18 Halloween Invitation Wording Ideas

The best way to celebrate and enjoy the Halloween holiday is by making memories with those close to you. Share the joy of the fall season by hosting your very own Halloween party. With party planning usually beginning 4-6 weeks in advance, you’ll have plenty of time to determine your Halloween party theme, draft your personalized invitations and get all of your party particulars in place. Letting your guests know that a screaming good time and celebration is in the near future with personalized Halloween party invites is the perfect way to spread the word. It’s about time to get all excited for your big October 31st bash.

Whether you are going trick-or-treating, carving pumpkins, hosting a dinner party or having an adults only spooktacular soirée, the best way to prepare for a wicked fun time is with an adorable as well as informative invitation. Your Halloween cards are not only a matter of design element but also of the words you choose to include. Your invitation and words that make it up will ultimately set the tone for the celebrations to come. Conjure up a little creativity and invite your family and friends to create Hallow’s Eve memories to last a lifetime with the perfect invitation.

adult halloween party invitation

How To Write Halloween Invitations?

After deciding upon a Halloween party theme that is fitting for your celebration you can then move on to picking out your Halloween party invitations and informing those near and far about your upcoming event.

It can be hard to determine what to write or how to word your Halloween party invitations. Just like any other party invitation, your Halloween invites should fill guests in on all the details. You may be struggling with keeping the invite clever all the while making sure that you lay out all of the party particulars. Keeping things straightforward is key. While drafting your invitations, keep in mind that the last thing you want your invite to do is to confuse your guests.

Just like any other party invitation, your Halloween party invite wording should be made up of three parts: a catchy introduction, the informative details and the RSVP information. Sink your teeth into these seven steps for determining how to write Halloween invitations.

  1. Start your Halloween invitation off with a few catchy phrases. The beginning of your party invites provide you with the chance to get creative and show off your party’s personality. Make your party-goers smile and look forward to the big day by using a play on words and some catchy Halloween phrases to allude to all of your Halloween party ideas. Get clever, get creative and have fun. Whether your party theme revolves around an Autumn harvest, a monster mash or a murder mystery, it’s a cute idea to add Halloween sayings and phrases to the beginning of your invitation. These fun words will serve as a great way to entice your guests to attend and give your party invitation character unlike any other. Handpick one of the following Halloween styled statements below to create an exciting Halloween party invite unlike any other.
  2. Lay out all the details. After you’ve had some spooky fun with your introduction and encouraged your guests to come in full Halloween spirit, it’s now time to use your invitation to lay out all of the details for your guests. The only thing worse than forgetting to send out your party invites altogether would be sending them out with the wrong information or sending them out with missing information. For the convenience of your potential attendees, make sure to keep this section of the invitation as straightforward as possible and don’t forget to proofread. Include your party’s most important information with the must-have details below.
  3. Add the date.  Hopefully set somewhere around October 31st, your Halloween party date is one particular that needs to be set in stone before you can create or send out your invitations. Party attendees will make accommodations to their schedules to fit around the party date so that they can attend which means it’s your job to make sure that the party date you select and print on your invites is determined.
  4. Add the time. The same etiquette goes for the time of your party as it does for the date. Because your potential party guests are planning their schedules in accordance with these two particulars, it’s important that the time you select is uncompromisable. Whether you’re throwing a day time harvest party or an eerie dinner soirée, make sure to select the perfect time and stick with it.
  5. Add the location. This exciting part of your Halloween party planning definitely needs to be included in the details of your party invitation. Party location helps guests determine if they will be attending your party plus, guests won’t be able to attend if they don’t know where they’re going. Is your Halloween bash taking place at your residence or a selected venue? Where ever it may be taking place, don’t assume your guests know where they are going and include this vital information on your invitations.
  6. Let your guests know what is expected and provided. It can also be a good idea to include more particular information so that your guests know what to expect or what to bring to your party. Include items like if food will be provided, who the party is hosted by, what kinds of Halloween party games you will be playing, if costumes are required and any other details you believe are important for your guests to know about.
  7. Don’t forget the RSVP. Last but not least, it’s important for you to include an RSVP number or email at the bottom of your invitations. Don’t forget to set a date for when your potential guests should RSVP by. It’s a good idea to set the date two-three weeks before the big party day. This way, you’ll be able to get a final head count for things like food and snacks and seating arrangements. Not to mention, adding an RSVP point of contact will allow your guests a way to reach you in case they have any questions or if anything comes up.

Sample Halloween Party Invitation Wording For Any Occasion

No matter what type of Halloween celebration you are thinking about throwing, the best way to get the word out about the big day is with some festive Halloween cards. Mirror the style and personality you want your party to exude in the wording of your party invitation.

Think about the different aspects that go into creating cute Halloween invitations. Do you want your wording to read with a more formal tone or something more easygoing? Do you want your invitation to be witty, scary, or full of fun? Another thing to think about is who you are going to be throwing the party for. All of these different conditions will help you decide how to word your Halloween party invitations.

