Ways To Transform Your Wall With Photo Tiles

Looking to create a stunning gallery wall with zero hassle? Our new custom photo tiles are lightweight, premium quality metal prints that easily hang on your walls without the need of any nails, tools, or mess. Move them around with our advanced adhesive strips to transform your walls and create endless combinations. Personalized photo tiles let you print out your favorite moments and turn them into stickable & re-stickable wall art. Here are some ideas to help you get your creative juices flowing and produce your very own gallery wall with ease.

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Introducing New Photo Tiles

custom photo tiles
Upload photos of your favorite memories — wedding portraits, travel snapshots, and candid family photos are all perfect options for showcasing on your walls. Choose unique templates that speak to you and customize your photo tiles’ size and design colors to complement your home perfectly.

Whether you stack two or create a gallery wall out of a group of prints, photo tiles give you the creative freedom to transform your walls in any way you like. These simple guidelines on how to use our new photo tiles will make getting started easy.

Where To Hang Photo Tiles

When deciding where you want to hang your photo tiles, it’s best to pick out an open section of the wall to display any personalized wall art. Look for a spot that’s spacious enough to comfortably accommodate the number of photo tiles you plan to hang. To draw as many eyes to your photos as possible, consider mounting them in areas where your guests’ eyes are most likely to settle. Find inspiration below to turn your empty walls into statement-making elements of your space.

Inside The Entry Hallway

custom photo tilesOne of the best places to hang statement artwork in a home is in an entry or foyer so that it immediately catches the eye and attention of anyone who walks through the front door. If you are aiming for an inspiring wall, mix a variety of artwork representing a range of media, from photographs to drawings, mixed in with personal mementos like children’s artwork or souvenirs from your travels.

Overhead Your Dresser Top

Your dresser is a great place to be a pretty focal point of your bedroom. Try to display photo tiles in a 3×3 layout. They don’t require any interior designer! Ensure to leave some open space for easy viewing.

Along The Stairway

how-arrange-pictures-hallwayThe stairway is an integral part of any home that should never be overlooked as an opportunity to inject a dose of style. Use photo tiles to present your family’s growth photos in a chronological fashion.

Within Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s often the place to indulge in some good conversations paired with even better food. It is also the place to get inspired as well as get a little messy. So, let photo tiles help immerse yourself into the places and memories that inspired you in the first place.

Anywhere In Your Apartment

custom photo tilesA gallery wall made with photo tiles is absolutely ideal for a small apartment, as it can give a room real interest, depth, and a properly decorated feel without taking up any floor space — and thereby minimizing clutter. If you don’t have one large wall, photo tiles can be hung around windows, around doors, above bed heads, above and around fireplaces, or even around cabinets in a kitchen.

On Your Bathroom Walls

Bathrooms should be places of serenity and luxury. A beautiful piece of bathroom wall art will only enhance that indulgent experience.

Inside Your Office

Did you know that art in the workplace can reduce stress and improve productivity? Foster creativity and innovation in your workspace with custom wall art. Instead of staring at those blank, bleak walls, why not try adding some unique photo tiles to help inspire those around you?

Above The Couch In Your Living Room

gallery wall artLiving rooms need to be functional and comfortable. It is the most cohesive and attractive place to hang photo tiles. You can use the blank wall above your couch as a canvas to display your photos that capture a range of favorite memories.

Ways To Arrange Photo Tiles

The important details are the ones that tell your story best and offer creative enjoyment in the process. Despite the tips and tricks, you read throughout your photo tile journey, there’s no right or wrong way to decorate your space. Take the tips that suit you best, and run with them.

Simple Grid

custom photo tilesGo with a simple grid pattern for an instantly attractive, no-fuss display. Just line your tiles up in evenly-spaced rows and columns and call it a day. The neat, orderly, symmetrical presentation will create a satisfying focal point without requiring a lot of unnecessary work on your part.

