75 Baby Announcement Ideas for Christmas

The holiday season is the perfect time to announce your new bundle of joy to the world—and there’s no better way to make this announcement than with a themed photo. There are many ways that you can incorporate the holidays into your pregnancy announcement photos, from taking photos around the Christmas tree to heading out into the snow for a Winter Wonderland-themed photo. If you‘re looking for inspiration for your Christmas baby announcement, we’re here to help you!

We’ve collected some of the best pregnancy announcement photos and Christmas baby announcement ideas that would work perfectly on this year’s Christmas cards. There are photos taken in snowy landscapes, announcements featuring Christmas trees, photos with Christmas-themed props and much more. Don’t forget to spread the joy with your own holiday birth announcement!

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A snow-filled photo that features real Christmas trees beautifully ties the season to a pregnancy announcement.

Photo credit: Alison Kundratic Photography

For a fun take on a pregnancy announcement, get your kids involved in by having them hold a creative sign.

Source: The Little Umbrella

Photo credit: Alyssa Martens Photography

No snow where you live? A green backdrop will look great on a red Christmas card design, and a laser-cut sign will make it clear that you’re announcing a pregnancy.

Source: The Little Umbrella

Photo credit: Alyssa Martens Photography

To announce their pending arrival, this couple captured a picnic scene that included festive “Mommy” and “Daddy” mugs.

Photo credit: Alyssa Shrock Photography

Wearing a red sweater and white gloves, this mom-to-be made the most of the snowy landscape behind her.

Photo credit: Amber Westman Photography

A decorative chalkboard makes a beautiful visual for announcing the pending arrival of baby (or babies)

Source: Soho Sonnet

Photo credit: Ampersand Studios

If you live somewhere with a warm climate, take inspiration for your Christmas birthday announcement photo from this beachfront Christmas scene.

Source: Grey Likes Baby

Photo credit: Angie Schutt

If you’re looking for a creative way to reveal your baby’s gender, try using a vintage typewriter!

Source: Grey Likes Baby

Photo credit: Arielle Elise

Wearing a simple red hat paired with a white scarf is an easy way to add a festive touch to a Christmas baby announcement.

Photo credit: Back to her Roots

Take advantage of an early snowfall and head outside for a Winter Wonderland-themed photo.

Photo credit: Barnett Photography

This couple cleverly announced their big news with a photo of festive silver baby shoes.

Photo credit: Burm Voyage

A crown of red flowers and a wintry white dress are the perfect holiday wardrobe for an elegant baby announcement photo.

Source: Champage + Shimmer

Photo credit: Niki Rhodes Photo

Incorporating the winter tradition of curling up in front of the fireplace adds a warm, cozy touch to a Christmas pregnancy announcement.

Source: Champage + Shimmer

Photo credit: Niki Rhodes Photo

Adding a place setting in honor of the baby-to-be is an adorable way to show a future sibling’s excitement in a pregnancy announcement photo.

Photo credit: Confessions of a Northern Belle

Having the family go formal in coordinating shades of red adds chic to a pregnancy announcement that still manages to feel fun.

Source: Jade Scott

Photo credit: Emily Harris Photography

Wear a festive red shirt as a nod to the holidays while happily cradling your stomach in a snowy photo.

Photo credit: Erin Sweet

Set the scene with a festive New Year's Eve theme to announce the big news.

Photo credit: Hawkes Homestead

Holding a lovely fabric banner that displays your baby’s initials is a clever way to imply your news in a Christmas baby announcement.

Source: Sobremesa Stories

Photo credit: Hayley George Photography

If you love the great outdoors, taking your pregnancy announcement photos in the woods is as meaningful as it is picturesque.

Source: 100 Layer Cakelet

Photo credit: Heather Hawkins

Tossing snow into the air is a great way to express your joy in a Christmas pregnancy announcement.

Photo credit: Heather Mariano Photography

This beautifully lit maternity photo taken in the woods near London is an excellent example of incorporating your travels into your pregnancy announcement.

Photo credit: Heline Bekker Photography

A photo taken at a Christmas tree farm has the added advantage of tree branches to which you can attach your pregnancy announcement.

Photo credit: Idalia Photography

Take wardrobe pointers from this gorgeous pregnancy announcement photo, where the mom-to-be who wore a wintry lace dress and held small silver baby shoes in her hands.

Source: 100 Layer Cakelet

Photo credit: Jamie Lauren Photography

A personalized onesie cleverly demonstrates you’re ready to welcome Santa’s newest and littlest helper into your lives.

Photo credit: Jason Allen Images

Set the winter scene with a rustic brick fireplace like the mom-to-be in this lovely pregnancy announcement photo.

Photo credit: Kristen Lynne Photography

Including your sonogram printout in your Christmas card photo is a great way to announce your pregnancy news. Make an outdoor scene particularly memorable by including your pet in your pregnancy announcement photo.

Photo credit: Kristi Murphy

Reveal that you’re having twins by adorably wrapping two Christmas presents and label them “Baby A” and “Baby B.”

Photo credit: Laura Elyse Photography

Using a black-and-white version of your photo will add a chic effect to your Christmas pregnancy announcement photo.

Source: 100 Layer Cakelet

Photo credit: Lauren Crew

Highlight a classic winter activity that all kids love in your pregnancy announcement photo: sledding!

Photo credit: Jennifer Morrow Photography

A silkscreened onesie works perfectly in a pregnancy announcement photo, plus it will look great on baby one he/she arrives!

Source: Bright Star Kids

Photo credit: Lexi Warren

Use a a darling chalkboard slate to announce your son or daughter’s due date, and wear rich winter colors to add seasonal depth.

Photo credit: Liv With Love

Try writing words or phrases in the snow for your winter pregnancy announcement like these parents-to-be did with the word “Love.”

Photo credit: Love Bug Photography

Wrapping clear lights around the mom-to-be’s belly is a clever way to highlight both the season and your pregnancy in one announcement photo.

Photo credit: Lynsey Noel Photography

In this cute pregnancy announcement idea, the parents-to-be displayed their birthdates on the soles of their shoes and placed an extra pair between them that featured their baby’s due date.

Source: Soho Sonnet

Photo credit: Mae Small Photography

In this sweet pregnancy announcement idea, the mom-to-be and her firstborn wore white and gray outfits that coordinated beautifully with the snow outside.

Source: 100 Layer Cakelet

Photo credit: Maggy Melzer

For a humorous take on a pregnancy announcement photo, have the dad-to-be cradle his belly, too.

Source: Grey Likes Baby

Photo credit: Magnolia Adams

A sonogram printout allowed this couple to include their future bundle of joy in their family Christmas photo.

Source: Mama By Design

Photo credit: Genevieve Renee Photographie

As this mom-to-be shows, a festively wrapped gift is a great prop to use in a Christmas pregnancy announcement photo!

Photo credit: Merrick's Art

Pets are part of the family, too! A photo of your dog wearing pregnancy announcement signage alongside the Christmas tree is both merry and bright.

Source: BRIT + CO

Photo credit: ML Portraits

Chalkboard signs are always a fun addition to a pregnancy announcement photo—they’re the perfect way to announce your baby’s birth year!

Source: Happy Home Fairy

Photo credit: No Place Lyke Home

In this colorful pregnancy announcement photo, confetti was placed around the baby’s first sonogram!

Photo credit: Oh Happy Day Carolina

In this cozy photo, the mom-to-be wore pajamas and hugged a big stuffed blue bear.

Photo credit: Oxana Alex Photography

If you want include humor in your pregnancy announcement, consider including a jar of “spilled beans.”

Photo credit: Paint The Sky Photography

This little boy is all smiles while wearing a shirt announcing that he’s going to be a big brother!

Source: iHeart Naptime

Photo credit: PB + J Stories

This dog is all ready to begin his job guarding his new family member!

Photo credit: Photography by Kat

Making snowmen is a classic part of winter, and this cute pregnancy announcement creatively celebrates that tradition!

Photo credit: Popcorn and Pandas

A rustic patchwork quilt will add color and texture while taking the edge off a frosty winter pregnancy shoot.

