Something Old Something New Ideas and Meaning

With your wedding day approaching, you may be trying to find ways to incorporate meaningful traditions into your ceremony. Many couples choose to include “something old something new” elements in their wedding. These symbolic and sweet gifts help bring extra love and sense of tradition into otherwise modern ceremonies and might be the perfect addition to your own big day. Looking for more information? Check out our full explanation of the tradition along with ideas below:

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Something Old Something New Saying + Explanation

The Old English Rhyme “something old, something new” was a tradition intended to help ward off evil spirits and promise good luck and fertility to the newlyweds. Nowadays, it’s become a more contemporary tradition honoring the couple’s love and heritage. The full rhyme reads as: “Something Olde, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, A Sixpence in your Shoe.” Aside from the sixpence, the first four items are commonly gifted to or purchased by the bride for use in the wedding. So if you’re wondering how to plan a wedding ceremony that incorporates these traditional elements, we’ve broken down their meanings below:

Closeup of bride and groom kissing on their wedding day, with focus on her blue high heel.

Something Old

Originally a token to help ward off the “Evil Eye,” which was thought to cause infertility, this object is now meant to signify the love and continuity of family. These objects may be heirlooms, wedding day accessories that have been passed down to each bride, or anything else with history.

Something New

Many couples check this item off the list without realizing it. This token, meant to signal optimism for the future, can be anything from a newly purchased wedding dress, accessories, or even a new pair of wedding shoes.

Something Borrowed

Fairly straightforward, “something borrowed” is an item that a loved one lends to a bride for her wedding day. In the past, it was meant to be borrowed from someone who had a prosperous family as a way to pass on their prosperity to the bride. Now it is intended as a signal of love from one’s friends and family. 

Something Blue

Blue was considered a representation of love, fidelity, and purity, which formed the foundation for a healthy marriage. This final gift can include anything from the bride’s flowers to an accessory– whatever matches the bride’s personality best. 

Bright shoes for stylish bride on her wedding day.

Who Gives The Bride Something Borrowed Something Blue?

Traditionally, the bride is gifted the items mentioned in the rhyme from her loved ones. For example, the “something old” may be a wedding heirloom or inherited necklace from a grandmother. Or the something borrowed may include a set of earings from the Bride’s mother. 

However, in modern times, it’s becoming more common for the bride to purchase the gifts for herself. She may buy a set of blue heels for her “something blue” or visit an antique shop for a vintage “something old.” Ultimately, it’s up to each unique bride to decide how she wants to incorporate these traditions into her wedding, if at all. But if you’re looking for additional resources on traditional gifts for the bride, make sure to visit our resources on gifts to give your daughter on her wedding day and wedding roles and responsibilities of parents.

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue Ideas

From your wedding day attire to your wedding decoration ideas, there’s plenty of ways to incorporate the traditional “something old, something new” rhyme into your big day. Here are a few of our favorite ideas: 

Grooms in blue.

1. Something Old For Wedding Vows

Bring a little “something old” into your wedding vows. Incorporate a favorite poem or old sonnet to let your bride or groom know just how much you love them. 

2. An “Old” Addition to Your Bouquet

A beautiful multicolored wedding bouquet with wildflowers and roses lies against the blue sofa.

Turn your bouquet into a vintage showcase for your “something old” element. Tie a special piece of cloth, locket, or another accessory to the flowers to add a little tradition to your ceremony. Just make sure to remove the item before you toss your bouquet later at the reception.

3. Recycle Old Clothes Into Something New

This Idea combines both the “something old” and “something new.” Take embellishments, cloth, or even the veil from a family member’s wedding ensemble and incorporate it into your wedding dress or suit. This upcycle idea will help make your day even more special.

4. New Shoes for a New Chapter

Blue new beautiful bride shoes- wedding details.

New wedding shoes or heels are a perfect way to add “something new” to your wedding and usher in the new chapter of your life. Just make sure that you break them in beforehand or that they’re comfortable for dancing, as the last thing you want on your wedding is for your feet to hurt.

5. Something Borrowed Cocktail

This fun idea incorporates “something borrowed” into your wedding reception cocktail hour. Borrow a favorite recipe from a friend or family member and feature it on the menu. This may be an old family tradition or a party favorite– whichever suits you best.

6. Borrow Your Mother’s Veil

A veil and flower bouquet. for a wedding

This nod to family traditions and the special bond between you and your mother is the perfect way to celebrate your wedding. Just remember the gift is “something borrowed” and extra care should be taken that it isn’t damaged during the special day.

7. Blue Garters

Blue garters are the traditional “something blue” worn since the creation of the rhyme. And many couples choose to keep this part of the tradition in their wedding. It makes an easy (and often unnoticeable) addition to your wedding day.

8. Sapphire Accessories and Decor

Asian bridal henna and blue ring.

Sapphire, a beautiful blue precious gem, can add a pop of color to your special day while helping you stick to the tradition of “something blue.” Whether you choose to add sapphire-colored tableware elements or a gemstone bracelet, make it a stand out piece of your event.

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