole family to enjoy? Or do you prefer to share the news with a simple photo reveal? Either way, this list of gender reveal ideas has you covered.

Sort through the photos by clicking on the filter that is the right fit for you. If you are throwing a gender reveal party, don’t forget to take pictures to include in your birth announcement cards.

150 Gender Reveal Ideas

Traditionally, the color to use for a boy gender reveal is blue. Have some fun with your gender reveal photos by wearing blue shirts, shoes, or ties. If you are planning to have a gender reveal party, some great blue food ideas are cupcakes with blue filling or some blue colored candies. You could also hide blue balloons in a box and reveal them all at once. Try to snap a picture right when the reveal happens for the ultimate surprise effect.

The gender of your upcoming child is clearly the most important part of the gender revealing process. Incorporating pink into party decorations or photos is the traditional way to show you are having a girl. You could wear pink clothing or bow around your baby bump, or use fun props like pink glitter or noisemakers. You can even incorporate pink in your food with a pink gender reveal cake.

When it comes to buying gender reveal party supplies, or even props for a photo shoot, this is a fun time to get creative. Keep your guests involved with colorful balloons, noisemakers or homemade t-shirts. If you are going for a pose with your significant other, holding a sign or a pair of baby shoes makes a great photo. But don’t stop there, invite your other children or even your pets to join the fun. Some other great props include paper mustaches or ties if you are having a boy, and bows or flowers if you are having a girl.

Nothing says a baby announcement like a ‘bun in the oven.’ And nothing says gender reveal party like a gender reveal cake! Try your hand at baking some cookies with colored icing, or some chocolate cupcakes with a surprise colored icing in the middle. If you are looking to do a photoshoot for your gender reveal, blowing bubbles with your chewing gum is a very popular pose.

Gender reveal parties are a great way to get everyone involved with the thrill and excitement of finding out the big news about the gender of your child. These can be paired with a baby shower or a separate party altogether. Gender reveal party ideas include handing out props, playing fun games, taking votes on the gender and baking delicious treats with the gender reveal baked right inside. You can also throw a reveal party with your close family, but then create gender reveal announcements using photos from the party.

Gender reveal photoshoots are becoming more and more popular—probably because they are so fun to be a part of. Being able to capture the emotion when a husband or wife finds out the gender of a child is a priceless photo. This is something you can also share in gender reveal announcements to friends and family. Try the balloon reveal as a photo idea, or posing with little baby shoes. Remember, you can take as many photos as you’d like, but you only get one time to capture the surprise of the gender, so make sure it’s a good one!

Depending on the weather, time or place, you may choose to stay indoors for your gender reveal. Whether you are doing an intimate family reveal, or throwing a gender reveal party indoors, you might want some ideas for indoor decorations or photos. An indoor party with some fun gender reveal cake is a great way to celebrate together. Try a solo photoshoot indoors by the fireplace or pose with the whole family holding a sign that announces the news.

Outdoor gender reveal ideas can be large in size and a fun time to get silly. This is a great chance to incorporate paint, glitter or silly string. If you decide to go big, invite the whole family and all of your friends for a gender reveal party. Outdoors is also a great place to do a balloon gender reveal box. When posing outside for a photo shoot, use the elements to your advantage. Glitter or confetti in the wind looks beautiful, as does sunshine and nature!

Some may choose to invite the whole family for a gender reveal party, while others prefer an intimate gender reveal photo shoot with just husband and wife. Either way, there are fun options for joining in on the excitement of having a baby. Have some fun with the whole family with games and props, or create some beautiful gender reveal photos that will last a lifetime and capture the exact moment you find out!

With a solo gender reveal photo, the options are endless. Since it is just you or a loved one behind the lens of a camera, try to capture the excitement of your gender reveal. You can take photos posing with props or blow glitter towards the camera. Another classic idea is a photo of baby shoes. Use the photos as keepsakes, announcements or even gender reveal invites. Work the camera!

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