DIY Christmas Garland with Holiday Cards

This article was created by Little Miss Party Planner for Shutterfly.

We’re always looking for new ways to display our annual collection of holiday cards from friends and family. So we’re showing you how to make a DIY Christmas garland using holidays cards.

Using the same string and clips gets OLD! This year, we put our craft skills to the test to make a stunning doorway card garland. Not only is it a great way to bring attention to the heartwarming holiday wishes of loved ones, but it doubles as a festive decor piece that can fit well in any home.

diy christmas harland with holiday cards

You’d be shocked how easy it is to achieve this look as well. A quick trip to your local craft store will provide everything you’ll need.

DIY Supplies Needed:

  • 20 ft. of fresh or faux evergreen garland (we used fresh!)
  • Clear Heavy Duty Tape
  • Scissors
  • Festive Stickers
  • Mini Clothes Pins
  • Festive Bakers twine
  • Holiday Cards or Christmas Cards

diy christmas card garland supplies

DIY Christmas Garland Directions:

Step 1: Find a doorway in your home with a little bit of ledge. Starting from the top middle, place the end of your garland on top and find a branch that can be easily hidden by needles to be your first anchor.

hanging diy christmas garland

Step 2: Holding your anchor branch against the ledge, use a 4-5 in. piece of heavy duty tape to tack it down. Repeat all along the doorway every 1-2 ft. until you reach the ground.

heavy tape for DIY christmas garland

Step 3: Use 12 in. pieces of baker’s twine to hold stray pieces of the garland together. Tie the pieces into a cute bow to double as decor accents.

christmas garland hanging above door with string

Step 4: Cut one long piece of baker’s twine to weave around your entire garland. String it through the branches so it is exposed from end to end for pinning up your photos.

christmas garland along door lining

Step 5: Add your holiday stickers to the mini clothes pins for added decor detail before you begin hanging your photos.

cute holiday card clip

Step 6: Start to hang your family Christmas cards!

When arranging your photos, make sure you break up the orientation and color blocks. For example, don’t hang two cards with dark backgrounds and vertical orientation right next to each other.

clipping holiday cards onto christmas garland

Whether the cards are more classic or they are nautical cards,  add some contrast by mixing up the type of cards that you hang near each other.

christmas garland with family holiday cards

We set our garland up just behind a vignette of chairs in our living room, so it’s an easy place for guests to approach and check out all the holiday cards from the season.

diy christmas garland display around doorway

We find that these little details are the ones our friends and family love the most when they come over to celebrate at this time of year. Find your favorite photos and notes from loved ones creates the sentimental moments we all love so much. We can’t wait to continue to add to our Christmas card garland throughout the whole holiday season!