Summer, Spring, Winter, Fall: Best Wedding Invitation Color Palettes for Your Wedding Season

A season-inspired wedding theme is a lovely celebration that incorporates the season’s bounty into your wedding day décor.

Wedding cake and sweets surrounded by flowers.

A bride’s pastel pink and bright white bouquet woven into the wedding cake and dessert table makes for a tasteful execution of a classic spring color palette.

Whether you’re getting married in summer, spring, winter, or fall, the color palette you choose for your big day will likely reflect the hues in your wedding season as well as your personal taste.

“Your wedding color scheme makes the celebration uniquely yours,” says Tessa Brand, owner and main event coordinator of Tessa Lyn Events.

“It also ties the event together. Everything – from the bridesmaid’s dresses, the groomsmen’s ties, the bridal bouquet, to the centerpieces – should complement each other. This adds a clean, professional finish, all while making the day memorable for your guests,” says Tessa.

The experienced wedding planner’s biggest tip for how to select the best color palette for your season-inspired wedding theme:

“Too many colors look busy,” warns Tessa. “When planning your wedding color scheme, select two to three colors. Focus on one main hue and then select a second or third color to complement your main color choice.”

To help you come up with the perfect color palette, we’ve curated our favorite season-inspired wedding invitations along with Tessa’s color suggestions for both traditional and unique summer, spring, winter, and fall weddings.

Summer Wedding Invitation Color Schemes

For a traditional summer wedding, go with the classic combination of white and purple. Couples who want a fresh color scheme for their summer wedding invitations can try white, bright green, and navy wedding invitations for a look that’s perfect for weddings in warmer weather.

Blooming Forever in Classic Lilac and White

A floral wedding invitation in white and lilac.

Featuring soft summer hues of purple, lilac, and white, the Blooming Forever wedding invitation is the perfect stationery for a summer wedding.

The Blooming Forever wedding invitation strikes the perfect summertime note with classic purple and white. Designed by Poppy Studio, this contemporary wedding stationery boasts summer-inspired hues along with a beautiful watercolor illustration of lilac and purple flowers.

Personalize the Blooming Forever wedding invitation with your summer hues and details of your big day.

Spring Wedding Invitation Color Palettes

Nothing sings spring like a wedding color palette of blush and mint or peach and blueberry. For a color look outside the box, brides might opt for a combination of coral and sage or pale pink and robin’s egg blue.

Lovely Watercolor Blush and Gold Wedding Invitations  

A blush, cream, and rose gold watercolor wedding invitation.

The Lovely Watercolor wedding invitation reflects traditional seasonal hues of blush, cream, and rose gold for your spring-inspired wedding.

The Lovely Watercolor stationery features a chic color scheme of soft blush, cream, and rose gold, creating traditional spring wedding invitations.

For a pop of color and a look that’s a little different, consider the unique spring-inspired color scheme of white, blush, and green.

Customize the Lovely Watercolor wedding invitation for your spring-inspired wedding.

Winter Wedding Invitation Hues

“Winter is a wonderful chance to bring out deep color, such as dark purple, red, or green,” says Tessa. We love pairing metallics like gold or copper with deep red, plum, rich cobalt and forest green tones. If you’re going for a one-of-a-kind winter look, consider burgundy wedding invitations or the unique color palette of violet and teal.

Patient and Kind in Dark Purple

Dark purple wedding invitation.

The Patient and Kind wedding invitation features your winter-inspired color palette of dark purple and gold, along with a Bible verse for your traditional or religious wedding.

Shutterfly’s Patient and Kind wedding invitation in a dark purple background and gold script captures the winter season as well as your traditional or religious ceremony with a classic Bible verse: “Love is patient, love is kind.”

Say yes to the Patient and Kind wedding invitation for your classic winter wedding.

Fall Wedding Invitation Shades

Fall is perhaps the season most strongly associated with color. Autumn naturally tied to fiery red, orange and gold hues, smoldering green and burnt brown tones. Alternate fall shades of succulent greens and jewel toned purple hues are another option.

Precious Petals in Light Orange and Mustard Hues

A wedding invitation with orange and yellow leaves.

Fall hues of soft orange and mustard yellow leaves create an autumn-inspired wedding invitation that’s chic and beautiful.

Autumn leaves of soft orange and mustard yellow border the Precious Petals wedding invitation designed by Brejer. This modern and beautiful stationery celebrates the fall season and features a contemporary look that’s ideal for casual and cocktail attire weddings.

Create your fall-inspired wedding invitations with the Precious Petals stationery.

Personalized Season-Inspired Wedding Invitations

Your unique wedding color palette reveals the colors you love most.  With your color scheme in mind, Shutterfly allows you to create season-inspired wedding invitations with your personal details along with your choice of paper and trim – important stationery details that create memorable invitations.

Shutterfly Wedding Invitation Wording Guide 

Match your invitation design with the right words. The best way to personalize your wedding invitation is wording that communicates your details and reflects the formality of your event.

Dive into our guide that helps you navigate the sometimes complex world of wedding invitation etiquette. Shutterfly is your resource for invitation wording etiquette, providing you with invitation examples from wording for parties with parents hosting to special wording and instructions.