Creative 17th Birthday Party Ideas and Themes

As a sixteen going on seventeen-year-old you want your next birthday celebration to be exciting, mature, and unforgettable. Turning seventeen is more often than not downplayed when it comes to teenage birthday celebrations. Granted that this age is nestled between two big milestone birthdays, a sweet sixteen and an eighteenth birthday. However, it still rightfully deserves a proper birthday extravaganza.

It’s your final year of childhood before you’re recognized as an adult and now more than ever may be the time in your life when you wish you were another year older. You may be stumped when to comes to good ideas for a 17th birthday party. These unforgettable 17th birthday party ideas recognize that this is a maturing time in your life. These ideas also allow you to have some youthful fun; the best of both worlds. There are plenty of different ways to celebrate your birthday. Explore these ideas to get insight into what to do for a 17th birthday party that everyone will remember.

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What To Do For A 17th Birthday Party

Your 17th birthday party should be sophisticated and a ton of fun. To begin, these ideas and tips should help jumpstart the brainstorming. The first item to consider when contemplating the who, what, where, when and how you want to have a ball celebrating your birthday is the formality. How formal or informal you want your event to be? The key is to pick something that highlights who you are or your interests. Think about the kind of event that would show off your personality. If you are more laid-back and relaxed, then you might be more excited by the idea of celebrating your seventeenth party at home. Is an adventure more your style? Well then throw a destination party getaway and invite your closest friends. The best part is that you get to decide.

17th Birthday Invitations

Don’t forget to send out invites to friends and family. Try to let your guests know at least three to five weeks in advance. Also do your best to use birthday invitations that match the party’s theme. You want to make sure to include all the important information such as the who, what, when, where, and why of the party. For more details, check out our resource on what to include in party invitations or our guide on party invitation wording.

Where To Have A 17th Birthday Party

If you’re looking for where to host a 17th birthday party, we have you covered. Check out these easy options for narrowing down your location ideas:

  • Host at Home: Remember the birthday parties your parents would throw for you when you were younger, decked out with a karaoke machine and streamers draped all around?  Well, it’s time to head home for some old-fashioned fun. An ‘at home’ location is perfect for an outdoor dinner party and fun party games plus there are no limits to how much or how little décor you can hang around the place. This location is also ideal if you have a larger guest list. Just remember that it’s important to be respectful of your parents opening up your home for the festivities.
  • Find a Venue: Do you really love going to the roller rink or the zip line park? Maybe you just want a big dance floor to get your groove on that your house can’t accommodate. Whatever the reason for having your birthday party at a venue, one thing that is certain is that you and your party guests will be busy having fun with a party activity of your choice. This will make it easier on you when it comes to planning birthday party games since your guests will all be busy taking part in the same activity. What a great way to bring everyone together!
  • Plan a Getaway: Have you always wanted to travel up the road some ways to a magical destination? Camping? Glamping? Or put up in a fancy hotel? Invite a few of your closest friends, as well as mom or dad, for a fantastic birthday retreat that will forever live on.

creative 17th birthday party ideas for girls

17th Birthday Party Themes

Once you have decided what type of 17th birthday party you want to throw as well as the location, the next step is to choose a theme for your big day. Picking a 17th birthday party theme is the difference between an average birthday party and your exciting birthday blowout.

Whether you’re hosting an outdoor BBQ party at home under the lights, or traveling for a rustic camping trip in the mountains, the benefits of choosing a party theme are endless. For one, a theme can set the mood of the party. If your décor, menu, games and favors are all aligned with your party theme, everyone will be destined to have a good time. Secondly, it makes the decoration part of the planning easier on you. For instance, if you are planning a pink and gold dinner party you should select décor in those hues. Lastly, a themed birthday party will be exciting and something different for your guests.

Once you selected your theme, don’t forget to pick out a fitting teen birthday party invitation to spread the word of your upcoming celebration.

17th Birthday Party Ideas At Home

There’s no place like home. Don’t be afraid to throw your 17th birthday party within the comfort of your house and yard. There’s plenty of creativity to be had with a staycation.

Summer Pool Party

If your birthday happens to fall in one of the summer months and you have a pool then there’s no way you can rule out a 17th birthday pool party. If so, don’t miss these amazing pool party ideas and happy planning. Also check out birthday party food ideas when planning the menu behind the party.

Arcade Party

For this party idea you could take a trip to the local arcade, but how much fun would it be to bring the arcade to your home? It’ll be world domination and Pac Man all happening right in your backyard. Set up a projector and large movie screen outside if you have the space and the weather permits. Lay a tarp on the grass and over that, set up a big blanket for the perfect gaming station complete with pillows and chairs.

