How To Design Your Own Personalized Notepads

When it comes to staying organized, there’s nothing quite like a notepad, and personalized notepads take this enduring, 20th century technology one step further by allowing you to create custom printed notepads that match your personal style and the way you intend to use them. Whether you’re making your own notepads for to do lists, grocery lists, the occasional memo or thank you note, or some other purpose, Shutterfly gives you the tools to design them yourself, for yourself (or as a birthday or Mother’s Day gift). But how do you go about designing custom notepads? Follow this simple process to create and print the perfect custom notepad.

Step 1: Decide What Kind Of Custom Notepad You’d Like To Make

Would you like to make notepads for jotting down grocery list or to-do list items, for writing down phone numbers, contact information, and important details related to exciting home remodeling projects, writing notes of support and appreciation for your kids or spouse, or, say, trip or meal planning? Or perhaps you’d like to design your own notepad for use as personalized stationery with which to write letters to friends and family living in other cities or states. If you’d like to give a personalized gift to your son or daughter for an upcoming birthday or holiday, our kid-themed notepads are an ideal, affordable choice. The beauty is that, with Shutterfly, you get to design your own notepads for whatever purpose you’d like and in whatever fashion you like.

DIY notepads with photos, florals, and lines

Step 2: Choose A Design For Your Notepad

Explore our online store for the best custom notepads. Whatever your needs or notepad design you’re drawn to, we have fun, creative design templates to match—some lined and others unlined, some with monograms and others your full or first name written out, and still others designed for specific tasks, like our meal planning notepads. Your only limitation is your creativity, but are a few options to get you started:

  • From the Desk Of Notepads
  • Monogrammed Notepads
  • To-Do List Notepads
  • Name-Personalized Notepads
  • Notes or Memo Notepads
  • Grocery List Notepads
  • Meal-Planning Notepads
  • List-Making Notepads
  • Calendar Notepads
  • Organizing Notepads
  • Idea Notepads
  • Goals Notepads

Create custom notepads with creative design templates

Step 3: Choose the Design Style For Your Notepads

For creative types out there, here’s where things get really fun. You might be drawn to watercolor or floral notepad designs, classic, understated templates, something with stripes or polka dots, a Notes page title printed in casual, handwritten script, or modern notepad designs. Likewise, you can go with a notepad design involving formal-looking borders, a photo strip along one edge (including photo collage notepads), or a photo background (printed in a muted manner to allow for note-taking legibility in your custom notepad). Did we mention that we have spectacular pet-themed notepad designs—especially dog-themed templates, including retrievers, wiener dogs, doodles (poodle mixes), pugs, and beagles? (Plus, we should add, cat and, yes, llama-themed notepads for those inclined.) Lovely lemons and peaches feature in some notepad designs, and others include fun (and, at turns, funny) inspirational quotes like Do more of what makes you happy, Totally doable, and Things to do after coffee.

How to design your own notepad for home or office.

Step 4: Personalize Your Notepads

This is another fun, creative part of the process of making your own notepads. Depending on the notepad design template you’ve chosen, you might add a monogram, your name, a personalized message, or several photos. Begin by clicking “Personalize” and add whatever you’d like to make your perfect custom notepad. For some, this may be adding a family name to their notepads—as in The Garcias or The Robinsons. For others, it’s a chance to add pictures of their kids or their pets. One great idea is to use your favorite photos from the last year to make custom notepad and then, when, page-by-page, you make use of your notepad, you can design your own notepad again with new photos. In modern culture, our digital pictures too often stay on our phones and this is the perfect way to get them out in the world where they can be enjoyed. And don’t forget color as a tremendous way to personalize notepads. Look for design templates with color combinations you love or choose one of our custom color notepads to create notepads with any color you’d like.

Make personalized notepads featuring your name and inspirational text

Step 5: Order Your Custom Notepads

You’ve made it to the final step: clicking “Add to cart.” Shutterfly makes it easy to make and order your own notepads and to have fun along the way. Your friends and family, seeing these beautiful custom notepads on your kitchen counter or home office desk will surely marvel at them and ask you tips on how to design notepads for themselves (and even as creative gifts or stocking stuffers for Christmas or for one’s birthday, anniversary, graduation, and more). Once you order your custom notepad, we’ll print and mail them to your home for fast delivery. When you’ve used all the pages in your notepad, make another one. Click on the “Projects” link in our site navigation to find previously-completed projects. From there, you can find your previously-ordered notepad and—in a snap—order a replacement. Alternatively, you can save that same notepad design as a new project and modify it with new photos or anything else you’d like to add for a new round of custom notepads.

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