54 Fall Craft Ideas Your Family Will Love

The start of fall is a fun time for kids—changing leaves, spooky holidays and crisp weather autumn. Get your kids in the pumpkin spice spirit with these family-friendly crafts. You and your little ones will be making special memories while crafting playthings or festive decor for the house.

These autumn crafts are ideal for kids of all ages and can be done at home with siblings or as a group party activity. From heart-warming keepsake coasters to fun masks, the easy DIY instructions will guide crafters of all skill levels to hours of family fun. Once you get the house decked out in DIY Halloween decor, invite friends and family over for a fun Halloween party, with a crafting station of course!

1. DIY Leaf Animals

DIY leaf animalsdownload button
Whether you have a plethora of fall leaves in your backyard or looking to to bring some autumnal colors to your home, this craft has you covered. Simply print out the fall “leaves” or grab a large leaf from outside and decorate with just the eyes, ears and nose.

2. Halloween Joke Teller

Halloween joke teller craftdownload button
Take a spooky spin on the classic schoolyard game. This joke teller is decorated with cute Halloween characters, like Dracula and Frankenstein. Write fun predictions like who will get the most candy this year or who will get the biggest fright.

3. I’m Thankful For…

Write what you're thankful for sheetsdownload button
Just as important of a fall holiday, this Thanksgiving activity gives everyone in the family a chance to participate. Print out and use them as place settings for friends and family to share during their meal or provide as an activity for the kids table.

4. Thankful Turkey

Thanksgiving turkey craftdownload button
Print out this cute turkey DIY to give kids a fun and easy craft as they await the big feast! You can print out the paper feathers for kids to write their name or what they’re thankful for or pick up craft feathers for a “real” turkey.

5. Coloring Placemat

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Keep your little ones preoccupied with this simple coloring placemat. There are simple activities like a maze, as well as a spot for kids to add what they’re thankful for. Ask your child what their favorite part of the meal is and have them draw it on their placemat before dinner!

6. Turkey Party Hats

Turkey cone party hatsdownload button
No celebration is complete without party hats! Have the family pitch in on making party hats for everyone invited to Thanksgiving dinner. Use them as place settings and see your guests smile ear to ear when they wear them.

7. Turkey Puppet

Turkey puppetdownload button
Have your kids create a turkey puppet for some post-dinner entertainment. Buy craft feathers or use leaves from outside for colorful plumage. Combine this craft with the turkey party hats and you’ll have a turkey themed crew!

8. Fall Yarn Tree

Yarn Fall TreeiHeart Crafty Things’ yarn tree craft is ideal for groups of kids, especially as a party-time or play date activity. No two yarn trees will look alike, especially if yarn in a wide variety of fall shades is provided.

9. Autumn Mobile

Autumn MobileBring fall inside with this autumn mobile. While on a walk with your children, collect bright fall leaves, small pinecones or other fall elements. The only additional supplies needed for Red Ted Art’s fall craft are string and sticks.

10. Kitty Corner Bookmark

Kitty Corner BookmarkBring festive fall cheer to homework and study time with an adorable origami bookmark craft. Easy Peasy and Fun’s step-by-step instructions makes origami easy! Note that the different sized pupils give this fall craft its smile-inducing, goofy look.

11. Colorful Spiderwebs

Colorful SpiderwebsGet into the Halloween spirit by hanging these spooky spiderwebs in a window or on bedroom doors. Let them select their favorite color (or colors) for their web and a creepy spider to match! No Wooden Spoons recommends this craft for kids aged 2-9.

12. Dangling Bats

Hanging BatsThese friendly bats will bring a smile to all who spot them. The whole house can get in on this fall craft to create an adorable family of dangling bats. Buggy and Buddy has an easy tutorial.

13. Turkey Windsocks

Turkey WindsocksThese turkey windsocks will look great on your front porch or in your lawn.Your kids can pick the ribbons in their favorite patterns and colors. Happiness is Homemade has an easy tutorial and helpful step-by-step photos!

14. Day Of The Dead Pumpkin Candle

Day of the Dead Candle HoldersThis fall, try this twist on carving pumpkins with Growing Up Bilingual’s easy Day of the Dead candle holder craft. Use these as centerpieces for a table that looks and smells festive!

15. Spiderweb Balloons

Spiderweb BalloonHalloween decorations are more fun with you make them yourself! Modern Parents Messy Kids’ craft is easy enough for young children and spooky enough to interest big kids too. Spray the spider webs will a shimmery glaze for an extra realistic look!

16. Day Of The Dead Mask

Day of the Dead MaskThis easy Happy Thought mask craft will create many Instagram-worthy moments with your kids. Happy Thought recommends adding paper flowers or feathers to the top for an even more festive look.