The guests will be gaming all party long which will surely make them starved, so don’t forget about the menu. Sweet treats at the party can include joystick cake pops and a cake decorated to look like a game console and controller. Clear candy bags filled with chocolate gold tokens and Wonka Runts to imitate Pac Man bonus fruit will make the table unique and also double as party favors. Attach custom gift tag stickers to your party favors to really complete the put-together party look.

17th Birthday Party Ideas For Girls

Get ready to kick off your heels and host the 17th birthday party of the century. It can be hard for girls to pick the perfect theme for celebrating a birthday because there are so many options, but this inspiration should help you narrow your ideas and pick the perfect theme for you.

Girls Night Out

Whether you’re home or away for the celebrations, there’s nothing that screams fun quite like a girls’ night out. Complete with fitting pink party decorations, this GNO will have your guests ready to party. Dress the party venue with vanity stations for each party guest to get ready at complete with make up kits and balloons. With this décor, you’ll know it’s time for a proper girls’ night out.

A chic party game idea will take you girls online. Scour YouTube for new makeup tutorials and practice your favorite looks on each other. A proper girls’ night wouldn’t be complete without junk food and a couple of romance movies. And don’t forget to take photos to post to your Instagram. Create your own unique hashtag for the party. This way, you can look back on the photos later all in one place. If you love this idea, bring it to life with your custom hashtag birthday party invitation which will really set the tone. When it comes to birthday party favors, you can create mini photo books filled with the party pictures as the perfect way to say thanks to all of your attendees.

Spa Birthday Party

Wrap up in robes and glide into your slippers, it’s time to get pampered. A fun 17th birthday spa day theme is the perfect way to celebrate another year around the sun with your girlfriends. Set the relaxation tone with candles and calming centerpieces like green plants so it’s as if you’ve stepped into a high class spa. If you’re going to add balloons and streamers do so in the color white. This way all details of the celebration align well with the spa theme. Welcome your guests to the party with a freshly steamed towel. This gives them something to do right as they walk in the door. The rest of the birthday festivities will be complete with cucumbers over the eyelids and some mint leaf infused water. Hire an aesthetician to come over and perform spa services for your guests. Think facials, manicures/pedicures, and hand massages.

Pretty In Pink Birthday Party

Host an all-pink birthday party to bring in your 17th full of pink decorations, pink colored foods, and pink attire. You can screen movies and set up a snack bar that incorporates pink popcorn, different pink candies, and just about anything else pink you can think of. Don’t hesitate on hiring someone to give manicures and pedicures, along with playing a few games with your friends to keep everyone entertained. Although you’re getting older, you’re never too old for a pink birthday party.

fun 17th birthday party ideas for boys

17th Birthday Party Ideas For Boys

Boy birthday parties are typically associated with sports, video games, and being outdoors. So why not elevate these ideas to a level that any teenage boy would love at his seventeenth birthday. These games aren’t just for boys though. Girls can share in the fun also and pull inspiration from these 17th birthday party ideas below.

Paintball Party

If you can make it to your local paintball park and celebrate the party at that venue, then that’s the perfect way to really bring this idea to life. If not, there are plenty of other ways to pull off this theme at home. The colors characterized by this party are bright splattered hues to look like a busted ball of paint and you can’t go wrong with some camouflage design elements. You can DIY party décor and signage by splattering paint onto clean canvases with a ‘Happy Birthday’ sentiment. Set out paintball appropriate sweets like cake pops in various colors to look like paint balls and a rainbow colored cake complete with a paintball cake topper. These 17th birthday ideas for a paintball party are sure to bring you victory.

Go Kart Racing

Spread some adventure by celebrating your 17th birthday party at a local Go Kart racing track with friends. This is a fun and easy way to celebrate your 17th birthday party mess-free. Taking the adventure outdoors is always a good way to create some new memories. Plus, if you love cars and racing, this is the perfect theme for you.

Amusement Park

Head to your favorite amusement park for a day of thrills, carnival style foods, and games with friends. Amusement parks are always a blast and don’t take much effort beyond carpooling. Whether you’re interested in roller-coasters or looking to hit a water park in the summer, amusement parks guarantee a good time.

Happy 17th Birthday

Whatever birthday party ideas you decide to go with, just know with these ideas your themed party is sure to be a hit. Once everything is planned, sit back and enjoy your party. After all, this is your last underaged birthday.