Whatever the occasion may be, how to write Halloween invitations is easily done by following the above steps. Below are a few sample Halloween party invite wording ideas for just about any festive occasion. Use these templates or create your own with the steps above to spread the word about your celebration and spread it in style.

kids halloween party invitations

Kids Halloween Party Invitation Wording

Attention Boys and Ghouls

You are Invited to Our

Spooktacular Halloween Party

October 31st from 2:00 pm -6:00 pm

2215 Alpha Avenue, Jacksonville, Florida

Hosted by Daniel and Alex Brewer

RSVP by October 15th to 555.9873

It’s Halloween Time

We’re Having a Bash

Wear Your Best Costume

To Our Fun Monster Mash

October 31st At 7:00 pm

The Jennings Home 1435 Elkview Drive Miami, Florida

RSVP To Julianne at 764.333.5830 by October 15th

Trick or Treat

Join us For a Halloween Celebration With

The Mullville Family

monday, October 31st at 6:00 pm

Dave Mullville’s Home 4005 Willison Street Minneapolis, Minnesota

RSVP by October 14th to dmullville@gmail.com

Adult Halloween Party Invitation Wording

We’ve got the Booze

You Bring the Boo’s

Join us For Some Haunting Spirits and Wicked Brews

The Andersons

October 31st 8:00pm- 12:00 am

The Rock Hill Brewery

766 Northwest Beach Street

San Luis Obispo, California

RSVP to Julie at 555.873.0727

by October 10th

Ghosts and Witches and Creatures of Fright

Don’t miss the call of Halloween Night

Come one, Come All in the Threads of the Season

If you Miss This Bash, Tis an Act of Treason.

Be here by Eight or Meet Your Fate

Bring Your Scariest Food Concoction

And Your Tastiest Date.

Sara and Josh’s Haunted Castle

October 31st

356 Brimstone Lane

Wear a Costume or be ridiculed and vanished into the night

Regrets only if you dare

RSVP by October 10th 684-9488

Eat Drink & Be Scary

Join us For a

Halloween Party

Saturday, October 31st at 7:00pm

4444 Houston Way Road

Atlanta, GA

RSVP to Katie by October 10th

384.0844 or katie@gmail.com

Halloween Costume Party Invitation Wording

Join us if you Dare

For a Halloween Scare…

Costume Party

will be undertaken at 7:00 PM

on Saturday, October 31st

at the final resting place of

Jeanine and Henery Willchuck

87 Myrtle Lane

Lansburg, South Carolina

RSVP by October 10th 449.3421

You’re Invited to a

Couples Costume Party!

Saturday, October 27th

6pm – Midnight

387 Hillsdale Blvd.

Hosted by Kathy and Jim Klein

Regrets only by October 10th contact 398.9984

Come Costumed!

Fright Night is almost here,

get your costumes if you fear!

The Annual James

Costume Party

Friday, October 27th

8pm to 2:00am

9833 Monterey Place

Phoenix, Arizona

Hosted by Mark and Kathy James

RSVP by October 10th at 294.4989

Halloween Potluck Invitation Wording

Please Join Us For

Pumpkin Stew


Witches Brew!

The Marlowe Residence

234 Main Street

Bloomington, IL

RSVP to Meg 333.356.6795

Hope to See you There!

Leave the Tricks

at Home and Bring

Your Favorite Treat to Share

Please Come for Halloween Brunch

Sunday, October 28th

11:00 in the morning

1234 Spooky Lane San Mateo, California

RSVP to Host at 394.344.5556 by October 15th

Costumes are encouraged

It’s time for a

Halloween Potluck

Pick your poison and bring it on over

October 31st 6pm at The Henry Residence

498 Jameson Way

Newport Beach, California

RSVP by October 12th to khenrygmail.com

Funny Halloween Invitation wording

Fly Over on a Broom or Float like a Ghost

Just don’t be tardy to Our Halloween Party

October 31st 12:00pm- 4:00pm with Trick or Treating to follow

Our Home

17355 Chestnut Ave

Visalia, California

RSVP by October 15th 778.3984

Something is Brewing at Our House

Monday, October 31st

9:00 PM

Tennant Home

45 Clover Road

New York, NY

Hosted by Elsa and Dave

RSVP by October 15th

To Elsa at Etennant@gmail.com

What are you Doing Thursday,

I just have to ask?

How about Drinking, Dancing

And Wearing a Mask…

Come on Over for The Harrowing Fright

The Jones are Brewing for

a Halloween Night

October 31st 6pm

783 Whistler Lane

San Francisco, CA

RSVP by October 15th to 344.3968

Masks required!

Scary Halloween Party Invitation Wording

We’re Calling All Goblins,

Ghosts and Creatures of the night!

So Creep, Float or Crawl on Over

To Our Halloween Costume Party

The Undertaking Will Begin

7pm October 31st

Our Home 475 Little Rd.

San Luis Obispo, CA

RSVP 805.8833

It Might be Scary…

It Might be a Fright…

But It’s Sure to be Fun

On Halloween Night!

Join Us For a Halloween Party

Monday, October 31st at 8:00 PM

The Fredricks’ Haunted House

487 Dead Mans Road Madera, California

RSVP to Lydia at 488.8368

By October 18th

Please Join Us for an Evening

that will make your skin crawl…

The Janson’s

Annual Halloween Ball

on Saturday October 30th

From 8 until 12 in the darkness of the night

Our Haunted Home

3958 Grand Boulevard

Laural Heights, Illinois

RSVP by October 10th

Tina and Jason


Costumes required for entry


Wrapping Up

Your Halloween party is sure to be a hit and all of your guests will be screaming to attend once they receive your invite. Remember to have fun creating your personalized Halloween cards and to enjoy the party once everything is in place. Oh and one more thing, don’t forget about creating a personalized trick-or-treating bag for the kids. They make the most useful party favors for this time of year.