146 Wedding Flower Ideas

Fresh flowers are a key component of any wedding. The fresh blooms in your bouquets, ceremony aisle, centerpieces and boutonnieres will truly elevate your chosen theme. Since flowers can be a big part of your budget, it’s important to compare styles, colors and prices before placing your order.

With so many options out there, it’s hard to know where to start when selecting your wedding flowers. That’s why we’ve pulled together the top seasonal flowers and our favorite bouquets for all four seasons. Whether you’re a simplistic couple planning a traditional wedding or looking forward to wowing your guests with a colorful, extravagant celebration, you’ll find the seasonal wedding flowers that will enhance the special day you’ve always dreamed of. Once you choose the perfect wedding flowers, create a place setting that complements them perfectly with personalized menu cards and place cards.

Winter Wedding Flowers

During the winter months, there are a variety of seasonal flowers in bloom with both rich and subtle tones. That means there’s no need to sacrifice beautiful flowers during the colder months.

Spring Wedding Flowers

If you are planning a spring wedding, you’re in luck! Many popular wedding flowers are available in the springtime, which means you can source your flowers locally and choose from a wide selection.

Summer Wedding Flowers

If you’ve always imagined warm weather and clear skies on your wedding day, there is no better time to tie the knot than in the summer. Summer wedding flowers evoke bright colors, fragrant scents and endless options.

Fall Wedding Flowers

Fall is a time of changing foliage and stunning colors, giving the happy couple the reigns over deciding which of the hundreds of different autumn blooms they want to incorporate on their September, October or November wedding day.