DIY Save the Date Ideas For the Crafters

Get crafty and spend some time brainstorming ways you can incorporate DIY elements into your engagement photo shoot or your actual save the date card design. Whether it’s chalkboard with writing, strung signs or banners, foil stamps or calendars and magnets, these designs and ideas will surely set you apart. These 20 ideas will inspire you to think outside of the box. After you’ve picked an idea, browse our customizable save the date cards for a DIY feel without the hassle.

1. Chalkboard

Couple with chalkboard save the dateYour love won’t fade in this shabby chic save the date. Be on trend in this simple design where all you have to do is choose a photo and write your wedding information. Make sure your picture is perfect because this is one chalkboard you can’t erase!

2. Initial Stamps

Initial save the dateBrand your love and names with this custom design and heartfelt initial stamp wedding announcement design. Choose a color and a photo and save yourself from the mess of real initial stamps.

3. Magnet

Magnet save the dateDon’t let the saying “opposites attract” dissuade you and your partner in this custom save the date magnet. Upload a personalized photo and design with your wedding nuptials. You and your guest can enjoy the magnet for years to come.

4. Winter Wonderland

Couple on winter themed save the dateIt might be summer when you’re taking your photos but you can still create a winter wonderland on your own. Purchase fake snow or cut intricate snowflakes out of white paper and string them in the background for a magical moment captured in your save the date.

5. Glitter

Couple in glitter save the dateShine like gold and sparkle like glitter in this custom save the date. The card design should not be the only thing that is covered in glitter. Dress in sequins or glitter clothes or even throw glitter in the air during your photoshoot. The colors will truly shine off of the page.

6. Photoshop

Couple floating in airTake a leap with this really unique and entertaining save the date design. Crop the photo, add text, apply filters and express your inner lively side while you and your partner are suspended in mid-air.

7. Illumination

Couple hugging on save the date cardString the lights, turn on the lamps, light the sparklers and ignite the bonfire flame. Whatever your preference in exterior or interior illumination will be, this idea will definitely light up your save the date photos.

8. Strung With Love

Couple on save the date cardCut out letters and shapes, collect fun fabrics and string the letters of love together for this DIY-fabulous save the date idea. Hold up the strung sign in your photo to reveal your message to your card recipients.

9. Written in the Stars

Collage save the date with couple's photosYour love is out of this world. Showcase the beauty and awe of your relationship with incorporating celestial aspects in the photo and the card design. Build a telescope together that you use as a prop or craft stars and planets and hang in the background during your photo shoot.

10. Pick a Color, Any Color

Blue save the dateNo one will see blue in this colorful and classic card. Incorporate the color you’re wearing during the photo shoot into the color of the card. You may want to choose a color that goes with the theme of your wedding or perhaps a different color just for fun.

11. All the Colors of the Rainbow

Brightly colored save the dateBoldly be a pop of color in this bright and happy announcement. Black and white can be classic, but with all the colors of the rainbow for you to choose, why not take advantage and pick one that surely pops off the page. Your save the date will stand out in your recipient’s stack.

12. Ombre Watercolors

Watercolor save the dateYour love will not dim in this ombre watercolor save the date card. Personalize the card by adding a black and white photo, nuptials and ombre color palette. You and your partner can even wear ombre clothing in the photo for a fun touch as well.

13. Bold Type

Save the date with big letteringDo not forget any important wedding dates in this save the date! Pick a simple photo of you and your soon-to-be and pair it with a bold type displaying the day of your wedding. It’ll be easy for guests to remember and spot from across the room.

14. Heart Eyes

Young couple holding heartsShow the one you love how much you love them with this ‘heart eyes’ photo. Crop the photo, add text, apply filters and make this a fun and laughable design that everyone will enjoy.

15. Metallic

Save the date with silver foil stampDon’t be dull, shine bright in your photos, wear metallic colors that will pop. You and your partner will have glow with this elegant card. Pair the photo with the stylish foil-stamped save the date card for the perfect combination.

16. Flip Book

Creative flip book save the dateCan’t settle for one photo? No worries! You and your partner can choose a tri-fold card that allows you to pick up to three pictures. Make sure to add the nuptials details and you will ‘heart’ the end result!

17. Fun with Fonts

Save the date with different font sizesAstonish your guests in this luxurious foil-stamped card. Choose a photo, add your nuptials and customize the colors. Nothing will look dull in this gorgeous save the date!

18. Montage

Collage save the dateYou and your partner will have a blast choosing this photo montage. Pick a series of photos and customize your color palettes. You and your guests will love looking at the photo collage for years to come, and you will have fun deciding which pictures make the cut.

19. Comic Strip

Couple posing in multiple picturesYou and your partner can illustrate your love through this fun and entertaining comic book complete with speech bubbles and explosions. Crop your image, add text, fill in the bubbles and be prepared to write the comic of a lifetime!

20. Heart Confetti

Happy young couple in heart confettiThrow your love around like confetti in your save the date photo. Cut up small, medium and large hearts in red and pink and scatter them around you and your partner in your photo. This is a romantic and easy enhancement to your card.