30 First Communion Gifts For Girls

A young girl’s First Communion is one of the holiest and most important occasions in her life. Receiving the Eucharist—the symbolic body and blood of Jesus Christ—for the first time is a big deal, and a cause for celebration. Presenting her with a gift on the day of her First Communion shows how proud you are of her and that you support her faith. If you’re looking for Communion gifts for girls, you’ve come to the right place.

From traditional religious gifts, like crosses and rosaries, to more unique gifts for kids, like a photo book all about her, we’ve gathered up some of our favorite communion gift ideas that are sure to make her feel as special as the day she takes her First Communion.

1. Wall Cross

First communion cross.
A wall cross or crucifix is a classic First Communion gift. What better way for a girl to remember her First Communion? From rustic wood to simple ceramic, decorative pewter to ornate ivory, you’re sure to find a wall cross that will be a perfect addition to her bedroom wall. You can also choose a more general theme for something she can grow up with.

2. Frame It

A child’s first holy communion only happens once, and it’s an event to remember. Present the young girl in your life with a framed photo of her communion so she can look back and remember that special day. You could even have it personalized with the date or a simple cross commemorating the event, or give her a double frame that includes photos of her godparents.

3. Charms Of The Patron Saints

Patron Saints can play special roles in the lives of Catholic children. It’s important for children to learn about the Patron Saints and remember them in their prayers. Many saints have special meaning and protect certain topics. When preparing for their first Holy Communion, a child will often choose a patron to model their life after. A charm representing one of the saints is easy to keep close and will remind your little girl of her devotion to Jesus.

4. Personalized Rosary

Young girl holding rosary.A First Communion rosary is a great gift idea for First Communion. Used as a guide for prayer, they are available in a wide variety of beads, colors, and even decorative metals. You can have them personalized by engraving the date, her name, or a meaningful message.

5. Wooden Cross

Crosses are important symbols and are perfect gifts for girls having their First Communion. A beautiful wooden cross, personalized with the child’s name and the date of her First Communion, can serve as a guest book for those who attend to sign with paint markers. Then, it will make a wonderful decoration in her bedroom, always reminding her that she is loved.

6. Rosary Bracelet

A rosary bracelet is a smaller version of the Rosary that’s worn around the wrist. Much easier to carry around than a standard Rosary necklace, a Rosary bracelet is always ready for prayer. You can find them in a variety of styles from 14K gold, silver, wood, pearls, beautiful beads, and birthstones.

7. Inspirational Books

She’s reaching the age of reason and receiving her First Communion. While this is a cause for celebration, it’s also a wonderful time to present her with inspiration for her future. The books we read as children can have a huge impact on our lives, so choose ones that empower and inspire her.

8. Keepsake Box

Floral keepsake box.

Commemorate a girl’s important First Communion by giving her a beautiful keepsake box. It’s the perfect place for her to store her jewelry safely. Personalize it with her initial, and it will become a treasured piece to grow up with.

9. Put It In A Locket

A locket is a wonderful way for a girl to keep her loved ones close to her heart. Celebrate her once-in-a-lifetime First Communion day by giving her a lovely locket where she can display photos of her parents or godparents. Or, she can write her prayers down and keep them in the locket until they are answered.

10. Photo Shoot

This extraordinary time in a young girl’s life should be documented. Book a photographer to take studio portraits of her in her beautiful dress and veil with professionally done hair and makeup. Make sure your photographer takes group shots of the entire family and the First Communicant with her Godparents.

11. Little Angels

Commemorate her reception of the Eucharist with a keepsake that she will cherish for a lifetime. Angels are full of symbolic meaning and will serve as a guardian over her as she grows. Look for praying angel dolls, angel figurines, pendants, or ornaments that will always be a reminder of her faith.

12. Charm Bracelet

Charm bracelet.

A charm bracelet is a great gift idea for a girl making her first First Communion. Adorn it with charms like a cross, her initial, and memorable photos. She’ll adore her new piece of jewelry, and it will become a beautiful reminder of this important day. She can collect more charms over the years as she reaches new milestones.

13. Pocket Token

A simple, yet special little gift for a girl taking her First Communion, a token is a keepsake a young girl can keep in her pocket as a gentle reminder of Christ’s presence. Pocket tokens are often made of pewter and embossed with a chalice, the words “First Holy Communion,” and a poem or meaningful Bible verse. They are also a wonderful favor for guests who attend her ceremony.

14. Cookies

First Communion is an important event to celebrate with your friends and family. And what’s a celebration without cookies? If you’re looking for First Communion party ideas, order up a delicious batch of personalized sugar cookies in the shape of angels, crosses, chalices, praying hands, or doves. They make tasty favors to send home with guests who attend the ceremony.

15. Rosary Box

A rosary box is a wonderful gift for a girl’s First Holy Communion. It’s a special place for her to store her rosary safely. You can choose from a variety of styles, from wooden keepsake boxes to silver cases or jeweled boxes. Then, have it personalized with her monogram, her name, and the date, a meaningful quote, or a cross. The possibilities are endless.

