20 Easy Hallway Decor Ideas That Create an Inviting Space

Decorating your hallway will bring a new energy to your entire home. Transform a plain white hallway into a place that has personality by filling the empty walls. Accent your hallway with stylish decor and see how your home is rejuvenated with just a few simple touches.

From wall art to rugs to succulents, our collection of 20 hallway decor ideas will offer you plenty of inspiration. No matter if your style is rustic, modern or traditional, you’ll find something that sparks your creative spirit.

To create hallway art made of your favorite photos, try designing a gallery wall. You can transfer your photos into anything from collage posters to wood wall art, creating depth and texture to your hallway.

1. Tassel Rug

Line your hallway with a bit of comfort: a plush rug with tassels. Choose a neutral rug like one with black and white, or opt for a more colorful design.

2. Joyful Photo Wall

square photos hang on wall

Source: Tara Whitney

Add extra happiness to your walls with photos that express joy, like candids of playing outside or enjoying a local festival. Choose same-sized canvas prints for a symmetrical arrangement.

3. DIY Marble Console Table

Construct a chic hallway table out of wood and faux marble tiles. Place candles and vases on your table for extra texture and personality.

4. Panel Art

Create your own panel art displaying trees, flowers or a landscape. Paint your design across several canvases or infuse an image on wood panels.

5. Slender Hallway Table

Build a space where you can drop your keys, purse and mail. Slide a slender table into your hallway and add extra shelves for storage baskets.

6. Canvas Gallery Wall

gallery wall is under stairs

Source: Shutterfly

Personalize your hallway decor with canvas prints. Select a range of photos—from camping trips to cozy mornings with coffee. Include prints of varying sizes and shapes for visual diversity.

7. DIY Window Pane Mirror

Repurpose a window pane by making it into a mirror. The mirror will open up your hallway and make it feel more spacious.

8. Square Photo Prints

square photos are printed to hang

Source: Urk Art

Gather your favorite photos that include a bit of nature such as flowers, landscapes and fun snapshots from a day hike. Order your prints in a square shape, then hang them next to each other for a stunning gallery wall.

9. Matching Frames

tall photos line a hallway

Source: Studio McGee

Choose a classic look like a black or wooden frame, then line your hallway with photos and wall art. Construct a complete black and white scheme for an artsy, stylish appeal.

10. Potted Succulent

Incorporate greenery into your hallway decor with a succulent or cactus. Secure a small ledge in your hallway for the pot or opt for a hanging plant.

11. Stenciled Forest

Transform your hallway into a serene forest. Stencil birch trees onto your wall with calming colors like green and white for a creative accent wall.

12. Macrame Wall Hanging

photos hang from macrame hanger

Source: Urk Art

Amp up the flair in your hallway with a macrame photo display. With a wood dowel as your base, tie ropes so they dangle from the top, then secure your photos using glue or tape.

13. Eclectic Gallery Wall

Design a gallery wall that’s full of life. Include frames of varying sizes and styles, then add art pieces to complete your diverse spread.

14. Colorful Prints in White Frames

Make your hallway decor pop with colorful prints placed in white frames. The contrast will bring attention to your photos, giving your guests something fun to look at when they visit.

15. Cubby Shelves

Decorating hallways with pictures is made easy by building small shelves. Arrange your photos within the cubbies and alternate the colors of your frames.

16. Framed Mirror

mirror is in a hallway

Source: Home With Lo

Mirrors often give the impression that a space is larger than it actually is—making them ideal for hallway decor. Frame the mirror with wood that matches your other decor.

17. Horizontal Gallery Wall

Brighten your hallway with a stunning family photo wall. Arrange your photos in a horizontal pattern to maximize your wall space. Keep photo colors within the same scheme—like ones with blue and yellow tones—for cohesion.

18. Framed Portraits

Find unique or vintage frames for your portraits. Spray paint them all with the same color to create harmony, then arrange them on your wall.

19. World Map

Fill a long hallway with a large world map. Add pushpins for all of the places you’ve been and the new destinations you can’t wait to visit.

20. Canvas Art

Decorate a blank canvas with acrylic paints. Choose a simple image like a flower or heart, then overlay the design with an uplifting word or phrase.

Remember that the most meaningful hallway decor ideas are personalized. Consider designing mounted wall art with photos from a recent outdoor adventure, family gathering or sporting event.