How To Decorate Your Home For Fall

The year’s coziest season has arrived and if you’re looking to spice up your home for the fall holidays, we’ll show you how to take your space to the next level with these unique fall decor ideas. A seasonal refresh can breathe new life into a home and autumn is a time to create welcoming and cozy spaces. Simple additions like festive wreaths, autumn photo books, pumpkin porch decor, fall-themed centerpieces, and lots of fluffy, fleece blankets make a huge difference. With tips and tricks for both indoor and outdoor fall decorations – our roundup of fall decorating ideas has plenty of projects to fit your style!

1. Add Fall Decor To Your Front Porch

fall front porch ideas with lanterns pumpkins fall foliage It’s easy to give your front porch a seasonal refresh with a few fall decorations. Adding fall flowers, pumpkins, gourds, and simple autumnal decorating touches to your porch creates a warm and inviting entry for guests. Bring the warm colors of autumn to your front door with a wreath made of harvest berries or dried foliage. Celebrate the varying shades of orange, red, and yellow or try something modern with soft white pumpkins paired with pastel accents and rustic or farmhouse decor.

2. Pick A Focal Point

fall themed tabletop frames If you’re wondering where to put all your indoor fall decorations, start by selecting a single focal point in your home. Committing to one main seasonal focal point is smart; this way, you have a game plan and the smaller pieces of decor can fall into place. Whether it’s your entryway, dining table, mantle, or coffee table – whatever spot you focus on will give you the most bang for your buck. Once you’ve selected your ideal location, create a lush autumn scene with woven blankets and cozy personalized candles. Vary color and texture by using dried plants and foliage, pine cones, gourds, and acorns.

3. Create A Seasonal Gallery Wall

how to create a seasonal gallery wall with fall decorations Update your gallery with seasonal artwork. Switching up your gallery wall for the season doesn’t have to be hard, or expensive! If you have an empty wall that is just screaming for a photo gallery, photo tiles make it easy to update a seasonal gallery wall. Whether you’re decorating for the fall, winter, spring, or summer, you can switch up your wall art as often as you’d like with photo tiles and display all your special holiday moments all year long.

4. Bring In New Textures And Colors

custom pillows with monograms for the fall Utilizing rustic materials inside your home is a nice nod to the natural world, especially when the temperatures start to drop and everyone is spending a bit more time indoors. Chunky, textural knits such as blankets and pillows are easy ways to infuse that rich autumn color palette into your home. Consider a pillow refresh with our custom pillows. You can design your own pillows with seasonal motifs or add photos from a fall family photo shoot for a more personal touch. The warm, inviting tones and soft fabrics encourage cozy fall nights curled up on a sofa, next to a fireplace, and watching a classic film together with family.

5. Fill Glass Containers For Display

mason jar filled with fall decorations acorns pine cones maple leaves Glass vessels are ideal for displaying almost anything. You can see the full composition while keeping all the parts organized. Fill up vases, mason jars, bowls, and terrariums with mini pumpkins, pine cones, acorns, apples, or pears. Combine different elements in larger containers like terrariums and keep smaller jars more monochromatic. These glass display cases can stand on their own, beside one another, or as an addition to an existing floral arrangement that you might have.

6. Turn Your Kids’ Art Into Wall Art

kid crafting a fall leaf garland Turn your kids’ fall-themed arts and crafts projects into photo tiles or canvas prints. Hang them up throughout the house and keep adding new pieces each year, as you do with holiday ornaments, and soon you will have a collection of wall art that you and your family will treasure for years to come.

7. Display Seasonal Produce On Your Kitchen Counter

seasonal produce on the kitchen counter top for fall decorating ideas After an afternoon of apple picking, put large bowls of apples on the kitchen or dining table. Arrange pears in glass jars in easy reach ready for snacking. Squash of many varieties and sizes combine beautifully to show off the harvest bounty. Add glass containers filled with pantry items like dried beans, peas, or corn for a contrast in texture.

8. Replace Flowers With Dried Foliage & Plants

wheat wreath on the front door for fall decorating ideas Decorating for fall and Halloween as easy as clipping some tree branches from your back yard! Opt for fall foliage such as eucalyptus branches or wheat sheaves. The leaves add a hearty texture and earthy hue to your space. Vases full of loose leafy greens and branches keep your space feeling fresh, natural, and moody.

9. Create An Autumn Tablescape

crafting a pumpkin as a vase as a fall centerpiece Dining rooms are perfect places to implement your fall decorating ideas. In addition to fall-themed centerpieces, set out fall-inspired place settings for both formal and informal family mealtimes. Place pumpkin-orange cushions on dining chairs and a coordinating runner on the table. Layer jewel-toned placemats and napkins, and contrast them with an umber tumbler for an instant autumn update when creating fall decorations for your home.

10. Make The Outdoors Cozier

outdoor fall decorations for the front porch Just because the temperatures have taken a nosedive doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the crisp autumn air. Just add string lights, plush blankets, fuzzy throw pillows, and lanterns to cozy up your space. If your outdoor area is on the smaller side, simply opt for a DIY crate display or basic burlap banner. Elegant, simple touches like a blanket-covered rocking chair or a chalkboard sign will add the desired flair.

11. Add More Plaid

personalized pillow and blankets Plaid is the coziest pattern ever, it’s perfect for fall decor. Instantly add warmth to any room with plaid. Cover your tables with plaid blankets, table runners, or personalized placemats to make your table decor super cozy and a bit rustic. Plaid napkins will be a cool addition, and plaid blankets for your guests will keep them warm and comfy. Plaid custom coasters are very easy to make and can be used for having various drinks and to add a cool cozy touch to your table.

12. Paint Your Pumpkins

cute ways to paint your pumpkin for the fall season This year, ditch the pumpkin carving kit entirely and make a stunning DIY painted pumpkins instead. It’s a fun activity for the whole family and a chance to show off your creative skills. Plus, your painted pumpkin will last longer than a carved one, so you get to impress the neighborhood with your design all season long!

13. Contrast Tones For Modern Fall Decor

modern fall decor Fiery orange colors contrast beautifully with black and white accents, from black and white wall art to handsome decorative objects. Combine white pumpkins, bleached dried leaves, and birch twigs for a modern twist on fall staples. Place your monochromatic arrangement wherever you could use a small pop of design interest.

14. Spread Small Fall-Themed Arrangements Throughout Your Home

fall arrangements throughout the home Create small arrangements of fall decorations throughout your home with pumpkins and acorns nestled among on a bookshelf, fireplace, entryway, and more. No fall home should be without candles, which can go from spooky to cozy to suit the holiday. Filling an engraved vase with autumn flowers or a bowl with mini pine cones can also pay tribute to fall. Mix in classic items that you love to display throughout the year – framed pictures, family heirlooms, photo mugs – to make the arrangement uniquely yours.

15. Mix Rustic With Refined

wooden cutting board used as decoration with words etched on top Contrast is key. Mixing earthy elements, like a wooden cutting board, with delicate, vintage china makes the woodsy element feel more organic while, by contrast, the hand-etched details of the heirloom dishes take on a new level of sophistication.

Wrapping Up

Fall is the season meant for comfy nights in, time spent at home, holidays that bring family and friends together, and cozy yet unique fall decor. Each festivity during fall is an invitation to give a one-of-a-kind flair to the home. For even more fall inspiration, check out our Halloween cards and while you’re in the holiday spirit, make sure to get a head start and pick out this year’s holiday cards.

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