11 Ways to Capture Your Baby’s First Months Photos (With Printable Stickers)

Your baby will be growing a lot in their first year. Time will fly by and before you know it, the newborn that you were nervous to bring home will become a walking, babbling, giggling (with that toothy smile) one-year-old. One way to capture the time is by taking photos of your little one along the way. There are many ways to document your baby’s growth. Whether you decide to use baby month custom stickers or flowers, the changes will be clear. We’ve collected 11 creative baby’s first year photo ideas to inspire your journey.

Once you have an idea of how you want to photograph your baby’s first year, download and print our baby month stickers to include in the photos. When the year has passed, turn those precious photos into a baby photo book you can look back at for a lifetime.

Baby collage with facts

All the Facts

Start with a blank slate. Photograph your little one on a plain white backdrop then add colored text on top of the photo afterwards. Include weight, height and highlights from the month. Don’t forget little details because even the small things become a memory you can smile back on.Photo by Tonya Photography

Float Away

A fun baby picture idea is adding a balloon for every month your bundle of joy has been alive. Use the same backdrop in each photo for consistency. By the 12th month milestone they might even be able to hold the balloons themself!Photo by Mom Tog

Baby in green chair with balloons

Baby laying next to flower numbers

A Floral Arrangement

Flowers will add color and life to your baby’s first year pictures. Choose flowers that are in season that month and design numbers to represent how old your little one is. The same outfit won’t fit your baby for all the photos (they’re growing so fast!) but keeping the same color scheme of clothes will make for the best photos.Photo by Lauren Bowyer

From Belly to Baby

Try creating the same pose throughout your photos. It’s nearly impossible to get your baby to hold the same position month over month, so join him or her in the photo to keep the consistency. Make sure to choose a comfortable pose that will work even when they grow.Photo by Simply Rosie

Mom holding baby in front of stomach

Parent holding baby above head

Hold 'em High

Proudly show off your baby by holding them high above your head. Catch the window of time when they will be small enough to lift up in photos by recreating this pose month over month. Try using a plain colored background so they are the center of attention.Photo by Little Meg

Calendar Composition

To visually demonstrate how fast the days are passing, position your little one next to or on top of a calendar. Circle the date that you are taking the photo to show the timeline. The photo doesn’t need to be taken the same exact day each month, in fact it will make for better photos if it’s slightly different.Photo by The Pursuit of Happiness

Baby postitioned on top of calendar

Baby with age spelled above head


You don’t need the whole body to be visible in order to show growth. The face says it all. Position writing above your baby’s head to show the time frame and snap a portrait. Your baby’s focus doesn’t need to be up the whole time, but if you want their attention try dangling a toy from above the camera.Photo by Famille Summerbelle

Stuffed Animal Progress

Sometimes size comparison is the best way to show growth. Take a photo of your baby next to a stuffed animal. Pick a stuffed animal that is the same size as them at one month so that by the 12 month milestone the progress will be clear.Photo by Simple Moments Stick

Baby positioned next to teddy bear

Baby's feet covered in sand

One Step At a Time

Those little fingers and toes won’t stay tiny forever. Capture them by taking a photo each month. These photos don’t have to have the same backdrop. Try taking a photo naturally in your daily life like on a trip to the beach or falling asleep in the crib.

A Seasonal Event

Do you enjoy decorating for holidays? Use that creativity as a backdrop for your monthly photos. There’s an opportunity each month to dress your little one up for the season. This will show time passing as well as the growth of your baby.

Baby sitting in hallowed out pumpkin

Baby on white chair with stuffed annimal

Lounging and Laughing

Find a comfortable chair in your house to use as the photo setting. Propping your baby up will be easier if they have a comfortable surface to lean against. Try adding baby month stickers to your little one’s shirt to mark the age.Photo by A Girl Named PJ

Baby Month Stickers

Creating photos each month is a visual way to show time passing. We’ve created baby month stickers for month’s one through 12 that will be a stylish addition to your photos and help document the moment more clearly. Choose girl, boy or gender neutral markers and add the numbered stickers to your shot each month.

In need of baby book ideas? These first year photo ideas will be the perfect start to creating your own baby’s first year photo book. Share this year of firsts with your family and friends.