25+ Cute Mermaid Birthday Party Ideas

If your child is dreaming of a birthday party under the sea, you might be wondering how to put it all together. From mermaid birthday invitations to sea creature themed decor, you’ll want the best ideas to pull off the perfect kids birthday party. We’re here to help. We’ve collected a list of our top mermaid birthday party ideas, just for you. From party food, to kids games, to the decor, the following categories will help you build the perfect party, step by step. When you’re ready to get started, continue with the sections below.

Elements to a Mermaid Theme

Mermaid birthday invite 2

It’s important to stay organized from the very beginning while planning your mermaid birthday party. The following items are all important to make sure the party is a complete success. Just click on a link to jump to a specific section below:

Scheduling a Mermaid Themed Birthday Party

Once you have your theme in mind, you’ll want to choose a date to host the party. If your child’s birthday doesn’t naturally fall during a convenient time that her friends will be available, you may want to schedule for a weekend within that same month.

Portrait of birthday girl in mermaid costume relaxing in blue water of swimming pool

You’ll also want to keep seasonality and weather in mind. If cold weather and rain is likely during your child’s birthday month, you may want to host the party at an indoor venue. Recreation centers, restaurants, and children’s indoor play centers all make great options.

Make sure to set a date and give guests at least three weeks of notice by sending invitations out a month in advance.

Mermaid Birthday Party Invitations

Mermaid Birthday Party Invitation 1

Kids birthday invitations are the first look into your child’s party, so it’s important that they look their best. Pick an invitation that clearly conveys the mermaid theme, and customize it to match your child’s personality. Make sure that all the information is correct, and that it includes details like time, date, address, and any other necessary information. For additional help, visit our resource on birthday invitation wording for kids.

Mermaid Birthday Party Food Ideas

Making sure the kids are well fed is a key part of a successful birthday party.  But balancing nutrition, taste, and theme can often be a little tricky. That’s why we’ve collected the following mermaid-approved menu ideas below:

1. Goldfish Bowl

Need a simple snack bowl? Fill it with multicolored goldfish for something that makes kids happy and also contributes to your mermaid theme. It’s a guaranteed crowd pleaser.

2. “Octopus” Hot Dogs

For a simple to make, deep sea-inspired main course, split a hot dog length wise up to a ⅔ mark. Do so four times to create an octopus-like hot dog creation. (Tip: Place the hot dog on a bed of buttered noodles for a fun food “seascape” or use the hot dogs to build themed bento boxes.)

Mermaid food ideas for birthday party

3. Under The Sea Cupcakes

Decorate cupcakes with blue and white frosting, blue pearl sprinkles, and “starfish” candies for a seascape that looks good enough to eat. Alternatively, you can use Swedish fish or shark gummy candies.

Mermaid theme cupcakes with colorful glitter tails, shells and sea creatures toppers for children's mermaid birthday Party

4. Mermaid Cake

This is the main dessert display, so crafting the perfect cake can take some time. Use things like candy fish, pearls, stars, and sprinkles to mimic an underwater world, and then craft a mermaid out of modeling chocolate or frosting.

Mermaid birthday cake in aqua, blue, green, and purple.

5. Starfish Watermelon Bites

For a simple and healthy mermaid snack,  use a star cookie cutter to cut “starfish” out of a large watermelon. Keep these nice and cool well before serving.

Fun Mermaid Birthday Party Games

Party games keep the kids happy and entertained through the party. To ensure that you pick the right kids games, try to choose ideas similar to your mermaid theme. For inspiration, we’ve selected the party games below.

6. Sharks and Minnows

A classic outdoor game, all you need for sharks and minnows is a large grassy area. The “sharks” (two at first) are tasked to try and tag “minnows” as they run from one end of the lawn to the other. Any tagged minnows immediately become sharks and the game continues until there is only one surviving minnow.

7. Go Fish

For this simple game all you need is a pack of kids playing cards. Children try to score four of a kind by asking whether or not a player has a certain type of card during their turn. If that player does not have that card type, they say “Go Fish” and it rotates to the next person’s turn.

8. Marco Polo

If your mermaid party has a pool, make sure to plan for a few rounds of Marco Polo. Establishing rules at the beginning of the game will help ensure everything goes smoothly and safely. (Tip: This is an especially fun party game when you include mermaid tails.)

