What To Include In Your Wedding Thank You Cards

Your wedding guests helped make your big day feel extra special. From relatives who traveled from afar to friends who stood by your side, it’s important to recognize each of them. With personalized wedding thank you cards, you can tell each person how much you value their love and support.

As you design your wedding thank you cards, remember to match the style and colors of your other wedding stationery. A cohesive color scheme helps pull all the pieces of your wedding together, from your save the dates to your wedding programs.

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What To Write In Wedding Thank You Cards

It can be hard to find the right words to express your gratitude. That’s why we put together a collection of messages and wedding thank you card ideas. You’ll find samples of what to write and how to personalize your cards. Since your guests won’t be comparing your notes, you can reuse similar wording on various cards.

Wedding photo thank you card with pink home decor and photo book

In your wedding thank you cards, it’s important to touch on a few different aspects. Include these elements in your thank you cards for a well-rounded, personalized note:

  1. Mention their presence at your wedding (or that you missed them if they were unable to attend).
  2. Thank them for their gift.
  3. Tell them what you appreciate about the gift or what you plan to do with it.
  4. Optional: End with a statement about how much the person means to you.

By covering these components, you not only individualize each wedding thank you card but make the person feel valued. The best part? If you include these three to four items, you’ll quickly fill each card.

Wedding Thank You Card Messages

Your thank you messages don’t have to be lengthy letters. A few well-crafted lines will fill your note cards with love. By writing down what you appreciate about the person and their gift, you’ll make them feel special.

Groom kissing bride on wedding day

Finding the right thank you note wording can be tough, especially when you’re writing so many cards. The messages below can act as a starting point. Feel free to tweak them and make them your own.

  • Thank you so much for celebrating our wedding day with us! We were thrilled with your generous and thoughtful gift. We were able to buy […] / book […] for our honeymoon.
  • I loved seeing you at our wedding and getting to hit the dancefloor together. Your support has meant the world to us!
  • We were so excited to open your gift and can’t wait to […] with it. Having you at our wedding meant so much. Thank you for celebrating with us!
  • Wow! We can’t tell you how grateful we are for the […] you gave us. It will be something we treasure forever.
  • It was incredible to see you at our wedding—thank you so much for coming! We also appreciate your generous gift […]. We can’t wait to […].
  • We’re so sorry you weren’t able to make it to the wedding, but we appreciate your love and support from afar! We loved opening your […]. We are excited to […] with it.

Etiquette for Wedding Thank You Cards

There are a few basic rules to follow for your wedding thank you cards. You want to send them in a timely fashion, make it personal, and include your return address.

Stay organized by making a list of your invitees—perhaps in a spreadsheet—along with the gifts you receive. If you created online wedding invitations, the list should be easy to create. Jot down notes about what you appreciated about each gift or what you plan to use it for. These notes will help you create a personalized wedding thank you cards instead of generic ones.

Two brides smiling at wedding in nature

For a personalized note, you can comment on their dance skills, a conversation you had at the wedding, or how much you value their friendship.

When To Send Wedding Thank You Cards

Aim to send out thank you notes within three months after the wedding. If you receive gifts before the wedding, you can send your thank you notes out then.

Tackling your thank you’s early can speed up the process post-wedding and make you feel less overwhelmed. Writing a few at a time can also help the task feel more manageable.

How To Begin And Close Your Thank You Notes

The most common greeting for a wedding thank you card is “Dear [First Name].” It’s formal and sincere. If you have a close relationship with the recipient, you can use a more casual greeting by including just their name. You can end your card with a salutation like “With gratitude,” “With love,” or “Sincerely.”

Wedding Thank You Card Ideas

Thank you cards with a wedding photo (or several) are a beautiful way to commemorate the day and give guests a sneak preview of what’s in your wedding photo album. Including a wedding photo on your cards is also a great way to tie your theme together—from your bridal shower to your wedding place cards.

Photo wedding cards with pink home decor and champagne

Luckily, there are several styles for photo wedding thank you cards. Here are some tips to get you started:

Choose A Newlyweds Shot

Select a photo that represents the two of you as a married couple, like a joyous candid of the bride and groom walking through a park.

Make It Natural

While portraits are great for photo books, opt for more candid shots for the thank you card. A heartfelt embrace is a perfect example of a wedding thank you template that radiates love.

Add A Phrase Of Gratitude

Let your guests know how much you appreciate them. Include a simple “Thank you” or “With love and thanks” along with a personalized note.

Tie It To Your Theme

Bring cohesion by ensuring your thank you cards match the colors and style of your other stationery, like your wedding day decor or online wedding invites.

Consider Multiple Photos

Can’t decide on one favorite photo? Include more than one photo from your big day, like in a photo collage card with up to nine photos.

Make It Easy To Write

While a sampling of what’ll be in your photo books will be admired, the thank you message is what matters most. Ensure you have enough space to write a few sentences with a classic and simple card design.

Final Thoughts

Taking the time and energy to create a beautiful wedding thank you cards pays off. These cards let your guests know how much they and their personalized gifts mean to you. As you begin your marriage, having your close friends and family surround you is invaluable.

Your thank you cards are the final touch on the wedding of your dreams. When you show your appreciation, your beauty and love truly shine through. Have your cards make a lasting impression.