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15 Ideas for a Bohemian Wedding

Whether you identify as free spirits, hippies or flower children, you and your partner are bohemians at heart. And on your big day, you want to create a laid-back atmosphere that captures the essence of your relationship. From a Bohemian wedding dress to some pretty boho decor, this fun list of bohemian wedding ideas will hopefully give you inspiration to plan your own special day.

Themes for Boho Weddings

Create the appropriate atmosphere based on your unique styles. Here are a few ideas on how to plan a wedding:

Peace and Love: Do you both love ’60s music and jam out to everything from Crosby, Stills Nash & Young to The Mamas and The Papas? If you consider yourselves of the old-school hippie variety, include fun elements like a string quartet playing Beatles hits, and decorative details like macrame, wildflowers and peace sign-shaped wreathes. See if you can rent a retro Volkswagen van as your getaway car. You can even include a relevant wedding hashtag to go with your peace and love theme such as #<3Mary&John.

Boho Chic: The location you choose should, first and foremost, be convenient for the couple in question. The event doesn’t have to be held across the street from their house, but it should be hosted at a reasonably convenient location. A private home is ideal, but if none is available a favorite bar, restaurant, church, club or other preferred venue are all great choices. If you’re at a loss and not planning a surprise party, ask the couple for their input!

Bucolic Hipster: If you’re a farm kid at heart and love nature and animals, why not get married in an old rustic barn on a farm? Dress the groomsmen in chambray, khaki and suspenders, and the maids in sundresses and cowboy boots. Add fun details like bales of hay for seating, rustic crates filled with flowers, and soft twinkle lights. Hire a bluegrass band to play your favorite tunes.

Beachside Bliss: For the hippie beach babe, get married surf-side at sunset. Wear a simple white maxi dress and style your hair in free-flowing waves. Dress your beau in a light-weight linen suit or a denim shirt. Complete the vibe with tiki lights, a pig roast and low-key picnics on blankets. Bohemian themed party ideas can be as affordable as they are fun. Who doesn’t love a beach wedding? This is one of our favorite budget wedding ideas.

11-Step Wedding Planning Checklist for Boho Weddings

You want the big day to speak to the both of you. From unique wedding colors, to simple wedding decor ideas, this brief timeline will help make the wedding planning easier on everyone. Here are some tips to let your Bohemian style shine through:

Location, Location, Location: Pick a place that is special to you both — a family farm, a forest camp ground, rustic winery, or music festival. Skip the overly formal venues, and opt for a place that will put you and your wedding guests at ease.

Photography: Fine art wedding photographers have a knack for capturing gorgeous, natural light. If you want sunlight streaming into your wedding photography, they may be the route you want to go with. However, digital photographers have some of the most amazing filters that can be applied to your pictures, for an effortless vintage hue.

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Wedding Invitations: Now that you have your wedding venue and photographer secured, it’s time to pick out bohemian wedding invitations. Think about earthy tones, flowers, and feathers. You can’t go wrong with anything nature-inspired.

bohemian wedding invitations


The Ceremony: Personalize your ceremony by hiring a small band, writing your own vows, including poetry readings, or having a mutual friend officiate. Keep the ceremony short and sweet, but make it count with personal details.

The Reception: A ceremony and reception at the same site creates a seamless transition and ease for wedding guests. Have your ceremony in a field of wildflowers and then walk to a rustic barn for dinner and dancing. Or exchange vows Oceanside, and then celebrate at a romantic beachside restaurant. Make sure your wedding guests have reception essentials, such as napkins, coasters, and place cards.

Easy Activities: While there will be dinner, dancing and drinking at just about any wedding, be sure to entertain your guests with other fun activities – a cigar bar, lawn games, a good ol’ game of tug-o-war (family against family) or marshmallow roast.

Decor Ideas: While the big-ticket items (food, music, photography) are important for your wedding, so are small touches. From florals to favors, the details can really help solidify a distinct bohemian feeling. For instance, set the table with mismatched table linens, china and crystal. Hang lanterns up in the trees. Pitch a teepee as a place for guests to hang out. And for favors, give out pouches of wildflower seeds that say “Spread the love!” DIY wedding decorations are a big hit when thinking about boho wedding ideas. If you are aiming for a more vintage wedding, consider shopping thrift stores, garage sales, or online shopping at places like eBay to get the perfect decor finds.

Lighting: Skip the traditional tea light candles on your big day. Use lanterns, twinkly string lights, or a fire pit to create a moody boho vibes.

Florals: Go with a natural vibe for your flowers, using texture, sculptural twigs, plenty of greenery and a subtle color palette. Arrange bouquets and table centerpieces in asymmetrical, loose organic shapes. When thinking about your bohemian wedding theme ideas, pick flowers that are relaxed, and anything but formal! Dozens of white roses would not be the way to go for this theme. Think about whimsical Lavender, Baby’s Breath, Larkspur, Sunflowers, or Eucalyptus sprigs. There are tons of boho flowers that can match your specific wedding colors.

Food and Drinks: Make guests merry with a delicious menu. For cocktail hour, consider a signature drink or scotch bar. For dinner, try something unique, like a pig roast. An array of fun finger foods are always a win. Try serving stuffed mushrooms, grilled cheese bites, sliders, tacos, and mini pot pies. These require less prep work, are more affordable, and can be cooked in about half the time as the traditional streak dinner at a reception venue.

Music: Whether you’re queuing up a playlist of favorite musical artists, or hiring a live band, music is a key component to a bohemian wedding. It sets the tone and is important for working up the crowd. Consider a low-key string quartet for the ceremony and cocktail hour, and more upbeat, celebratory music for the reception.

Bohemian Wedding Dresses and Bridal Party Attire

Wardrobe is an important element of any bohemian-style wedding, whether you’re the bride, groom, attendant or flower girl. Here’s how to pull off some bohemian style with ease:

The Gals: Depending on your boho style, strap on some glitzy heels or Earth mama barefoot sandals, an ethereal gown, and adorn your locks with a flower crown or rhinestone headpiece. Apply makeup that enhances your natural beauty and have your hair styled effortlessly in simple braid or loose, low bun. Neutral eye makeup with a bright red lip will look stunning. Dress bridesmaids in retro clothing or subtle pastel-hued gowns that mimic your gown’s long, flowing silhouette. Gypsy clothing never looked so good! For boho jewelry, consider using gorgeous turquoise or crystals to accent the wardrobe with.

The Guys: For the groom, groomsmen, and ring bearer, try a nice linen suit if you are holding a formal boho event. If it’s a more casual affair, think khakis, a button-up and blazer. A floral bowtie, a vest in an unexpected print, or a carefree hat can add a funky vibe to traditional men’s wedding attire.

All images by Izzy Hudgins Photography.