Quiz: What to gift Mom based on her personality?

Your mom is a superhero. She’s spent countless hours and unlimited energy to protect and care for you. Through all the highs and lows she’s always been there supporting you. So what do you give someone who loves you unconditionally?

Whether it’s Mother’s Day gift, her birthday or the winter holidays, finding the perfect gift for Mom can be hard because you want it to be just right. We’ve created this quick personality quiz to make it easy. Simply answer ten questions about your mom and find out what type of gift would be the best fit.

Does your mother have a green thumb and love for plants? Is she interested in the latest fashion trends? Does she like scrapbooking? Your mom’s habits, hobbies and personality will help you find the perfect gift for her!

mother and daughter smiling

If you were to look at your mom's camera roll, what type of photos would you find?


What's your mom's favorite kind of movie?

family at the beach

When you travel with your mom she likes to spend her time:


What's your mom's dream home?

a mother with coffee

What's your mom's favorite drink?


When you go out to eat, what's your mom's restaurant of choice?

dessert in baking dish

What is your mom's favorite dessert?


What would you find in your mom's purse?

mother and daughter in field

What's your mom's favorite season?


How does your mom spend her free time?


Classy Mom

wine glasses

Your mom is the classy mom! She holds herself and everyone around her to high standards. She enjoys the finer things in life whether it's food or clothing. She is always hosting cocktail hour and is up to date on all the current gossip.

Try giving your mom personalized wine glasses or an engraved cutting board. That way the next time she hosts an event she can show off her new gifts. The marble cutting boards make for a beautiful charcuterie display while the subtle etching in the wine glasses will contrast nicely with a dark red wine.


Sentimental Mom

customized family photobook

Your mom is the sentimental mom! She enjoys documenting the present so she can reminisce in the future. She’s there to celebrate all the special moments in your life from your graduation ceremony to your wedding, guaranteed to have tears in her eyes.

The sentimental mom will appreciate a gift that will help her indulge in memories. Try gifting her with an easel calendar that she can place on her desk at work. Another personalized gift idea is to collect photos she's taken and create a photo book. These gifts will be sure to fill her with joy for many years to come.


Soccer Mom

customized tote bag

Your mom is the soccer mom! She’s always on the go, bouncing from one activity to the next. She’s coached you through life and showed up to every performance and event along the way, often with home-baked cookies in hand.

The best gift you could give the soccer mom is something that will ease her busy day. Try personalizing a canvas tote for her to store her yoga mat or keep in her car for grocery shopping. A portable phone charger is another great option for a mom on the move.


Earthy Mom

flower pot

Your mom is the earthy mom! She loves to live in the moment, whether that means meditating in yoga or spending time in her garden. She leads a healthy and organic lifestyle, trying to be the best version of herself she can.

Gift your mom with something that shows how much you care for her. Personalize a candle, in a calming scent like ocean breeze or grapefruit blossom, with a photo of a happy memory from your childhood. An engraved flower pot would also be a beautiful and bright option for a gift.


Mystery Mom

Try answering some questions to help determine your mom's personality type!