How To Make UGA Graduation Announcements

As your son or daughter prepares to graduate from the University of Georgia, make them classic college graduation announcements, featuring their first or full name, school name, as many photos as you’d like, and even their school’s logo. Adding traditional school colors to these graduation cards lends them an official feel and a hearty dose of school spirit. In just two simple steps you can create your very own UGA graduation announcements.

Step 1: Select A Template for Your UGA Graduation Announcements

To create UGA graduation announcements in the traditional black, red, and white (AKA Bulldog red, Arch black, and Chapel Bell white for those in the know), you can certainly scroll through our full range of photo grad announcement cards for a design template that incorporates these three colors. However, the quickest and easiest way to make traditional, school color University of Georgia graduation announcements is by using our custom color grad card templates. These cards allow you to use the precise color combo you need to show off your UGA school spirit. To find them, simply click on the above link, but you’ll also recognize them amongst all our card styles by their multi-colored pinwheels (located beneath each template with custom colors enabled). Note that not all templates allow for three custom card colors. You’re sure to find the perfect three color UGA graduation announcement template if that’s what you’re after, and otherwise, you could also go with black and red in a two color template.

Step 2: Personalize Your College Graduation Cards

Now that you have a grad card template ideal for UGA graduation announcements, it’s time to set about customizing your cards, starting with the black, red, and white color scheme. A helpful tip is to click the “Layouts” option in the left-hand column of our card customization tool (or on the bottom if you’re using the mobile site). Note that some layouts will give you more design space, which can be great for big splashes of school colors. Toggle back to the “Options” tab and select the multi-colored Design Color pinwheel. To make classic UGA graduation announcements, choose black, red, and white (or simply red and black). Lastly, upload your photos, add your child’s name, University of Georgia, your graduation date, and anything else important (like your major, GPA, or honors). Make it super official by adding a UGA logo to your card (simply choose a template that allows for an additional image location).

Unique UGA Graduation Announcements

That’s right—you’re all set. Creating formal UGA graduation announcements for undergraduate or graduate degree seniors has never been such a snap. Order your grad cards (including graduation thank you cards) and send them to loved ones across the country. Use our free Address Book Service to add recipient and return addresses to your envelopes—free with custom envelope orders. Make things even simpler with our Mail For Me service, where Shutterfly addresses, stamps, and mails all your grad cards for you. Select this during the ordering process. Take a look at more resources: