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DIY cards are a great idea for any number of occasions, be it crafting a handmade birthday card or seeking out homemade card ideas as the holidays approach. Here at Shutterfly, we can help you take your homemade cards the extra mile with your choice of customization, including personal photos, text, and other elements. Whether you design and upload an entirely original piece of art or you personalize one of our templates to make your ideal end result, you‘ll be sending out greeting cards more often than ever before.

DIY cards are available in all sorts of themes, including invitations, announcements, and greetings. With any theme, though, you’ll find a few particular benefits arise when you design your cards with Shutterfly. Whether it’s incorporating your party’s theme in its invitations and other stationery or pairing your holiday cards with complementary envelopes, these greeting cards are unique in that they’ll upgrade your event planning process, help you keep in touch with friends and family, and even make the idea of sending cards a simpler, more appealing prospect.

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Design Your Own DIY Greeting Cards for Every Occasion

Holiday cards may be the most popular, but they’re just one of many potential DIY greeting cards you can create and send. Seasonally, you could create cards for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and more, in addition to the popular winter holidays: Christmas, New Year’s, and Hanukkah. Card ideas go well beyond even these occasions, though—you can design your own cards for birthdays, weddings, new babies, and graduations, as well as thank you cards, sympathy cards, and those for everyday occasions and those instances of just “thinking of you.” Any of these would be an excellent opportunity to make and send a heartfelt card, particularly if it’s joined by personal photos, text, and graphics.

Show Your Appreciation With Custom DIY Thank You Cards

Sometimes your DIY cards have a more particular purpose than general greetings, which is the case with thank you cards. These are cards meant to show your gratitude to the recipient, whether that’s after a wedding, graduation, birthday, holiday, birth, or simple good deed. Whatever the occasion, you’ll find customizable design options that are perfect for it. As always, you’ll be able to add photos, text, and other personal details that make for the best possible way to say “thanks a lot.”

Browse Through Our Collection of DIY Invitations 

Inviting someone to a celebration or another event is another instance where you might want to design DIY cards with a particular purpose in mind. These might be especially important when it comes to birthday parties, weddings, graduations, or baby showers, as just a few possible occasions. Depending on your event, you may even decide to create enclosure cards in addition to your custom invitations themselves. On these, you can include additional details, like RSVP information, directions, or other facts beyond those featured on the invitations. From baptisms to cocktail parties, you’ll have design options to help you celebrate every event.

Personalize Announcements to Share Your Big News

Before you host an event, you might want to tell friends and family members about the good news in your life with DIY cards. Take some time to tell people about your upcoming new baby, marriage, graduation, or move. Any of these is a major event, so of course, you’ll want to tell as many people as possible, even if your event or celebrations of it aren’t happening just yet. Announcements are an ideal way to tell everyone from early on or share your life’s happenings with those who are too far away to share your excitement in person.

DIY cards like these are a wonderful opportunity when it comes to event planning. From announcing a milestone and inviting the people you love to sending your loved ones a thank you note in return for the perfect gift, you can coordinate your cards to create a coordinated set, each with your choice of photos, color schemes, and other details. For instance, suppose you’re planning a woodland-themed wedding. You might create save the dates, invitations, thank you notes, and more with colors and graphics that echo your forest theme. Of course, you can implement this same principle for any type of occasion.

Send DIY Cards to Connect With Loved Ones Near and Far

Regardless of an occasion, you could find many opportunities to create the perfect DIY cards. Spend some time designing greeting cards for everyday occasions and those moments when you simply want to keep in touch. Send them on their own as a meaningful touch, or enclose a letter on your custom stationery folded carefully inside your equally unique greeting card. Catch your long-distance relatives up on your life’s goings-on or send a short note to your pen pal. Whatever the reason, you may well find that you inspire them to create some cards of their own.

Whomever you’re sending your DIY cards to, you’ll need a few essentials to keep your trips to the mailbox streamlined. In addition to our customizable card designs, you’ll find options for address labels, envelopes, and more—just about everything you might need to post your latest greeting card. Our envelope addressing and address book services, for instance, can make it easy to prepare your invitations or other cards for however many people are on your list. In the process, you’ll also have the opportunity to customize your envelopes themselves to fit your theme or preferences.

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