What to Wear For Maternity Photos

Deciding what to wear is hard enough as it is! When it comes to your maternity photos, there are lots of things to consider. Weather, season, and your comfort are most important, so channel this special time and plan out your maternity photos for the smoothest photo shoot possible. Regardless of roadblocks you encounter, a maternity shoot is something you’ll cherish forever. Being able to look back at your pregnancy will be important for you, your partner, and your baby. So it’s important that you don’t feel stressed!

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Maternity Photo Shoot Outfit Ideas: The Dos and Don’ts

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Allow your baby bump to be the star of your maternity shoot with these outfit ideas and tips. There’s no need to ask yourself what to wear for maternity photos, read through these quick tips and then scroll further for seasonal selections:

  1. Consider what type of style or theme you would like your photos to have. You can make this first step easier on yourself by considering your personal style along with some of your favorite hobbies or interests. This should help you decide on the type of shoot you are going for. Think intimate and cozy or something outdoors-y with a light and airy feel. It’s all up to you!
  2. Determine if you would like to have an indoor shoot or an outdoor shoot. This aspect is also up to your personal preference. Indoor maternity photos make for very intimate and cozy photographs. It is very common for couples to take photos in their nursery or just in the comfort of their own home, but if the two of you like to spend time outdoors then there are many different and great locations to choose from. If you’re planning a shoot around the holidays, be sure to pick out how you’d like to share your photos, like in baby shower invitations or Christmas baby announcements.
  3. Determine who you would like to take your photos with. It can be fun to include your partner in a few of the shots too. It’s not uncommon to take couple photos during a maternity shoot or even get some family photos. There is nothing quite like a photo of big brother or sister-to-be snuggling the baby in your belly, these shots make for very sweet moments. If you decide to take family photos during your maternity session there is no need to stress out about everyone’s outfits, coordinate colors and fabrics that still make your growing bump the star of the shoot.
  4. Consider what the weather will be like during your shoot. You can kind of assume what the weather will be like depending on what season you will be taking your photos in. In general, you’ll want to be cozier during the winter months and more bright and comfortable during the summer season. The seasons will also give you a great starting point for picking out what colors of clothing you will wear for your photos. Look at the colors of the seasons and the variety of landscapes each month offers you. For example, during fall there will be plenty of bright autumn leaves and during the winter there may even be snowfall.
  5. Stay away from the trends when picking out your outfit. Don’t date your photos with trendy color combos or fashion styles. Trends come and go, you won’t want to pick out something that could possibly go out of style. You want your shots to be timeless and definitely won’t want to look at these photos down the road and wonder what you were thinking when you picked out your outfit. We also suggest sticking with neutral colors that make for very everlasting shots that put the focus on your beautiful belly.
  6. Keep accessories to a minimal. Keep your jewelry and accessory selection simple and sweet so that again, the focus of your photos will be on your belly. On the other hand, pieces that accentuate your bump can be great for your shoot.
  7. Plan a couple of outfits so that you can get a variety of looks. If you’re spending money on getting professional photos taken then, you might as well get a couple of looks. You can achieve this by planning two different outfits and doing a quick change between shots.
  8. Lay your outfit out to see how every piece works together. You can do this at home or you can also create a Pinterest board to get an idea too.
  9. Make sure that you’re comfortable with the outfits you select and have fun at your photo shoot. Having practical outfit selections will allow you to be comfortable during your shoot. You are sure to have fun and your photographs will shine a light on your one-of-a-kind personality.

Maternity Photo Outfits Made Quick and Easy

maternity photo shoot outfit ideas

There are many aspects that go into planning an outfit for a special occasion and your maternity photos are a special occasion indeed! Before opening your closet or deciding that a shopping trip may be in your foreseeable future, you’ll want to consider a few things that will help you pick out the perfect pieces for you and your ever-adorable bump.

Whether your vision is to capture cozy winter photos for your holiday cards or to get your toes sandy among the natural beauty of a coastal landscape, these maternity picture outfit ideas, tips, and trend alerts will help you achieve everlasting portraits.

Keep in mind that your maternity photos will be a reflection of your pregnancy and your growing family, you won’t want to look at these shots twenty years down the road and think to yourself, “What in the world was I wearing?!”

We know that you have plenty of things to do before the little one arrives and selecting an outfit may take a back seat in comparison to the other items on your list. Use the tables below as quick and easy styling solutions that are universal for maternity pictures of any theme. These tables are complete with everything you need to achieve timeless shots that allow your beautiful belly to be the star of the show. If you need more details, just jump to a section from the list below for a more in-depth explanation and style guide that suits your style best. 

