10 Affordable Babymoon Ideas for New Parents

A babymoon is a chance for you and your partner to relax and spend time together before the two of you become three (or more). It’s the perfect opportunity to share the love and make new memories together before the next step of your journey begins.

Your last adventure before baby can be as exotic or as familiar as you desire. Whether you hit the coast for a road trip, travel to a new destination, or relax at home, a babymoon is a wonderful way to invest in your relationship and remind each other how much you care before you have to focus full-time on the baby.

If you’re looking for the perfect couples’ get-away, below are some our favorite babymoon ideas. The memories you make together on your babymoon will be ones to cherish for the rest of your life!

babymoon ideas for couples

Babymoon Vacation Ideas:

Is your love of travel what brought you two together, or has the travel bug bitten you and your partner? A babymoon is a perfect excuse to take one last pre-family trip. A vacation to a larger city or destination location can be a fun way to enjoy some time together before everything changes. Here are just a few babymoon ideas for the travel lovers:

1. Enjoy a hotel getaway

A hotel is the perfect place to enjoy privacy and some quiet time away. Book a hotel room and perhaps a couple’s massage so you can truly pamper yourselves before the little one becomes your focus.

2. Go somewhere that you can’t bring kids

Enjoy dining out at a restaurant in a new city or your hometown, and simply revel in each other’s company. Make reservations in advance for a romantic night out and see a movie or play after to end the babymoon date.

3. Hit the big city

Visit a larger city–whether someplace nearby or across the country–and enjoy the tourist attractions you’ve always wanted to see.

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Babymoon Road Trip Ideas:

Perhaps you and your future co-parent can use your babymoon as one last chance to travel without the added stops and planning needed for little ones. Choose a weekend when you don’t have to work and take a short trip with just the two of you. Try one of these babymoon ideas below.

4. Take a road trip

This is a fun way to get out and enjoy each other’s company without breaking the budget. Pack your favorite snacks and a camera to capture all the sights you’ve always wanted to see.

5. Go camping together

Take your camera and appreciate nature and quiet. A romantic campfire is a fun and spontaneous way to reminisce about your life before kids and remember the special moments you’ve shared together.

6. Plan a road trip to the beach

Take a road trip to one of your favorite beaches within 1-2 hours of your home. You can get a hotel on the beach for the night or find a weekend rental to enjoy the beach lifestyle for a day or two.

babymoon staycation ideas

Babymoon Staycation Ideas:

A babymoon can be as simple as a stay-cation in the comfort of your own city. A stay-cation babymoon is the perfect, budget-friendly opportunity to visit all the memorable places you’ve enjoyed in your life and cherish this time as a couple. Here are some babymoon ideas for those who want to stay closer to home:

7. “Unplug” for a long weekend

Turn off your laptops and cellphones so you can focus on each other. Sleep in and enjoy the quiet that may not last for long. Treat yourselves to breakfast in bed. In the evening, indulge in some of your favorite takeout and watch movies you both enjoy.

8. Go for a long walk

If the weather’s nice, visit all your favorite places throughout the city and enjoy being yourselves. Bring a camera to take photos at some of your favorite spots and turn your day into a cute photo book to commemorate this special time in your lives.

9. Recreate your first date

Take each other out for an elegant and romantic dinner, then catch a new movie at the theater. Remember what brought you together in the first place to create a strong foundation for your growing family.

10. Spend a day at the spa

Head to your favorite spa or try a new spa center for a bit of rest and relaxation. From foot rubs to massages, this is the perfect stay-cation for relieving some stress. You can also spend a night at your favorite hotel in town and have a spa day there.

babymoon photos

Babymoon Photo Ideas:

No matter what type of babymoon adventure you plan, don’t forget the camera! Book a session with a photographer or ask a friendly stranger to snap some photos of the two of you. Don’t be shy – show off your adorable baby bump!

Photographs from your babymoon with your pre-baby glow will work beautifully on your birth announcements, so you can share your joyous news with all of your loved ones.