18 Creative Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Boss

The holidays always seem to sneak up you. While it’s easy to get wrapped up in Christmas shopping for family and friends, the tendency is to leave your boss for last-minute shopping. Avoid the stress of not knowing what gift to buy your boss early on by checking out these practical and easy to customize gifts.

You can get crafty with air plants and candles, or opt for personalized gifts that are perfect to place on any office desk. If it’s for the holidays, pair your gift with a customized Christmas card and a festive holiday greeting.

1. Up To Date

Not only is a desk calendar useful for keeping track of your schedule, but a beautifully displayed one will also keep them inspired any day of the week. Add funny pictures of your team or secretly gather some family pictures from their loved ones to personalize it. Each month will bring a wonderful reminder.

2.  Write It Out

Everyone needs to jot notes down, especially during the holidays. Give them a stylish monogrammed notepad for important meeting notes and self-reminders. This notepad can be carried around in a briefcase, handbag, or backpack.

3. This One’s On Me

Nothing says “take time to relax” better than a personalized growler that can keep the boss’ beer fresh during the holidays and especially during football season. Engrave it with their initials or name. They can also use it as a clever flower vase and keep it in the office.

4. Versatile Use

Add initials to a custom mason jar and it automatically becomes a versatile gift. They can use it for pencils, cold drinks or even as a cute flower vase to keep on their desk.

5. Eye Catcher

Go the extra mile and give your boss an eye-catching desktop plaque with their favorite quote or favorite vacation picture to remind them of good times. They’ll appreciate that personal touch.

6. Office Aroma

A scented candle is sure to become an instant accent in any office. Personalize it with their initials and it’s the perfect holiday decor. Choose from a variety of scents including evergreen forest, garden bouquet, grapefruit blossom, and ocean breeze.

7. Monday Motivation

Add that Monday motivation to any journal by printing inspiring words on the cover. An upload your own design journal is great for taking notes or jotting down clever motivational quotes. One can never have enough notebooks, especially when it’s personalized just for them.

8. Boss’ Coffee

Spice up their morning coffee with a photo mug that reminds them to enjoy the little things in life. Perfect for their morning brew but also stylish enough as a pencil and pen holder. Consider adding their initials, a favorite quote, or a holiday saying for more character.

9. Stay Classy

A monogram cutting board is a classy gift that speaks volumes of your appreciation for your boss. This gift idea is perfect for a night in to enjoy a delicious charcuterie board. If you want to go the extra mile, pair it with wine.

10. Style That Weighs

Nothing shows busy more than paper on a desk. Give a paperweight that is anything but bland and keeps papers organized in style. There are lots of styles to choose from and come in a variety of colors.

11. Bon Voyage!

If your boss is a traveler, you can’t go wrong with personalized luggage tags. Alternatively, tags can also be used for a fun statement on a handbag, portfolio, or backpack as well.

12. Encourage Wanderlust

Travel book for a boss

Does your boss give their all, working hard all year at their job? Show your appreciation by encouraging them to take a break. Give them the gift of a travel book for a place they’ve been daydreaming of. Their vacation time will be even more enjoyable with some tips and travel advice.

13. A Very Vino Christmas

Wine for Christmas gift

For the boss that enjoys a weekend of wine tasting, gift them with a set of wine glasses and a decanter. This way they can taste with their family or friends whenever they want. Brownie points if you also give them a bottle of wine that you know they like with a festive photo Christmas card!

14. Go Green

Give some green this season, an air plant pot is not only inexpensive to make but also easy to maintain and it looks beautiful in any room. If your boss loves color, consider adding brighter shades to the pot or choose from the more colorful plants. This makes a great holiday gift along with an affordable Christmas card if you are trying to stay within budget!

15. A Gift Beyond The Office

Every now and then, the boss needs to shut out noise and there’s no trendier gift than a pair of headphones that can do just that while at the office and great for travel as well. You can’t go wrong with the classic white or black, but if they have an eye for more colorful things, consider some with patterns.

16. Get Creative

Show your creative side by turning a cup into a pen and pencil holder that makes for a unique desk accent. Take a look at the decor they have on their desk and make sure to match it with equal colors and style. Everyone appreciates things that make their desk look a little more organized.

17. Personal Touch

The impersonal feeling of a gift card can quickly be gone by creating a colorful stitched card holder that has your personal touch. Use cute cut-outs and colorful shapes to take an otherwise simple gift and make it stylish. You can also include this in a card for easy-carry.

18. A Book Affair

Books are great gifts for the boss who loves to read or even photo books they can place on a coffee table will do the trick. Find out what some of your boss’ interests are and you’re bound to find a book for it. Architecture or decor books are always inspiring and perfect for someone with a full Pinterest board.

As you can see, these ideas are inexpensive and thoughtful. There are plenty of Christmas gift ideas for him or gifts for her that can do the trick. Whether you go with something as simple as a desk calendar, a personalized coffee mug or notepad, you’re sure to make an impression. Pair it with a thank you card that expresses your appreciation. The mere thought of going the extra mile to personalize a gift goes a long way. For a last-minute Christmas gift for your boss, include a customized Christmas card to complement your gift.