16. Communion Cake

A girl’s First Communion is an important event that is often celebrated with cake. Whether you opt for a simple sheet, decorated cupcakes, or go all-out with multiple tiers, there are no rules when it comes to the cake. They are often decorated with white icing and the words “First Communion,” but you’re not limited to that. She may prefer a colorful work of art with icing rosaries and a cross to celebrate her special day.

17. Fresh Flowers

Pink roses in white vase.Flowers are commonplace at a child’s First Communion and also at the celebration. Guests who attend the event may also bring a bouquet as a gift to the First Communicant. Flowers that are often found at a Communion are azaleas, carnations, daisies, lavender, peonies, roses, and tulips. Since children taking their First Communions usually wear white, look for light-colored flowers in shades of white, pink, peach, and purple.

18. Cross Jewelry

A simple piece of jewelry is a perfect gift for a young girl. For her First Holy Communion, consider a dainty and elegant cross ring. If her ears are pierced, a pair of cross earrings, in silver or gold, are a classic jewelry gift that she’ll keep for years to come. A cross pendant and matching chain are a perfect way for her to wear her faith close to her heart.

19. Bookmark

Help her save her page in the Bible—or any other book—with a personalized bookmark that commemorates this important holy day. A beautiful bookmark, personalized with scripture or a blessing along with the date, also makes a memorable favor for friends and family who attend her First Communion.

20. Card And Money

Should you choose to give a child money for her First Communion, it’s appropriate to include cash along with a greeting card. Parents will often open a savings account in her name with any monetary gifts she receives. Another option is to purchase a savings bond for her that will mature when she reaches college age.

21. Prayer Journal

Young girl writing in journal.A girl’s First Communion is an event to be celebrated, but it’s also important to remember the reason for the celebration. A prayer journal is a wonderful way to supplement the lessons she’s learned in preparation for her Communion. It’s a tool that will teach her how to have a dialogue with Christ and grow in her faith.

22. Music Box

Make her First Communion more memorable by gifting her a personalized music box as a gift. She can use it to safely store her First Communion jewelry, rosary, pocket tokens, and other precious keepsakes. Look for a music box that plays appropriate songs like “Jesus Loves Me” or “Ave Maria.”

23. Book Of Saints

First Communion books make excellent gifts for girls taking their Communion for the very first time. A book of the saints is a particularly great book for this occasion. It will tell the beloved histories of some of the most well-known saints. It will teach a child who they were and what they were called to do, inviting her to reflect their virtues.

24. Photo Book

You’re celebrating a once-in-a-lifetime event and should preserve those beautiful memories. One way to do that is to compile photos of the ceremony and the party into a photo album commemorating her First Communion. Be sure to include photos of her with her parents and Godparents and personalize it with meaningful messages that speak to her faith.

25. First Communion Bible

Bouquet of flowers next to Bible.A Bible is a classic gift for a child’s First Communion. If she’s very young, a picture Bible or easy reader Bible is an appropriate choice. Or, if you want to give her a keepsake that will last her into adulthood, get her a Bible with the full scripture inside and the words “First Communion” on the cover. A First Communion Bible will include a special section of information for the First Communicant.

26. Shadow Box

There will certainly be a lot of photographs taken on the day she receives her First Communion. Help her celebrate this day to remember with a thoughtful gift, like a shadow box frame she can use to display her favorite photo of that day. Personalize it with her name and the date or a Bible verse to make it a truly special gift.

27. Ornament

If you’re looking for something thoughtful to give a girl for her First Communion, a Christmas ornament commemorating the day will be a keepsake she’ll treasure well into adulthood. Look for one that can be personalized with her name, date, and the words “First Communion.” She will think back to that special day every year while trimming the tree.

28. Prayer Pillowcase

Commemorate a little girl’s first Eucharist by giving her a prayer pillowcase as a gift. Choose one that’s printed with the classic goodnight prayer, “Now I lay me down to sleep,” the Lord’s Prayer or the Hail Mary prayer. It’s a great way for her to learn her bedtime prayers. If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, make one by writing prayers on a blank pillowcase with fabric markers or creating iron-on transfers.

29. Teddy Bear

The sacrament of First Communion is an important holy event in a little girl’s life. A teddy bear is a cuddly way to commemorate that special day. Find one that’s personalized with the words “First Communion,” add her name and date, and her fuzzy doll will be a friendly reminder of this new chapter of her faith.

30. Take A Trip

Family sitting in church pew.One great way to nurture your little girl’s relationship with her faith would be to take her on a trip—a miniature pilgrimage—to another church, shrine, or holy place. Show her how you express your faith and encourage her to develop her own ways of communicating with God. Make a day of it and have a nice lunch while you create wonderful memories with her.

If you’re not sure about First Communion gift etiquette, remember that no matter what gift you choose to give, it should celebrate her relationship with God. When it comes to gift-giving, add personalization whenever possible, and you’ll make each gift as unique as the girl you’re giving it to.