23 Wedding Card Box Ideas

With a little bit of creativity, a wedding card box can be more than just a place for guests to put their gifts-it can also be a great decoration that adds to your theme! You can use a traditional box, or you can go for a card holder that’s completely out-of-the-box, like a glass case or a mailbox. If you need wedding card box ideas for your reception, we’re here to help you.

We’ve collected 23 of the most unique wedding card box ideas. There are card boxes that perfectly match your wedding theme, clever DIY wedding card box ideas and much more. If you’re looking for vintage boxes, modern boxes, rustic wedding card box ideas or anything in between, there’s sure to be a card box here that inspires you.

Country Jubilee

At this down home country wedding, the card box display included barrels, baby’s breath bouquets, a metal wash tub bin and a rustic metal basket where guests placed their cards.

DIY Card Box

This cute DIY card box was decorated with lovely twine and ribbon. On the top, ‘Card Box’ was written in red lettering that matched the bouquet on the gift table.

Rustic Lantern

Every guest’s face must have lit up when they saw this lantern card box. The lantern fit in seamlessly with all of the couple’s rustic and vintage decorations.

Art Deco and Geodes

This chic art deco box was made out of glass, and it had elegant gold lining. There were also beautiful shimmering geodes inside the box, which were a nod to the groom’s profession.

Make a Wish

This clever wishing well card box fit in perfectly at this forest wedding. The bride made the well herself, and she added moss to the top to make it look like it came straight from a fairytale forest.

Urban and Rustic

This wedding had a lovely urban and rustic theme. For their card box, the couple used a white vintage cage decoration, and they surrounded the card box with mason jars and small pink flowers.

Romantic Outdoor Wedding

At this outdoor wedding, the couple covered the gift table with a purple tablecloth that matched the flowers in the bridal bouquet. The box itself was a cute, vintage wooden box that looked great in the bright sunshine.

Modern Mexican Wedding

At this modern Mexican wedding, the couple had a gift table that fit with their south-of-the-border theme. They had a brightly colored wicker basket to hold the cards, and they decorated the table with a serape blanket and a little cactus.

Carry On Card Box

This wedding was full of vintage details, and the classic suitcase card box fit right in. The wedding gift table was covered in vintage suitcases, and there was also a rustic flower display inspired by the bride’s bouquet.

Camp Celebration

At their wedding, the bride and groom took their guests to summer camp. To keep with the theme, they collected their cards in a classic ‘letters to home’ shaped mailbox.

Artistic Vision

The bride and groom showed their artistic side with their card box. The box was black on the inside and gold on the outside. On the inside of the box, the groom drew a cartoon of the bride and himself in gold marker.

Vintage Letter Box

This bride and groom wanted their wedding to have an early twentieth century feel, and to achieve that, they used an adorable vintage letter box to collect their cards. They surrounded the box with antique globes and vintage envelopes.

Vintage Glam

Everything at this wedding was glamorous, including the card box! Guests placed their cards on a vintage gold tray, and the wedding card sign used vintage typography that fit the theme perfectly.

Wedding Postbox

At this wedding, guests delivered their cards to the bride and groom by mail. The vintage postbox was decorated with a cute sign that said when the next card collection would be.

Modern Glam

The bride and groom used a number of clear, modern decorations at their wedding. This included a lucite wedding card box surrounded by pink roses that matched the bride’s bouquet.

Mail Time!

If you’re looking for rustic wedding card box ideas, check out this card box. Guests placed their cards in a metal mailbox with a red flag, and the mailbox was displayed on an old wooden crate.

Country Livin’

This couple kept it simple with their card box, using a wooden box that fit in with their rustic decorations. On the front of the box, they hung a burlap banner that said ‘Cards’ in black lettering.

Pack Your Suitcase

The bride and groom could easily carry away their gifts in their vintage suitcase card box. Across the top of the suitcase, they had a cute clothesline banner that said ‘Cards,’ and clothespins held up the sign.

Have a Ball

At this chic black and white wedding, the bride and groom were both designers, and they brought their signature style to their decorations. This included the card box, which was black, metallic and a unique spherical shape.

Repurposed Case

At their wedding, the couple used a number of lovely vintage and repurposed decorations. For their wedding card box, they used a pretty glass case with a hand-painted white ‘Card’ sign.

The Sound of Music

The bride and groom at this wedding used a vintage guitar case to collect cards. This clever wedding card box idea is perfect for any musician or music lover’s wedding.

Mossy Log

If you’re looking for wedding gift card box ideas for an outdoors themed wedding, this mossy log is for you. The log was decorated with wildflowers and moss, making it look like it was transported right from the woods.

Flying South

This lovely winter wedding used a purple and teal color scheme, and many of the decorations were vintage, including the card box. The aged white, wooden card box matched perfectly with the purple wildflower centerpieces.