40 Fresh and Fun Spring Gift Ideas

The weather is finally warming up and subtle signs of spring are showing which means it’s time head back outside with friends and family to celebrate the natural beauty of the season.

Celebrate all your loved ones’ birthdays, engagements, weddings and anniversaries with spring-inspired gifts. Fill their homes with flowery spring decorations or set up an afternoon of spring crafts with the kids. From bright pastels to gold leaf patterns, take advantage of Spring’s natural energetic colors.

Explore these 40 spring gift ideas to gain some inspiration for the loved ones in your life. Include these gifts when you send a thank you note or as a simple “just because” present. To make it extra special, personalize the present with the person’s name or an appreciation quote.

1. Adventure Key Rack

keys hang from a sign that says adventure is calling

Source: Lily Ardor

Spring means that it’s time to get back outside. Gift your partner or adventurous friend a fun daily reminder with this hand-painted key ring project.

2. Book Ends

geode book ends on coffee table

Source: Shutterfly

Think outside the box when gifting a spring set of bookends. Vibrantly colored stones and gems make elegant additions to any coffee table or bookcase.

3. Cutting Board

cutting board with cheese and friut

Source: Shutterfly

Spring is a lovely time to throw a garden party with cheese and wine. Gift a monogrammed cutting and serving board to your favorite host or newly engaged couple.

4. City Market Bag

Commemorate a favorite vacation or celebrate a hometown with this DIY, heat transfer market bag. Customize the bag’s size, style and font for your recipient of choice.

5. Foliage Flower Pot

turquoise flower pot sits on shelf

Source: Shutterfly

Start those spring seedlings off right in this monogrammed flower pot. By early summer, your loved one will have a pot of wildflowers.

6. Colorful Thread Bracelets

Spring is a time to celebrate color and sparkle. Wrap alternating colors of embroidery thread around a piece of thin rope for easy DIY bracelet gift sets.

7. DIY Earl Grey Soap

Surprise the tea lover in your life with this homemade soap recipe that incorporates the bergamot aroma of a hot cup of floral earl gray tea.

8. Wooden Inspiration Board

photos hanging from wire on a board

Source: Damask Love

In the season of crafting, gift this easy DIY inspiration board to your savvy creative friend. They can swap out pictures and ideas throughout the year.

9. DIY Photo Frame

photos hang in wooden frame

Source: Shutterfly

This easy spring craft makes a great present for the photo-loving person in your life. Add a spring a stylish gold clip to swap out photos throughout the year.

10. Floral Hoop

Brighten up a loved one’s living room with this easy spring craft. Simply glue your choice of seasonal faux flowers to an embroidery hoop and hang on a wall or door.

11. Flower and Herb Spray

Mom will love this handmade home spray, packed with hand-picked flowers and botanicals from your spring garden. Add some kid-made tags as an extra-personal touch.

12. Wildflower Pods

For avid and beginner gardeners alike, gift these premade seed pods to fill a friend’s yard with bouquets of wildflowers.

13. Bird Memory Game

A great spring gift for that favorite little one in your life, simply glue paper bird cutouts onto the back of matching cards to play a seasonal memory game.

14. Watering Can Wreath

What’s sweeter than a spring-inspired entranceway? Fill a vintage watering can with tulips and wrap it all up with ribbon for a lovely spring gift for mom.

15. Gold Leaf Pillow Covers

These golden speckled pillowcases brighten up a set of throw pillows on the couch or bed. Spray-adhesive gold leaf paint is ideal for unique projects on fabric such as this.

16. Glass Flower Vase

flower in vase sits on table

Source: Shutterfly

A lovely gift for mom and dad, add a monogram, date or special message to this sleek and elegant vase. Fill with their favorite flowers as a spring gift.

17. Lavender Bath Bombs

Celebrate the calming scents of the season by gifting these DIY lavender bath bombs, perfect for a spa-themed spring gift basket.

18. Monogrammed Makeup Bag

a makeup pouch with pencils and brushes

Source: Shutterfly

Add both a personalized monogram and icon to celebrate your favorite teen’s style with this simple and modern makeup bag or pencil case.

19. Mason Jar Herb Garden

herb garden inside a mason jar

Source: Shutterfly

Gather together a spring gift basket of planted herbs for mom or your favorite gardener’s birthday. These little herbs can live in the kitchen or on the porch, ready for cooking.