17. Day Of The Dead Crown

Day of the Dead Skeleton HeadpieceHappy Thought’s Day of the Dead crown craft is perfect for parties. Fill the traced hands with small colorful patterns and use vibrant colors for the flowers. For the final touch, dust the flower crown with glitter!

18. Felt Foliage Garland

Felt Foliage GarlandA Beautiful Mess’ fall foliage craft is a fun activity that doubles as as handsome decor for your mantle or trimming for your doorways. Have little ones pick felt colors that remind them of fall leaves. Using thin or thick string creates two unique looks.

19. Fall Leaf Friends

Fall Leaf PeopleThis idea from My Mommy Style is great for little kids who love characters and making up stories. Help them pick the right-sized leaves for heads, torsos, and legs then have them create names and stores for their leaf people.

20. Wrapped Paper Pumpkins

Paper PumpkinSpread some festive cheer with Buggy and Buddy’s wrapped paper pumpkin craft. Your kids can make pumpkins for around the house or to dress up goodies for their teachers.

21. Clothespin Bats

Clothespin Bat CraftHang these clothespin bats all throughout the house to get the family into a festive fall mood. Clip them to photo frames, books or even plants. iHeart Crafty Things has easy DIY instructions to guide you.

22. Pinecone Bird Feeders

Pinecone Bird FeedersThis fall craft by Freebie Finding Mom is double the fun- making the pinecone feeders and then watching birds enjoy your handiwork. Hang the pinecone bird feeders from branches near your windows for easy bird-watching.

23. Halloween Masks

Halloween MasksThis craft idea from It’s Always Autumn is perfect for fall birthday parties or playdates. Encourage the young crafters get creative with their coloring and don’t be afraid to glue on embellishments for extra flair!

24. Leafy Crown

Leaf CrownCrowning your kids the fall harvest king and queen is a great way to celebrate the start of autumn. Little ones will love picking out their own leaves—from the ground or from the craft store! Either works with Made Every Day’s DIY.

25. Pom Pom Spider

Pom Pom Spider This 8-legged craft is nothing to be afraid of! This pom pom spider idea by Buggy and Buddy is a fun activity for kids of all ages and can be displayed on tables or hung from bookshelves.

26. Friendly Cotton Ghosts

Friendly Cottonball GhostThis ghost craft by 366 Days of Pinterest is budget-friendly—only requiring cotton balls, black paper and string. The soft cotton provides a great sensory experience for toddlers. Hang the ghosts on bedroom doors or in the hallway for a spooky touch.

27. Handprint Wreath

Handprint WreathThis craft is the perfect weekend activity to bring the family together. Have everyone make their own wreath or combine the handprints of your family members for one, family wreath. This Girls Life recommends a styrofoam plate for extra sturdiness.

28. Yarn-Wrapped Mummy

Yarn Wrapped MummyGuide your kids through creating a mummy friend with this craft idea from iHeart Crafty Things. Glue down the googley eyes, then let them wrap to their heart’s content. Practice your best mummy groans while you work!

29. Melted Crayon Pumpkin

Fun Melted Crayon PumpkinThis melted crayon pumpkin craft involves no carving and provides a break from the orange and black color scheme that dominates fall. Make sure to liberally cover the area under the pumpkins- the melt drips go far. Great idea Mom Spark!

30. Foliage Votives

Fall Leaves Painted Candle HoldersThis autumn craft idea was inspired by Anthropologie candle votives. Their warm glow and danity speckled shadows will make your living room feel quite cozy. Include a few metallic paint dabs to make these even more chic. A very clever idea from Unusually Lovely.

31. Pinecone Spider

Pinecone spiderWe suspect little boys will take particular delight in making this pinecone spider craft from Live Craft Eat. It’s perfect for leaving in sister’s room or on dad’s chair- just don’t say it was our idea!

32. Day Of The Dead Mini Lanterns

Day of the Dead Mini LanternsGrowing Up Bilingual’s Day of the Dead mini lantern craft is ideal for busy moms—it only requires cups and a marker! Show your kids a few real-life sugar skull masks to get their creative juices flowing.

33. Yarn Pumpkins

Yarn PumpkinsThese yarn pumpkins from Design Improvised are perfect for adorning your shelves, window sills or mantle. The pumpkins can also be hung on the wall using the brown “vine” string.

34. Painted Leaf Monsters

painted leaf monstersThe award for “most likely to inspire giggles” goes to this fall craft idea from Messy Little Monsters. Kids can create many different styles of leaf monsters, the more varied the leaf monster gang the sillier craft time will be!

35. Beaded Indian Corn

Beaded Indian CornCutesy Crafts has a unique idea for craft time—beaded indian corn. Help your kids place the beads in varied patterns to create ears of corn that delight the eyes.

36. Popsicle Haunted House

Popsicle Haunted HouseHappily Everly After has a craft idea that really lets your kids get creative- a popsicle haunted house! They can fill in the windows or decorate the sides with whatever creepy characters they choose.