Plot your grid based on the total number of photo tiles you’re working with, as well as the dimensions of your available wall space. If you have 9 tiles, a basic 3×3 layout will probably look best; if you have 12 tiles, choose between either 4×3 or 3×4; for 20 tiles, make it 5×4 or 4×5, and so on. This approach will be your best bet if you just want to get your photos up on the wall and aren’t too particular about how they’re configured.

Eclectic Layouts

custom photo tilesPlay around with irregular layouts to lend your gallery wall added personality. If the idea of a straightforward grid setup doesn’t appeal to you, think outside the box—literally. You could, for example, take advantage of the effortless stylistic effect of offset rows, or place your tiles in a vertical stack, loose arch, or right angle. There’s no wrong way to go about it!

You also have the option of clustering your photo tiles into multiple small groupings rather than one big one, which opens up a whole new realm of hanging possibilities. If you have any other items you want to show off on your display wall, such as a shelf, shadowbox, or larger piece of artwork, figure out where you want them to go, then use your photo tiles to frame or accentuate them.

Free-Form Approach

photo gallery wall
Make unique shapes or designs for more of a free-form approach. There’s no need to limit yourself to traditional display methods, or to any method at all, for that matter. Letters, diamonds, crosses, pyramids, spirals, chevrons—it’s all fair game. A gallery wall is meant to be a reflection of your own aesthetic sensibilities, so feel free to get as creative as you like.

Look through some of the gallery wall ideas for further ideas and inspiration. You’ll also find lots of imaginative uses for photo tiles!

Gallery wall arrangements are easy solutions for blank walls and because photo tiles are not affixed to the walls. You have the flexibility to rotate pieces in and out as you wish. Think about the feeling you want to create in the room and how you want to display that feeling. Grids result in a clean, crisp, formal arrangement, and work nicely in a dining room to replace one larger piece. If a more relaxed, personal style is interesting to you, consider an eclectic-style arrangement.

Seasonal Wall

custom photo tileSwitching up your gallery wall for the season doesn’t have to be hard, or expensive! If you have an empty wall that is just screaming for a photo gallery, photo tiles make it easy to update a seasonal gallery wall. Whether you’re decorating for the fall, winter, spring, or summer, you can switch up your wall art as often as you’d like with photo tiles and display all your special holiday moments all year long.

Story Board

Sometimes the difference between the place we live and a place that feels like home is how we fill it. Pick photos from all stages of life for a gallery wall that grows with your family. It’s in the details and the little personalizations that we find comfort — nods to our story and reminders of whom and what we love most.


personalized wall artGive your photo gallery wall interest by including more than just photo tiles. Adding a variety textures and three-dimensional details such as an assortment of frames, sculptures, and even decorative plates can introduce a dynamic finish. If you’re using different frames, spread them out to give a little breathing room between each piece.

Inspiring Mood Board

For the gallery wall that comes with the intention of doubling as an inspirational setup, more is more! Line your workspace with a series of photo tile prints, photographs, and wall art to create an all-encompassing mood board.

Monochromatic Display

custom photo tileEasily create a cohesive art display by using photo tiles of the same color. Enter, the monochromatic addict. A monochromatic display bears the ever-so-slightest hint of color or the classic black-and-white images. Minimalists, take note.

Panoramic Photo Spread

canvas spreadFor a picture hanging idea sure to wow family and friends, create a photo version of a “triptych” with photo tiles or canvas spread. With photo tiles, you can do so by splitting a horizontal photograph of a landscape into multiple panels to turn a big, blank wall into a sweeping panorama. When you crop the image, factor in the space between frames, so your hills or waves, or buildings roll smoothly from one to the next.

Pro tip: Use your photo editing tool to crop the image into separate image files and print each in its own photo tile. Arrange the photo tiles on the wall to match your original photo.

Wrapping Up

Those empty walls are filled with endless possibilities and we’ve got everything you need to customize your space and bring out your unique personality and taste. Along with the newest addition of photo tiles, discover our assortment of unique wall art to express your own personal style.

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