Christian Gifts

If you find you’re in need of the perfect Christian gift to celebrate someone in your life, choose Shutterfly as your first stop. Whether you need a gift to celebrate a huge holiday like Easter or a baptism, we’ve got you covered. We have a wide variety of everything you can think of from Christian wall crosses to other accessories to commemorate any kind of special religious occasion. Or if you’re looking for a gift for somebody out of the goodness of your heart, we have something in store for that as well.

Unique Christian Gifts

When you know that a present’s recipient is particularly devout, Christian gifts are an ideal solution for finding something perfect for them. Creating unique Christian gifts is easy when you turn to Shutterfly for personalized wall crosses, art prints, and Christian home decor. Turn to the occasion at hand or your loved one’s particular faith in order to inspire your gift of choice. Then, you can depend on our plentiful designs, customization options, and user-friendly tools to personalize your gift so that it’s perfectly suited for your recipient.

Child praying with their grandparent while holding a set of rosary beads and resting their hands on an old bible

Christian Art Gifts

When it comes to the best Christian gifts, some of the finest you’ll come across are literal works of art. Wall art is one way to give Christian art gifts to the people you care about. For an especially thoughtful gift, you can create a one-of-a-kind piece, be it a photo print or piece of art. For instance, you could take a photo of their church and transform it into a canvas, metal, acrylic, or wood print they can hang on their wall at home. Similarly, if you want to bring your art skills to light, you could sketch a drawing of the chapel where a couple was married or create a digital art piece depicting a particularly beloved biblical scene. In any case, these decorative religious gifts are the sort of meaningful additions that any Christian will appreciate.

Christian Home Decor

Wall art makes for great Christian gifts, but you can take this idea to the next level with other forms of Christian home decor. Consider surprising them with religious gifts like wall crosses or other home goods with spiritual meanings behind them. If you know that 1 Corinthians 13 has their favorite Bible verses, you could design a pillow, blanket, or other gift with these iconic words: “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy … Love never fails.” The same principle can apply to a depiction of the nativity scene or other religious imagery—chances are, you can feature it in a custom gift design.

Christian Gifts for Religious Holidays

When choosing Christian gifts, it’s important to consider the occasion as much as you think through the gift itself. For example, you might be offering a gift in honor of a Christian holiday like Christmas or Easter. These events, then, can guide your choice of gift to something especially relevant. If you are looking for religious Easter gifts, for instance, you might opt for a personalized ornament they can hang from the tree at Christmas time. Choose between framed canvas, metal, wooden, ceramic, and glass ornaments. Or you can choose to purchase a ceramic trivet if your recipient is into cooking. Customize your preferred style with a photo, a Bible verse, or other personal touches to create the hallmark of their holiday season.

Everyday Christian Gifts

In other instances, you may be offering Christian gifts to celebrate a secular occasion or simply to surprise someone you love. Then, you‘ll need to look beyond a holiday to inspire unique Christian gifts. Consider, in this case, the ways you can invoke the holy spirit through otherwise earthly presents. From tote bags to jewelry, any gift can be infused with these religious beliefs with a bit of creativity and easy-to-use design tools courtesy of Shutterfly. Best of all, you’ll be crafting something they can use in their everyday lives.

Christian gifts are great in that they make it easy to find a great present for your friend or family member—because you know that they’re devout, you can turn to their faith for inspiration. However, these particular gifts come with added benefits. Beyond those sentiments that come from any thoughtful gift, presents with a religious theme show respect for their values and can help them celebrate special occasions and everyday miracles alike. Best of all, they’ll do so with gratitude to you for designing such a wonderful gift.

Thoughtful Christian Gifts

Whatever your own religious beliefs, if any, you can show your friend or family member how deeply you respect what they believe in by creating Christian gifts with them in mind. When you put in the time and effort to design their perfect present, you’re telling them that you care about them, so much so that you took the time to understand their distinct belief system and how best that can translate into a tangible item. What’s more, you did so to create a custom gift, rather than one you could buy ready-made. Whatever your relationship with the recipient, this is an effort they’ll remember.

Whether you choose a piece of art or a more general product, Christian gifts allow their recipient to partake of an item—and the sentiments that come with it—at their leisure. In these instances, you’ll be helping to strengthen their connection to God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit each time they see or use their gift. Whether they do so on a daily basis or once in a while is up to them, but in any case, they have the option to take in these blessings whenever they’d like.

Help Your Recipient Celebrate Religious Occasions

Beyond those presents meant to commemorate a holiday, many Christian gifts can mark other religious occasions. Some of these special events might include baptisms, first communions, or confirmations. You can choose gifts with these occasions in mind, of course, much like you might for a religious holiday, or you can simply present the recipient with something special and spiritual. In either instance, your gift will be a meaningful piece of their celebration. When they recall the occasion years later, it may very well be those words of wisdom you had printed on a tote bag or the biblical artwork you made for them that comes to mind.

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