37. Popsicle Stick Crows

Popsicle Stick CrowsGather the whole family for this fun fall DIY idea by Crafts by Amanda. Each person’s popsicle crow will reflect their personality and you’ll find yourself with a mini version of your family—perfect for a centerpiece or mantle decor.

38. Sugar-Dyed Pumpkins

Kool-Aid PumpkinsSugar dye crafts always end up with delightful color effects. This fall craft idea from Housing a Forest does not disappoint! The more pumpkins made, the more interesting the end colors will be. Get ready to watch your kids’ eyes grow wide with surprise and delight.

39. Puzzle Foliage

Puzzle Folliage This fall craft from iHeart Crafty Things is a visual treat for young children. The swirled paint, resulting marbled “leaves” and diverse shapes of the layered puzzle pieces will provide an engaging sensory experience.

40. Foliage Bowl

Foliage BowlUse DIY Louisville’s foliage bowl craft as a centerpiece when grandma and grandpa visit. They’ll be even more impressed when your kids explain how they made the bowl! Have the little ones collect leaves in a variety of colors for beautiful-looking final product.

41. Fall Felt Wreath

Fall Felt WreathThe Magic Onions’s fall felt wreath craft is perfect for a mom and kiddo tag team. Have them roll the felt balls while you glue them onto the wreath. Pick the felt colors together for even more craft bonding time.

42. Thanksgiving Piñata

Thanksgiving PinataUse this pinata craft for a Thanksgiving gathering, fall party, or just a fun weekend with the kids. Making the pinata themselves will up the excitement for the sweet reward at the end! Say Yes blog has an easy DIY video.

43. Scalloped Paper Pumpkin

Scalloped Paper Pumpkin Sarah Hearts’ scalloped paper pumpkin craft idea looks super cute and it’s easy to make. You can display this pumpkin inside or outside. Imagine the scallops fluttering in the autumn breeze on your front porch.

44. Corn On The Cob Pencil Holder

Fall corn pencil holderCrafts by Amanda’s kid-friendly activity will look charming on dad’s or mom’s desk! Encourage your kids get to creative with the kernel colors for a truly unique piece. Why not let siblings collaborate on a color scheme?

45. Elbow Macaroni Turkey

Elbow Macaroni TurkeyThis clever twist on the typical Turkey-day craft will keep kids entertained for hours. Piecing together the many parts and lining up the elbow macaroni will stimulate their young, developing minds. iHeart Crafty Things has a great DIY tutorial.

46. Leaf Finger Puppets

Fall Finger FriendsCraft time meets playtime with this fun family activity! Help your kids pick fabrics for bow ties, hair bows or hats. This fall craft can lead to fun story time or plays. Crafts by Amanda has an easy-to-follow tutorial.

47. Pilgrim Hat

Pilgrim hatIf your kiddo loves dolls or stuffed animals, get their toys into the autumn spirit with this mini Pilgrim hat craft. Just add one final step to iHeart Crafty Things instructions—cut a hole in the bottom.

48. Extra Large Spiderwebs

Trash Bag SpiderwebThis large-scale craft will instantly turn any room Halloween-ready. Mom vs The Boys has an easy to replicate spiderweb pattern that any crafter can replicate. The best part? You probably already have trash bags around the house!

49. Paint With Marbles

Fall Painting with MarblesLittle ones will love shaking marbles around to create this fall leaf craft. Each leaf will have a unique look, so make a bunch to create a festive collage. Housing a Forest suggests using an oatmeal container for marble rolling.

50. Leaf Print Coasters

Leaf CoastersYou’ll treasure this fall craft for years to come. Take a family walk and have the kids collect fall leaves. Back at home, help them turn their leaves into keepsake coasters. Head over to Confessions of a Homeschooler for the DIY instructions.

51. Leaf Print Banner

Leaf BannerThis fall craft from Happiness is Homemade makes for tres chic home decor. Your kids will love mixing the paint and experimenting with the resulting leaf print colors. Use leaves of similar sizes for a visually-balanced banner.

52. Candy Corn Bunting

Candy Corn BuntingHang Typically Simple’s fall craft idea from your bookshelf or around a buffet table at a party. The trick for even candy corns coloring is to paint a plate first, then cut into pieces.

53. Paper Black Cat

Black CatThis black cat craft can even be done with younger kids. Guide little ones through folding the paper and drawing in the cat eyes while you glue on the finishing touches. Pop over to Easy Peasy and Fun for the DIY instructions.

54. Spaghetti Leaves

Spaghetti FoliageThis craft can help kids develop fine motor skills and provides an opportunity for creative expression from other older kids. Hanging the spaghetti foliage with string or frame them with paper backgrounds. Made Every Day suggests alternating colors for spaghetti foliage that will really pop!