When to Send Graduation Announcements

Graduation can sneak up on you in no time. With making post graduation plans, organizing a graduation party, and making sure you pass all your final exams– details tend to get forgotten. And when it comes to your graduation planning experience you may find yourself asking questions like, “When should I send my graduation announcements?” or, “Who should I send my announcements to?” or even, “What is the proper graduation announcement wording?” We’re here to help. Last minute planning can lead to announcements being sent out late that leave your recipients with little or no time to prepare for the celebration. Not to mention, planning ahead will save you the stress and last minute rush of preparing your custom graduation announcements featuring inspirational graduation quotes, academic achievements, and all the details of the big day. So if you’re wondering when to send graduation announcements, look to our answers below!

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When Do You Send Out Graduation Announcements?

Graduation announcements should be sent out at least two weeks before the event. If they don’t include an invitation, you can send them up to six weeks after the event. You may also consider sending out a save the date email three months before the ceremony to ensure loved ones can attend.

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Some high school and university graduation ceremonies only allot students a certain number of tickets. Reserve these for immediate family and grandparents and you can include their graduation ticket and invitation to the ceremony with your personalized announcement.

When to Send Other Graduation Details

Although not everyone may be able to attend the ceremony, there is nothing stopping guests from attending your graduation party. If you’re hosting a post graduation ceremony party, consider inserting your party invitation in with your announcement. Including a reply card with postage is also a great way to get quick RSVP’s.

You should also consider how far your announcements have to travel when determining when to send them. Set aside more time for those out of town friends and family who may have to travel for the ceremony. After all, June is a busy time for everyone.  For those you see on a daily basis, you can be a tad more lenient with the send date.

How To Send Graduation Announcements

Making sure your graduation announcements and invitations are properly addressed helps to ensure they’ll arrive in your loved ones’ mail in time. If you’re worried about making sure you get everything right on the envelopes, make sure to visit our resource on how to address graduation invitations. Then check off the boxes for how to send graduation announcements below:

  • Order your Graduation Announcements Well in Advance: Order your graduation announcements at least a month in advance in order to get them in time. And if you want a graduation photoshoot for fresh photos to feature on the announcements, plan even farther ahead.
  • Make a Mailing List: It’s important to make sure that all your loved ones know about your achievement. For help crafting a mailing list, look to the section below.
  • Check for Correct Titles: Make sure you’re using the correct titles for each recipient. For example, you’ll want to pick the right “Mrs.” or “Ms.” to avoid any accidental faux paus.
  • Double Check Addresses and Spelling: The best way to ensure your letters get to where they’re going is to use the correct address and spelling on the envelope.
  • Check for Correct Postage: If you’re using square envelopes or your letter weighs more than average, you may need additional postage.
  • Send in plenty of time for each recipient: Like mentioned above, you need to send most letters at least two weeks in advance, and even sooner for long distance friends and family.

Who To Send Graduation Announcements To

Once you’ve determined when to send out your announcements, it’s time to decide who should receive one. Creating a mailing list and compiling addresses plenty ahead of time will also help to keep things organized and in timely fashion. When it comes to this step, think about the people who have made an important impact on your young scholar’s life.  Another good rule to follow is to send an announcement to anyone your family would send a Christmas or holiday card to. We’ve compiled a short list as a guideline for you to follow when determining who to send graduation announcements to:

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  • Close Friends and Family: These folks are a must! They probably already know most of the details for the big day, but of course, they would love to show off a stylish announcement on the fridge. No one loves bragging about your accomplishments more than your friends and family.
  • Acquaintances: Those who you would send a  Christmas or holiday card to should most likely receive a grad announcement as well. If you can find their address somewhere in the house that’s also a great indicator that you should send an invite their way.
  • Tutors, Teachers, Classmates: Don’t forget about the ones who were side by side with the grad through their educational journey. Anyone involved in the grad’s high school or college career should be considered.
  • Ask the Grad: Get a list from the graduate including who they would want to send an announcement to. This way, you can assure that you haven’t overlooked anyone.

Resources Related to When To Send Graduation Announcements

When it comes to sending out your announcements-keep in mind the date of the event, don’t forget about the distance of the receiver and make sure you include those recipients’ special to the grad on the guest list. If you need more tips and tricks visit our page on graduation announcement etiquette.