19 Christmas Color Schemes To Wow Your Guests

Each Christmas season welcomes a new opportunity to deck out your home with a new Christmas color scheme. Stick with a variation of the classic green and red or branch out to something more bold and modern. Whatever you choose, your holiday color schemes should blend with the style of your home, showcasing your already unique style. You can incorporate the theme into your ornaments and even match your Christmas party theme to your decor.

Christmas Color Scheme Ideas

We’ve gathered some of today’s most popular Christmas colors and decor schemes to make your home feel warm, cozy and festive this holiday season. Find the one that matches your Christmas cards or inspires that Christmas energy you look forward to all year round.

1. Modern Mantel

christmas color schemes modern mantel.

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Fill your mantelpiece with vibrant color by spelling out your favorite festive word with paper letters. Alternate colors for a unique look, then balance with Christmas ornaments and garland.

2. Farmhouse Red

Stick to the classic reds and greens for a rustic look to match your home decor. Weave the same hue of red throughout the room in your tree ribbon, the tree stand and stockings on the mantel.

3. Winter Wonderland

christmas color schemes winter wonderland.

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Dust your card display with a layer of fake snow to tie together your color scheme and throw a winter wonderland Christmas party theme. Add different levels by adding decor and photos to a rustic cake stand and candles.

4. Holiday Blues

Why stick with the traditional green Christmas tree colors when you can branch out to vibrant blue? Cover an already eye-catching tree with color pops of pink, silver, and gold.

5. Golden Photo Display

christmas color schemes golden photo display.

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Show off your favorite family holiday images and Christmas cards with clay photo holders. Mix and match festive colors like green, gold, and white. You can even wrap them up as Christmas gifts for your loved ones to cherish.

6. Green Garlands

You can never go wrong with Christmas greens, especially when they’re strewn across a dinner table with a lush centerpiece in a rustic vase.

7. Silver And Gold

christmas color schemes silver and gold.

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The season of lights calls for all the reflective metallics that match the night sky. Fill a photo and card display with silver glitter, gold accents, and warm string lights.

8. Holiday Earth Tones

Reflect the natural tans, greens, and browns of the outdoors with complementary decor. Burlap moons and stars spruce up a traditional banister garland.

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9. Bedroom Decor

Spread holiday cheer throughout the whole house by adding some light and festive decorations across your bed frame. Hang stockings at the foot of the bed and weave eucalyptus from end to end.

10. Merry Minimalism

Deck your home with the soft tones of a winter scene, working white, gold, and green into your mantelpiece display. Surround festive phrases with gold frames, twinkle lights, and green branches.

11. Delectable Decor

christmas color schemes delectable decor.

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If you’re looking for inspiration, check out all the colors of classic Christmas treats. Fill a party with red, white and green desserts and surround with candy canes and other festive sweets.

12. DIY Card Display

christmas color schemes diy card display.

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When holiday cards start rolling in, hang them on a natural branch with accents of gold paper and vibrant green wreaths. Use curtain hooks to safely secure to the wall.

13. Contemporary Color

Break free from the regular Christmas table decorations and play with bright neon hues in traditional holiday shapes and patterns. Add a burst of color with layered paper above your table that reflects the same tones.

14. Warm Golds

Pepper your home with different hues of pale and warm gold in your lighting, ornaments and mantelpiece accents. Balance the look with small pops of silver.

15. Shimmering Ribbons

christmas color schemes shimmering ribbons.

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This easy photo wall display can be made by attaching silver or gold ribbon to your wall and layering holiday cards from top to bottom. Surround with string lights of all sizes.

16. Rustic Hues

christmas color schemes rustic hues.

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Set the scene for a classic Christmas with deep reds and greens. This color scheme works perfectly against deep blues and browns already present throughout your home.

17. Festive Pastels

christmas color schemes festive pastels.

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If your living room already features pale pink, blue and green, work these delicate colors into your Christmas tree decorations as well. Their shimmer reflects the tree lights and pairs with the vibrant colors of the room.

18. Soft And Simple

This modern tablescape alternates pale green branches with white and gold table accents. Add DIY napkin holders for a touch of playfulness.

19. Tri-Colored Tablescape

christmas color schemes tri colored tablescape.

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Before your loved ones gather around your dinner table, set the tone with DIY Christmas decorations in white, green, red and blue. Construct a paper village silhouette as the centerpiece.

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