20. Mason Jar Koozie

Perfect for a jar of spring lemonade, combine your favorite floral fabric with insulative batting to make this set of mason jar koozies.

21. Milk and Honey Soap

These fresh little homemade soaps incorporate the soft smells of the season while making adorable additions to your loved one’s bathroom sink.

22. Mini Air Plant Vases

Small and stylish, add small air plants or cacti to handmade glass terrariums. Once you’ve made a set, gift them to a friend for her desk or nightstand.

23. Modern Easter Eggs

eggs decorated with gold and plack paint

Source: Lily Ardor

With Easter season around the corner, handpaint a set of wooden eggs with a mix of gold leaf, minimalistic patterns and simple colors to gift a modern spring display for any style.

24. Decorative Wall Plates

decorative plates hang on wall

Source: Shutterfly

Add a pop of spring to any of your loved one’s homes with these pastel plates. This spring decoration brightens up any simple wall or mantle.

25. Butterfly Mosaic

butterfly art on fence in backyard

Source: Bugaboo City

The coming spring means more time out in the garden. Combine cardboard, tin foil and paint for this kid-friendly spring craft.

26. Photo Candles

candles sit on a shelf

Source: Shutterfly

Fill mom and dad’s home with even more photos of the family with a collection of photo candles. Choose their favorite springy scent and color for extra customization.

27. Moon Phase Wall Decor

a garland with the phases of the moon

Source: DIY in PDX

Craft this simple yet stylish phases of the moon wall hanging for your girlfriend’s upcoming spring birthday. Gold foil paper attaches to a simple gold chain.

28. Moss Terrarium

Go on a hunt for some natural craft materials in this spring decoration. Gather them all together in a round container to gift a moss-filled terrarium.

29. Watercolor Jewelry Box

Add a pop of color to your loved one’s spring decor with this hand painted jewelry or odds-and-ends box. Paint with layers of watercolor for a lovely fading effect.

30. Painted Tea Towel

Choose your own silhouettes to create the perfect gift set of tea towels for the coming spring. Iron-on fabric paint makes this a simple and mess-free project.

31. Photo Tray

photo tray sits on a coffee table

Source: Shutterfly

Liven up a loved one’s coffee table with a large photo tray, adding a personalized piece of light and springy decor to the center of the living room.

32. Pom Pom Display

Perfect for the stylish friend or teen in your life, gather or build a playful collection of yarn pom poms into this fluffy wall mosaic.

33. Rose Avocado Oil

There are so many ways to gift a bouquet of roses. Infuse dried petals into a bottle of avocado oil for a unique dipping sauce and marinade. Gift with a locally baked loaf of fine bread!

34. Spring Fabric Eggs

A fun way to use floral fabric tape, create a collection of springy eggs to gift to a friend for Easter. Pair with a lovely display bowl or vase.

35. Spring Mousepad

Trim and glue your favorite spring fabric to a circle of cork for this stylish mouse pad gift. This is the perfect gift for a teen heading off to college.

36. Floral Sachets

flower soap in the shape of a heart

Source: JoJoTastic

Go flower picking to create these simple essential oil sachets. Mold into a heart to send love in a spring gift basket for a birthday or thank you.

37. Garden Stone

engraved garden stone

Source: Shutterfly

Decorate mom’s beautiful garden with a personalized stone that blends with the flowers and plantings she’s chosen so carefully. Add a special message of love to round out the design.

38. Spring Picnic Set

women serves a piece of pie

Source: Decor 8

This spring gift basket can be filled with all you need for an April picnic. Fill with monogrammed plates or a picnic blanket and add napkins and cups ready for the park.

39. Spring Throw Pillows

throw pillows in the grass

Source: Shutterfly

Give a personalized housewarming gift with these photo and monogram donned throw pillows. Mix and match a colorful collection for a great spring gift set idea.

40. Wooden Statement Earrings

Get stylish with your spring crafts and gifts by decoupaging some simple circular earrings. Choose your friend’s favorite color and pattern to customize to their style.

Brighten someone’s day this season with one of these 40 spring gift ideas. For an extra special touch, include a gratitude quote and why you are grateful to have the person in your life.