Birthday girl swimming with mermaid tail

9. Treasure Hunt

Make a treasure hunt in your backyard or at a venue featuring mermaid-related clues and prizes. At the end of the hunt, create a large treasure chest full of candy chocolate coins, beads, and other fun things.

10. Crab Walk Race

Create a designated race course on an open lawn area and hold a small series of races for the kids. Whoever crosses the distance while doing a “crab walk” the quickest wins a prize!

Mermaid Birthday Decorations

No mermaid birthday party is complete without the proper decorations. Pick a color and design scheme from the beginning and use it to fill your party with all the essentials. Some key decorations may include the following:

11. Blue Streamers

Streamers are especially perfect for mermaid birthday parties because they mimic the ocean waves. Hang a variety of blue streamers to replicate the ocean and don’t be afraid to get creative. (Tip: Hang pink or purple streamers from lanterns and use paste-on eyes to create household jellyfish.)

12. Blue, White, and Purple Balloons

Balloons are perfect ways to get sea bubbles in your mermaid party. They should also be core to your party’s color scheme, so make sure you settle on one early on.

many mermaid colored balloons on a string for a birthday party

13. Mermaid Posters

Mermaid wall decals and posters are key props to make your party come to life. These can be ordered online or created from scratch– just make sure you use safe tape or glue when hanging them up.

14. Fish Piñata

Piñatas are as essential to the decorations as they are fun to crack open. Pick an underwater creature and fill it up with salt water taffy, packs of sweedish fish, chocolate coins, and more.

15. Fish Scale Wall Decor

Fish scale wall decor is easy to make and looks great for any mermaid party. Scales can be quickly cut out of colored construction paper and layered on walls to look like the scales of a fish.

Additional Mermaid Birthday Party Supplies

Beyond the decorations and food, it’s important to keep a few other kids party supplies in mind while planning your child’s birthday. From plates to mermaid tales, we have a few fun ideas to tie your party together:

16. Mermaid Plates

mermaid plates for mermaid birthday party decor

Set the party table with these mermaid kids plates. They’re as cute as they are useful for keeping all the cake, snacks, and party food in one place.

17. Mermaid Cups

Step up your party cup game with these mermaid kids cups. Not only are they more fun than plain paper cups, they also make great take-home treasures.

18. Pool Fish Floaties

If your mermaid party is also a pool party, getting themed floaties will turn your normal swimming pool into an exciting seascape. Floaties that resemble sea creatures or diving toys that look like treasure will help you bring your party ideas to life.

19. Mermaid Placemat

Are you expecting your child’s party to be full of messy eaters? Order these mermaid placemats and keep your furniture party proofed, while also staying on theme.

mermaid placemat for party decor

20. Mermaid Tails

Mermaid tail swim suits are popular among all ages now, and they can take your mermaid party over the top. Ordering these tails ahead of time works best if it’s a smaller party, but you can also pick up a few sets of flippers for larger parties.

Mermaid girl with pink tail on rock at poolside put feet in water.

Cute Mermaid Party Favors

Once the party is over and it’s time to say goodbye to the party guests, you’ll want to make sure they leave on an extra happy note. Giving out the perfect mermaid party favors is key to ensuring your child’s friends have lasting memories of the birthday for years to come. Some of our favorite birthday party favors for kids are featured below:

21. Mermaid Towels

mermaid towel for cute party favor

These mermaid towels aren’t just something to be forgotten about once the day is over– you can bet the party goers will be using these for a long time to come.

22. Sand Buckets with Goodies

If you’re a fan of traditional goodie bags, take on a mermaid spin by filling beach pails with sea-themed treats. Think bubble blowers, sand castle shells, and salt water taffy.

23. Fishbowl Terrariums

Fishbowl terrariums can be both a fun craft for the party and a great take home reminder. Leave out plenty of mermaid themed supplies like blue and white glass stones or marbles for the ocean floor, small sea figurines, and sea creature stickers. Then let the party goers fill a small fishbowl with whatever seascape they want.

24. Shell Jewelry

Whether it’s handmade and part of a party activity, or ordered ahead of time – seashell jewelry is sure to be a goodie bag hit.

25. Customized Bubble Blowers

Everyone loves bubble blowers, so they’ve always made a classic party favor gift. But by customizing them with the guest’s names in puff paint or marker you can turn them into a special mermaid keepsake.

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