What to Wear for Engagement Photos

Between having a photo for your save the date card and getting comfortable behind the camera with your wedding photographer, there are many reasons why you should take engagement photos. Above all, these photographs will help you relive this moment in time with your loved ones. Your engagement photographs aren’t just for today, but the rest of your lives. Ensure that you and your fiancé are looking your best and find the perfect engagement photo outfits with our what to wear guide. These outfit ideas, themes, and seasonal tips will make deciding what to wear for engagement photos easier than ever.

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Choosing Engagement Photo Themes

There are many things to consider when it comes to engagement picture outfits, and the good news is that you can find inspiration in a variety of places. However, start the process by choosing a theme for your engagement photo session. Ask yourself what type of theme would best reflect your love with your partner? Do the two of you enjoy spending time outdoors or, is a formal setting more your style?

To take successful photos, one of the best tips we can give you is to make sure that both of you are comfortable in whatever you decide to wear. If you make practical clothing selections, it will only elevate your engagement photos and capture images that take you back to this time and feeling. Use the following engagement picture ideas to get outfit inspiration that coordinates with your personality as a couple (as well as individuals). Once you have decided on a few themes that feel right, your outfit decisions will follow. You can find engagement photo theme ideas below.

Casual Engagement Photos

Save the date with casual engagement photos.

If you decide to go with casual engagement photos, then it shouldn’t be too hard to pick out an outfit for you and your hubby-to-be. The perfect casual outfit is one that feels like “you” and is most likely something that you wear regularly. This engagement outfit concept guarantees comfort and your personal style. Stick to denim, comfortable sweaters, and any other casual wear that you identify with the most.

Formal Engagement Photos

Save the date card with formal engagement photos.

Formal engagement photos give you the chance to pick out something special. Your engagement photos are a less formal precursor to your wedding day, so you can channel some of your wedding day elegance into your engagement photo session.  If you enjoy dressing up and wearing extravagant accessories, then you might find that these photos are just the outfit inspiration you’ve been looking for. Think suit and tie, cocktail dresses, and statement jewelry pieces.

Outdoor Engagement Photos

Save the date card with outdoor engagement photos.

Give your engagement photos an authentic and intimate feel by capturing a more natural mood.  Pastel color palettes or neutral colors that play off of the hues of the landscape are prominent selections you see in clothing options for natural engagement photos. The great outdoor sets the perfect tone for cozy sweaters and organic images. You can even stage an outdoors area with props to add some extra charm to your photo session.

Vintage Inspired Engagement Photos

Save the date card with vintage engagement photos.

Many modern couples are choosing to take photos in another era. A vintage-inspired engagement theme can add a fun and festive element to your photos. There are no strict outfit rules when it comes to keeping things vintage, although your outfit selection may depend on the era you choose. Some common vintage outfit pieces include items like suspenders and hats.

Funny Engagement Photos

Save the date card with funny engagement photos.

Your engagement photos must represent both of your personalities. Funny engagement photo outfits can get pretty fun. Ranging from full-on costumes to abstract accessory pieces, there are a variety of outfit options that will help you accomplish your funny engagement photos. These photo concepts are for the couple that is playful and known to have a sense of humor among family and friends.

Destination Engagement Photos

Save the date card with destination engagement photos.

Whether you are having a destination wedding or not, it can be exciting for couples to travel to new or sentimental locations for their engagement photos. Where did the two of you share your first kiss or have your first date? Maybe this destination location has a special place in both of your hearts regardless, the landscape and background of your engagement photos will help you decide what you and your fiancé should be wearing. For instance, if you are taking your photos on top of a snowy mountain, you’ll want to keep your outfit cozy and warm. Allow the destination to guide your wardrobe options. Destination engagement photos provide a great source of style inspiration, no matter where you may be on a map.

Tips for Engagement Photo Outfits

Regardless of what mood or theme you would like your engagement pictures to embody, there are some standard engagement photo outfit tips and ideas that you should follow to achieve breathtaking shots worth saving. Follow the tips below for engagement photo outfit ideas that will help you get just the right look:

Save the dates with sample engagement photos.

1. Dress practically.

When you are picking out your outfits for your engagement shoot, it’s important to keep comfort in mind. If you and your fiancé are comfortable in what you are wearing, it will show in your pictures. You may be asked to do a variety of poses, so keep that in mind as well.

2. Dress for your personality and pick out items that feel like you.

You know your style better than anyone else. You most likely know your fiancé’s style better than anyone else too. Pick out pieces that complement your personality as individuals, as well as a couple. If you love what you’re wearing, you will not only look your best, but you will feel your best too.