Maternity Photo Outfit Color Combos

Dusty Peach/PinkLight Blue/Mint
Warmer tones to match the seasonsCooler tones to match the seasons

Maternity Photo Outfit Style Guide
Maxi DressesMaxi dresses with a long off the shoulder sweater
Dresses that tie at the waist or that have a slitOversized knit sweaters
Long flowy skirt with a crop top or bandeau braJeans and a fitting top
Sheer/Lacy piecesCozy/Knit pieces

Maternity Photo Outfit Accessories 
Sun HatScarfs
Decorative scarf pieceBeanies
Small waist beltSmall Waist belt
No statement jewelry piecesNo statement jewelry pieces

Spring and Summer Maternity Outfits for Photos

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Many mamas-to-be opt for scheduling their maternity sessions during the spring or the summer seasons. These months offer warmer weather and make it more comfortable to put on the iconic maternity outfit— the fitted maxi dress. The fitted maxi dress is a very popular outfit for maternity sessions because it shows off a pregnant woman’s very best asset, her baby bump! Plus, with the sun out in full force, a dress is the perfect way to stay cool and comfortable during a photo shoot. A maxi dress will help you celebrate your curves and add a more formal feeling to your portraits. 

There are many plus sides to the maxi dress, but don’t feel limited to wearing a dress for your photos. If you want to show off your bare belly in some of your shots, you should wear items that will easily allow you to expose your bump. Button up shirts or crop tops are a great way to do so.  Regardless of what style of clothing you decide to go with, you’ll want to make sure you are comfortable in any of the outfits you choose to wear. Below are some great ideas for spring or summer maternity outfits that are both practical and stylish.

  • Colors: Remember that maternity outfits styled with neutral colors really set the tone for timeless shots. Keep your palette pastel and pretty but focus on warmer colors in the summer.
    • White
    • Cream
    • Beige
    • Dusty Peach/Pink
    • Warmer tones to match the season.
  • Styles: There are a lot of clothing styles that work well when taking maternity photos during the warmer months of the year. Something snug on the belly, form-fitting and gathered at the sides makes for the perfect piece for flaunting your bump. As spring and summer are warmer times of the year, you can easier flaunt your belly in dresses and warmer weather options. Try one of the following:
    • Maxi dresses
    • Dresses that tie at the waist
    • Long flowy skirt with a crop top or bandeau bra
    • Sheer/lacy pieces
  • Accessories: There are plenty of fun accessory pieces you can show off in your maternity photos that pair well with the warmer seasons.
    • A sun hat. Not only does a sun hat protect you from the sun, but it also makes for a very put-together look. There are many different styles and you are sure to find something that will work well with your other pieces.
    • A decorative scarf piece.
    • A small waist belt is the perfect piece to accentuate that belly.
    • Stay away from statement jewelry pieces like earrings or necklaces as they will take away from your bump.

Fall and Winter Maternity Outfits for Photos

The fall and winter months make for the perfect time to take your maternity photos and freeze some of these special memories. Whether you’re among the snowfall or the crisp autumn leaves, the chillier seasons will allow your portraits to show off beautiful landscapes and cozy outfits for shots you can cherish for years to come.

If you have scheduled your maternity session in the fall or winter seasons then use these tips and ideas for what to wear. Whether you are taking indoor shots or outdoor shots these tips will help you get a feeling for what to wear.

  • Colors: Keep the neutral palette in mind for the colder seasons as well. During fall and winter add more of a focus on cooler hues to match the season too.
    • White
    • Cream
    • Beige
    • Light Blue/Mint
    • Cooler tones to match the season
  • Styles: There are plenty of maternity styles that go well with the fall and winter seasons.
    • Maxi dresses with a long off the shoulder sweater
    • Oversized knit sweaters
    • Cozy/Knit pieces
    • Jeans and a fitting top
  • Accessories: Bundle up for the cooler seasons with fun accessories!
    • Scarfs
    • Beanies
    • A small waist belt is the perfect piece to accentuate that belly.
    • Stay away from statement jewelry pieces like earrings or necklaces as they will take away from your bump.

When you are picking out the perfect maternity photo outfit keep in mind that these photos will most likely be displayed around your house in a framed print and you may even choose to feature them in a personalized birth announcement once your little one arrives. You can also use our tips for when to take maternity photos to make sure you capture your beautiful belly in full shape and ease the stress of getting the perfect shot. Keep these tips and tricks in mind and you’ll be on your way to selecting something fit just for you. Happy styling!