Unique Holiday Cards for 2022

We know 2021 has been a unique year, so our team at Shutterfly has hand-curated an assortment of unique holiday cards to speak to the current times and hopefully express your feelings. Sending a card is a festive way to keep in touch and show you care—as well as a chance to update everyone in your orbit on all the unique changes in your life over the past year. Whether it’s a sweet note to a long-lost friend, a wedding invitation, or new baby photos enclosed, a special holiday greeting card warms the heart. This year, rather than sending the traditional family holiday card, opt for unique humourous holiday cards that stays true to you and your family’s personalities.

With Shutterfly’s assortment of heartwarming and funny cards, you can create holiday cards with unique greetings that can brighten someone’s day. Funny holiday cards don’t have to be long or personalized to each recipient, but including small touches like silly family Christmas photos or other funny card sentiments lets loved ones know that you care about them and reflects the unique sentiments of 2021. Commemorate special moments from the year and spread the holiday spirit by sending a personalized holiday card with unique 2021 sentiments.

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Choosing Holiday Cards With Unique Greetings

Two custom holiday cards with unique greetingsWhat a year it’s been! We’ve made it to the festive times, and Shutterfly has a fantastic collection of unique holiday cards designed to brighten up the entire year. Think of your traditional holiday cards, but with a twist. Our unique greeting holiday cards are splashed with funny and heartwarming messages that commemorate the year and will give your friends and family a good laugh. Funny Christmas cards from 2021 will become a treasured keepsake that your family members will look back on for years to come.

This holiday season, say “Happy Holidays” your way with Shutterfly’s unique greetings.  With so many ways to spread the holiday spirit, choosing that just-right card can be a little overwhelming. So we’ve chosen the best cards in every category. From a lighthearted or funny card that pokes fun at the imperfect, goofy moments from the year, to a more elegant and simple holiday card that is straight from the heart—we have it all! Our entire collection of funny holiday, New Year’s, and Christmas cards have room for family photos and editable colors and text. Have fun with your family photos this year and make a unique holiday card that will leave an impression on your loved ones. To start making a holiday card, choose what type of greeting you’ll want to send to your recipients.

  • Holiday Cards: For a greeting card that covers all of the events of the holiday season, consider making a traditional holiday card. With heartwarming sayings like “Happy Holidays,” “Holiday Love,” or something funny like, “Insert Generic Holiday Greeting Here”, you can make a custom holiday card that showcases your personality.
  • Christmas Cards: While Christmas may look different this year, celebrate your holiday with an unforgettable, unique Christmas Card. Send a hopeful Christmas card message like “Be the merry you wish to see in the world” or a funny Christmas card that says “Christmas, chaos, and cheer.” No matter how you design your custom Christmas card, let your family and friends know how much you’re thankful for them even though your families are celebrating a socially distant holiday.
  • Religious Cards: Spread the true meaning of the holiday season with religious Christmas cards. We make it easy to incorporate your favorite religious verse and sentiments of the season when you customize the text inside your card. Opt for religious Christmas card designs with messages like “Oh come let us adore Him” or a simple message of “Hope & Peace” to wish your recipients Merry Christmas and a blessed holiday.
  • New Year’s Cards: New Year’s greeting cards are the perfect way to celebrate new beginnings. With a custom New Year’s card designed with unique greetings, you can list your favorite moments from 2021, showcase a collage of your favorite photos from the past year, or if you’re ready to move on from this crazy year, send a holiday card that says “Good Riddance 2021.”

Our Unique Holiday Card Styles With Sentiments

Unique Holiday Cards 2021

Creating holiday cards shouldn’t give you a headache. In the craziness of 2021, let Shutterfly simplify holiday cards in an already-busy season. Making Christmas cards, New Year cards, and any other photo holiday cards should be a process that’s enjoyable from start to finish. It might even get a few chuckles this year too. Be sure to include all members of your family to gather Christmas card ideas on what will make the best funny holiday cards for 2021. It’s always a good idea to make sure the card is perfect before sending it out to your recipients. With Shutterfly, there are endless ways to customize your holiday cards to fit your style and personality. 

Shutterfly offers a large assortment of unique greeting custom holiday cards and features a range of funny, heartwarming, hopeful, and festive messages that you can choose from. To get started on making your one-of-a-kind holiday cards, you’ll want to how many photos you want to feature on your festive greeting. Determine if you showcase one special photo, a collage of your favorite pictures, or if you prefer a simple holiday card with no photos at all. Next, choose what type of holiday greeting you want to send to your friends and family. Choose from sentiment options like custom holiday cards, Christmas cards, New Year’s cards, and religious cards to say “Happy Holidays” in a way that suits your style.  To further customize your card design, consider these personalization features when choosing your holiday card template:

  • Format: Send a traditional flat photo card or get creative with options like tri-fold, gatefold, and folded cards that are sure to wow your recipients as soon as they lay eyes on them.
  • Size: Choose from holiday card sizes ranging from 4×8 to 6×8. If you want to showcase more of your most-cherished or funniest photos from throughout the year, opt for a larger card size so you can fit more images.
  • Premium Styles:  Much more fun than your average Happy Holidays card, make your unique greeting card stand out with personalized foil, glitter, or gatefold cards. You can even choose from one of our Greeting Selector cards, which lets you switch up the greeting card message depending on the holiday you are celebrating. 
  • Themes: Pick from fun and festive holiday and Christmas card themes like kids, pets, Feliz Navidad, snowflakes, or rustic to add a splash of your personality into your unique holiday greeting card. 
  • Trim: Add the finishing touches to your custom holiday cards by choosing a unique paper trim style to make your card stand out.
  • Paper Style: Choose from photo paper and smooth or shimmer cardstock for a high-quality and unique holiday card.

Humorous Holiday Cards This YearA unique holiday card with a little girl picking her nose that says nailed it. A unique holiday card with kids crying that says this will have to do.

The holiday season is a time to share your love, joy, and if you have it, humor! Explore our wide range of humorous holiday cards that can all be personalized to fit your unique holiday style. Holiday cards should always stay true to you and your family’s personalities, so what better way to show your playful sides than through your holiday stationary. Show the people you love that you and your kids are still as joyous and funny as ever. From inside jokes, to ugly Christmas sweaters, unique holiday cards are a hilarious way to spread laughter to the people you love. With gift buying, home decorating, and party planning, it can be easy to lose sight of what the holiday season is really about. Something as simple as sending out funny Christmas cards can brighten someone’s day with laughter.

Whether you are newlyweds or a family of ten, funny holiday cards are the perfect way to show your true and honest personality through a photo and card. Capturing the perfect snapshot of your family for your holiday card can be quite a difficult task. Getting a perfectly timed photo where everyone in your family looks good is a nearly impossible mission, especially if you are taking photos with your big family. With humorous holiday cards, all of that stress is alleviated. You no longer have to spend hours posing with your family until you find your flawless shot. These photos will give your family and friends a good laugh and remind us of all the messy and chaotic lives we live.

Best Selling Holiday CardsBest selling custom holiday cards with unique greetings

This season, make your holiday more than just an ordinary piece of mail. With Shutterfly’s collection of unique holiday cards, you can create a custom holiday greeting that stands out among the stack. Shutterfly’s best selling photo holiday cards can be personalized to fit any theme or style — whether you prefer cards that are modern and sleek, simple and elegant, or vibrant and festive. Spread the cheer with Shutterfly’s best selling personalized holiday cards you can send along to friends, family, and co-workers.

From Merry Christmas cards adorned with mistletoes to whimsical holiday cards with “Peace, Love, Joy, and Family” greetings, Shutterfly offers the perfect holiday card for you. If you prefer a traditional holiday or Christmas card, consider choosing a more festive greeting with red, green, gold, or plaid designs. Or, if after a crazy year you want to make a holiday card that makes your recipients laugh — choose a humorous or fun card design. Holiday photo card templates that feature unique greetings like “this will have to do” and “merry vibes only” are sure to make a lasting impression on your friends and family. Even after the holidays have passed, your unique holiday cards will live on as memorable keepsakes that you’ll love to look back on for years to come.

Best Selling New Year’s Cards

Best selling custom New Year's cards with unique sentiments

Say “goodbye” to 2021 and “Happy New Year” to 2022 with a very memorable and funny New Year’s card. Start the year off on the right foot with Shutterfly’s collection of best selling unique New Year’s cards that will give your family and friends a well-deserved laugh and smile. Our collection of photo New Year’s cards will provide a common wish that all of us want: to have new beginnings, new chances, and new adventures for 2022. Sending custom New Year’s cards will let your loved ones near and far know that they will always be in your hearts.

Shutterfly’s collection of best selling personalized New Year’s cards leave room for your favorite family photos and unique greetings that send well-wishes and funny New Year greetings to your friends and family. Some of our best selling New Year’s card designs include unique greeting card sentiments like “Chaos & Cheers” and “Cheers to new beginnings and great adventures.” If you want to send a classic but unique New Year’s card this year, opt for a traditional “Happy New Year” greeting. Whether you feature your favorite photo from 2021 or a collage of this year’s best memories, your 2022 New Year’s cards will be special because they were personalized by you.

Wrapping Up

As 2021 comes to an end, it’s important that we keep in touch with our friends and family through holiday cards, adding a dose of humor, love, and hope to the holiday season. With the holidays just around the corner, a simple holiday card can provide an opportunity to reconnect with one another and to show how grateful they are to you. Having the joy of receiving a personalized holiday card during the busy holiday season makes recipients feel that they are cared for and thought of during this holiday season. Spread cheer with thoughtful, heartwarming, and funny holiday cards designed with unique greetings that are sure to bring a smile to your loved ones’ faces this year.

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