Perfect Wedding Thank You Card Wording For 2024

After your ceremony, expressing gratitude to those who shared in your special day is truly an essential gesture. From parents to bridesmaids, caterers to wedding planners—and, of course, each and every guest—there are so many wonderful people to thank for their attendance, love, support, well-wishes, and gifts. Custom wedding thank you cards are the perfect way to show appreciation for everyone who showed up for you and your couple. Read on for tips on the art of wedding thank you card wording, replete with examples and ideas galore. Consider, as well, sending your guests and vendors personalized wedding keepsakes like wine glasses, keychains, tumblers, shot glasses, and tote bags, and have a blast creating a beautiful wedding album or framed wedding photos. Also be sure to send out gorgeous wedding announcements to everyone in your circle, whether guests or not.

Wedding Thank You Card Wording: Getting Started

It’s often best to begin your wedding thank you card with a warm, sincere greeting. Express your gratitude simply for their presence at your wedding, emphasizing the joy and happiness they brought. Use phrases like “We are truly grateful,” “Your presence meant the world to us,” or “We were overjoyed to have you celebrate with us.” This will not only make your thank you card unique but also reinforce the special connection you have with the recipient. If you can recal a funny or heartwarming moment emblematic of the bond you share more generally, all the better.

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Personalizing Your Wedding Thank You Card

When it comes to crafting the perfect wording for your wedding thank you card, personalization is key. Tailor your message to reflect your relationship with each recipient. Mention the specific gift (even the gift of money) received and, specifically, how you plan to use it. Adding a personal anecdote or recalling a special moment shared during the wedding can make the note even more heartfelt. Be specific and avoid generic phrases. For example, instead of saying “Thank you for the lovely gift,” say “Thank you for the beautiful crystal vase. It will be the centerpiece of our home and a constant reminder of your love and support.”

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Sincere Wedding Thank You Card Examples

To help you figure out the best wedding thank you card wording, we’ve included examples for family members, friends, and formal acquaintances, such as coworkers and business associates. Find the perfect wedding thank you card template as a starting point and add wording similar to what you find below.Art deco wedding thank you card with picture

Example 1: Close Family Member

Dear Aunt Pam,
Thank you so much for the crystal glassware set. Dan and I loved it and plan to use it when we host dinner parties this coming holiday season.
Thanks again for the gift, as well, of all of your love and support for our marriage. We’re looking forward to having you over for dinner soon.
Much love,
Mary and Dan White

Example 2: Close Friend

Dear Jessy,
Thank you so much for the blue and white bath towels you bought for our wedding. Dan and I absolutely loved them and use them every day. They perfectly match our bathroom décor — thanks again!
We also want to thank you for coming to our wedding and helping us celebrate such an important day. Let’s get together soon. A lunch or dinner date would be fun!
Much love,
Mary and Dan

Example 3: CoworkerCustom wedding thank you card with photo

Dear Bob,
Thank you so much for the gift certificate you brought for our wedding. Dan and I really appreciate the gift and hope to go shopping for some home décor items to complete our new apartment.
It was great to see you at our wedding! See you soon.
Mary and Dan White

Example 4: For Money

Dear Tim and Susan,
Thank you so much for the generous wedding gift. Dan and I really appreciate your love and support. We hope to use the funds to fix up our new home.
It was great to celebrate with you at our wedding. We hope to see you soon, most likely at Mason’s graduation next month.
Mary and Dan

Last Words On Wedding Thank You Cards

Finish the wording of your thank you card with a warm closing that reflects your connection and genuine appreciation. Some examples include “With heartfelt thanks,” “Endless love and gratitude,” or “Wishing you blessings and joy.” Sign the card with both your names or even a loving couple nickname if you have one.

Wedding thank you cards provide a stylish chance for couples to express gratitude to their loved ones and extend lasting memories of their ceremony and reception. By personalizing your messages, expressing genuine appreciation, and sharing special moments, you can ensure that your thank you cards are heartfelt and meaningful. Remember, these cards are a reflection of your love and gratitude, and they will undoubtedly bring smiles to the faces of those who receive them.