Photo credit: Porter Meister Photography

Communicate your news in a whimsical way with Mason jars labeled “Daddy” and “Mommy” in your Christmas pregnancy announcement photo.

Photo credit: Rachel Denise Photography

In this creative, American Gothic-style pregnancy announcement, the mom-to-be stood in front of a white farmhouse wearing a beautiful yellow dress.

Source: 100 Layer Cakelet

Photo credit: Rebekah J. Murray

At a Christmas tree farm, this little girl was given her own tree to drive home in her toy car!

Source: 100 Layer Cakelet

Photo credit: Rut Photography

A snowy look from your maternity shoot makes a seasonally appropriate photo for your Christmas pregnancy announcement.

Photo credit: Sarah Kane Photography

Wearing a festive white sweater and red scarf, this mom-to-be stood with her partner in a beautiful winter wonderland.

Photo credit: Sarah Kane Photography

Having the sibling-to-be hold a charming wooden sign will communicate your news, while splashes of red lend a holiday vibe.

Photo credit: Sarah Schwartz Photography

Add a subtle seasonal element to your pregnancy announcement photo with a festive headband like this mom-to-be.

Photo credit: Simply Stunning Weddings and Events

Add a wintry feel to your pregnancy announcement photos by standing on a white fur rug while wearing a fur hat.

Photo credit: Stephanie Sunderland

Incorporating red flannel into a photo taken at a Christmas tree farm adds an extra dose of cozy.

Source: 100 Layer Cakelet

Photo credit: Studio 1079

Incorporate your big news into an outdoor winter scene with a cute clothesline of onesies that spell out your baby’s due date.

Source: Lauras Plans

Photo credit: The Newly Wed Cook Book

Capture the excitement of your pregnancy news by throwing colorful confetti like this happy couple.

Photo credit: The Southern Style Guide

Display an open seat for your newest arrival complete with photogenic balloons to get your news across.

Photo credit: Under the Sycamore

Take direction from this snow-filled photo that features expectant parents in their warmest boots and a pair of strategically placed baby shoes.

Photo credit: White Label Photography

A snowy lake makes a beautiful backdrop for a Christmas pregnancy announcement, while a crown of white flowers makes the perfect wintry accessory.

Photo credit: Winter Lotus Photography

This couple included their big four-legged family member in their lovely winter forest photos.

Photo credit: Winter Lotus Photography

Have your daughter or son place their hands on mom’s pregnant belly in front of the Christmas tree for a touching photo with a beautiful silhouette effect.

Photo credit: Young House Love

Simply posing with your newborn before your illuminated tree is a lovely way to capture the magic of Christmas in your baby announcement photo.

Photo credit: Ashley Sasak Photography

Show what a gift your new arrival is by placing him or her underneath the Christmas tree in a santa hat!

Photo credit: Winni & Mini Photography

Add a festive look to your sleeping newborn with a smart knitted Santa hat.

Photo credit: Winni & Mini Photography

Showing that your baby is the most special package you’ve ever received by including a mailbox prop in your Christmas photoshoot.

Photo credit: Ashley Mickelson Photography

A bright red tutu and striped red hat is the perfect Christmas-baby look for an announcement.

Photo credit: Ampersand Studios

A darling antler beanie adds holiday flair and positions your baby as the most adorable reindeer of all!

Photo credit: Cathy Murai Photography

A photo of your new family happily gathered to read a holiday book works beautifully for a baby announcement photo.

Photo credit: Amanda Sills Photography

In this cute photo, the focus was on this newborn’s older brother, and in the background, the Christmas tree lights twinkled.

Photo credit: Ruth B Photography

Bright white Christmas lights add an ethereal feel to a Christmas baby announcement photo complete with tiny holiday leg warmers.

Photo credit: Red Lotus Photography

A red-and-green lettered sign shot with the family in front of some fir trees is a cheerful way to get your holiday baby message across.

Photo credit: Quinn Burke Photography

This smiling baby was placed in a rustic nest bassinet, and he wore a cozy white sweater onesie that was perfect for the holidays.

Photo credit: Crabapple Photography

This adorable baby is dressed in her most festive Christmas dress, and her stocking is hung up and ready for Santa!

Photo credit: Red Turtle Photography