Customized Easter Gifts for Kids

Celebrate a major spring holiday with the best Easter gifts for kids of all ages from Shutterfly. Whether you need simple Easter basket ideas for your younger kids or you’re looking for a collection of keepsakes for older children, discover great ways to ring in the holiday this with personalized products made especially by you. Help the Easter bunny go above and beyond this year with unique Easter gifts for kids that fit in with the spirit of the season or traditional themes. Have fun with these Easter ideas that can help you make the most of this springtime holiday.

Easter is a wonderful holiday to bring your entire family together and your children closer to one another. Browse our diverse catalog to discover all the ways you can make the special occasion one to remember with personalized gifts for Easter.

Design Wall Art as Meaningful Easter Gifts for Kids

Get into the spirit of the holiday with Easter gifts for kids that can be excellent pieces of wall art. We have Easter decorations that can be personalized with your family photos, special sentiments, and themed embellishments. Print a poster, create a piece of canvas wall art, or think outside the box with a wooden art print. Then, mount it on their bedroom wall for them to admire. For parents looking for Christian Easter gifts for kids, we have wall crosses that can be religious wall art and a thoughtful Easter gift personalized for your family. Enjoy a variety of options to make a masterpiece that your big kids and small children alike will enjoy as great Easter gifts for kids this spring.

Amazing grace wall cross mounted above a wooden shelf featuring a plant seashells and a small vase

Kids’ Easter Games and Activities

Have a blast with creative games, puzzles, and activities as Easter gifts for kids that they’ll love. Design personalized photo puzzles with pastel backgrounds and Easter embellishments that their small hands can put together. Fill their Easter basket with a deck of playing cards or a customized memory games that includes all their favorite pictures and memories. Or customize a fun cape for your little princess or superhero that encourages their sense of play. Enjoy Easter gifts that have that personal touch and encourage your children to broaden their minds and get out and have a little fun.

Fun and Creative Easter Gifts for Kids

Explore Easter gifts for kids that can keep on giving throughout the year. Fill their Easter baskets with clothes and accessories that they can dress up in for different purposes whether it be for the occasion or during playtime. Celebrate the Easter trip you took with the whole family with custom hoodies for you and the kids that include your family name and a picture of everyone together again. Find kids kitchen aprons that can help you cook Easter dinner or bake some cookies for the family right alongside your little one. You can even go for a small keepsake with funny socks that have pictures of your kids next to cartoons of a baby chick or Easter bunny. Think outside the box with these creative Easter gifts for kids that will dress them up in style.

Gray custom hoodie featuring nine photos of a family vacation

Practical Easter Gifts for Kids

Send your kids back to school in style after spring break with unique Easter gifts for kids. Explore our creative backpacks, lunch boxes, and pencil pouches that can be personalized with their name and a fun pattern. Help them stay on track with creative notebooks and folders that will keep them organized in different classes. You can even explore a few tech accessories that can be great Easter gifts for older kids. Explore Easter basket ideas that can serve a purpose and look stylish all at the same time.

Personalized pastel colored backpack lunchbag folder and notebook featuring various school supplies

Create Easter Gifts for Kids of All Ages in Your Family

Everyone in your family can have fun this spring with great Easter gifts for kids of all ages. Celebrate with your toddlers, high schoolers, and even your adult children with creative keepsakes and practical gifts for the Easter holiday. Have fun with your Easter basket ideas that can be meaningful for the holiday or just a fun way to celebrate with bunny-themed products. Add a personal touch to small trinkets for the Easter basket or larger items that will be cherished for a long time to come. Make the most of this holiday with the perfect Easter gifts for kids that any age will greatly appreciate.

Easter Gifts for Toddlers

Enjoy a variety of Easter gifts for kids that your little kids will appreciate. Create beautiful baby blankets that fit the season for your newborns. Design Easter gifts for toddlers such as night lights to keep the monsters in the closet away and personalized bean bag chairs for them to relax on while they read a book or take a nap. You can even get your older kids into the spirit with creative jigsaw puzzles and customized playing cards they can enjoy with the whole family. Personalize these unique Easter gifts for kids that will be the perfect accessories for any of your kiddos.

Little girl reading a story book on a beige personalized bean bag chair featuring a red blanket and a basket of stuffed animals

Celebrate With Creative Easter Gifts for Teenagers

Find exciting Easter gifts for kids who are a little older. If your son or daughter loves to use their phone or laptop, connect with your teenagers in unique ways with exciting tech gifts that can be personalized for them. Add a special message to a phone key ring or phone card holder that will be a sweet accessory for their mobile device. Create a laptop case with a collection of photos they’ll love. Or design a wireless charger that helps them stay connected wherever they are. Fill your teenager’s Easter basket with the best Easter gifts for older kids that they’ll truly appreciate.

Easter Cards for Your Adult Children

Celebrate with your adult children with Easter gifts for kids that even they can enjoy. Choose from our colorful selection of Easter cards and include a special message reminding them how much they’re loved. Or place a gift card inside to their favorite restaurant or coffee shop for an added treat on Easter Sunday. Give them a meaningful throw blanket or pillow with pictures of the whole family from fun family vacations. You can also offer them useful bar essentials they can toast the holiday with if they enjoy drinking. Get creative with exciting Easter gifts for adult children that they’ll cherish.

Trifold hippity hoppity Easter card featuring a family of five taking a photo while sitting on the green grass

Bring the Entire Family Closer Together this Easter

Get the family together for the holiday this year with unique Easter gifts for kids both old and young they will absolutely adore. Fill their Easter baskets with personalized gifts from Shutterfly (and the Easter bunny) they can play with while they hunt or dye eggs with their friends and family. Regardless of how you choose to celebrate the spring holiday, you can guarantee the goodies you put together for your children will put a smile on their face from ear to ear.