26 Fun Halloween Party Games

You’ve sent out the Halloween party invitations, brainstormed all the halloween party ideas, carved the jack-o-lanterns and the guests are about to arrive. People of all ages love any excuse to play games. Whether you’re planning a monster-themed masquerade ball or a pumpkin-filled harvest festival, our list of 26 Halloween party games has things to do for every event.

To find fun Halloween Party Game ideas, just click the buttons below to filter the results and highlight activities for kids, adults, small parties or large groups. “Spooky Party” will list games with scarier themes while “Harvest Festival” will show games that feature pumpkins or can easily be adapted for schools and churches. Click each game’s title for more complete instructions of how to play.

Who is daring enough to reach inside this Halloween-themed feel box?

Choose holiday-themed words in this crowd-friendly game similar to Taboo.

Make a Halloween version of Guess Who? to get guests mingling.

"Telephone" gets a Halloween twist when guests tell ghost stories.

Get in the spirit with a round robin ghost story.

Race to move the candy without using your hands.

The props are simple and the reward is sweet in this guessing game.

Creativity counts in this writing game for adults.

Put your smart phone to good use with a Halloween scavenger hunt.

Could you survive a horror movie?

Match up famous quotes with the horror movie character who said them.

Can guests identify each other with nothing more than a chalk outline?

A racing game for all ages with a ghoulish theme.

This Halloween icebreaker will definitely get people talking.

Use horror movies and spooky phrases for charades.

What’s more Halloween than a graveyard full of zombies?

Can you tell when you’re not alone?

Lawn games are even more fun with pumpkins.

Roll, roll, roll your squash gently down the lane.

Ready, aim, drop! Go to great heights to earn Halloween treats.

When you lock eyes from across the room, it’s not flirting, it’s murder.

Can you guess the pumpkin’s weight?

Add a Halloween twist on the classic game of Truth or Dare.

Think you have a little ESP? Try to read the minds of other players.

A memory challenge that gets harder and funnier with more players.

Use a witches hat for a ring toss game that is magical.