3. Coordinate outfits with your partner.

Stay away from selecting pieces that are too “matchy-matchy.” Choose a few items that both of you can wear to complement each other. This will give your photos a cohesive feel with a similar color palette. Make sure you and your partner are on the same page when planning your outfits for the shoot. You wouldn’t want to show up in a summer dress while he’s wearing a suit and tie.

4. Dress for the season.

While you are scheduling your engagement photos, make sure that both of you consider the season. Fall engagement photos are going to have a very different look and feel than photos shot during the summertime. The weather will also help determine the outfits you decide to wear. For instance, a dress would be more fitting for summertime, and layers are a must for wintertime engagement photos.

5. Dress for the location you pick.

While you are scheduling your engagement photos, you should also make sure that both of you are keeping location in mind. What will the background of your photos be? You can complement this with the colors, patterns, and fabrics you select for your outfits. The two of you are going to be the focal point of these photos, and you’ll want your outfits to help you accomplish just that. Are you going to be shooting in a vineyard, on the beach or top of a sand dune? These are all good things to take into consideration when deciding what to wear for engagement photos.

6. Choose compelling fabrics to add texture to your look.

Selecting a variety of fabrics for your engagement photo outfits will add interest to your look. The little details will go a long way in your shots. Think lace fabrics, tulle skirts, and patterned pieces. Pieces that move with you will be captured effortlessly in your photos. Don’t be afraid to play upon hemlines and striking details.

7. Choose colors that complement your skin tone.

You’ll want your engagement photos to bring out the best in you. Make sure you select colors that complement your skin tone.

8. Choose layers.

Layers are great for engagement photos because they not only photograph well, but they also make for quick outfit changes.

9. Show off your best assets.

Is there a body feature that you are particularly fond of? Your outfit can accentuate some of your best assets. Consider the fit of the clothes you might wear. Do you like tight or flowy pieces? These are great things to keep in mind.

10. Show off your shoes.

Your shoes are the perfect piece to help you show some pizazz. If you are going for photos with a neutral color palette, add a pop of color or fun pattern to your shoes.

11. Add statement jewelry pieces to help finish off your look.

Picking minimal jewelry pieces to finish off your look will add a sophisticated feel to your photos without upstaging the ring.

12. Channel your wedding day look.

Don’t show up for your engagement photos in your wedding dress, but if you have a theme in mind for your big day, it can be fun to tie that into your engagement photos. White is an excellent color for engagement sessions and foreshadows your “I, do’s.”

13. Pick out multiple looks for different shots.

Don’t feel restricted to only one outfit. Select a few different looks so that you’ll have a variety to pick from when you get your engagement photos back. If you want to channel a few different photo concepts or themes, you can use different outfits to do so. Dress more formal for some shots and then cozy for others.

14. Lay out your outfits next to each other to get a full picture.

The best way to see how well every piece will work together is to lay outfits out side by side. You can also create Pinterest boards with photos and inspiration when you begin your engagement outfit planning.

Save the date with sample engagement photos

What Not to Wear for Engagement Photos

Along with outfit pieces that you should wear for your engagement photos, we also have tips for what to avoid.

  • Don’t dress in items that are exactly the same. We assure you that your photos can still coordinate without you and your partner both in jeans and a white blouse. Your photos will come out a lot more natural and effortless if you stick to our tip for selecting items that harmonize rather than perfectly mimic.
  • Don’t dress for the trends. Keep in mind that styles come and go. You’re going to want to share these photos for a lifetime, and so you won’t want to pick your outfit revolving around a trend that is super stylish right now. When you take down your wedding album and get a glimpse of your engagement photos years down the road, you won’t want to think to yourself, “What in the world were we wearing?” Stick to classy and timeless pieces for your shoot.
  • Don’t wear clothing with large patterns or logos. You’ll want you and your partner to be the focal point of these shots. Large patterns or logos will most likely distract from the two of you.
  • Don’t make significant changes to your hair and makeup. Don’t stray too far from your regular routine; you still want to look like yourself.  You want your day-to-day look to be enhanced in your engagement photos.
  • Don’t forget the ring. You’ll want these photos to have an emphasis on your engagement, so make sure that you don’t forget the ring!

Resources Related to Engagement Photos

Your engagement photos are all about you, and the best part is that you can be as casual or as dressed up as you want to be. And whatever you decide to wear, your photos will be the perfect addition to your engagement party invites, wedding invitations, or any of your other big day items.

Regardless of whether or not you use these photos in your wedding stationery, you will use them to announce your big news and share them with your friends and family. After posting these photos to your social media accounts, you can also create framed prints to give to your loved ones as gifts. Years from now, your engagement photos will remind you of the intimate moments leading up to your ceremony. If you need some more inspiration, refer to our article on engagement photo ideas to capture the perfect shot.