Owl Baby Shower Ideas For A Hoo-Hoo-Hoot Of A Time

Planning a baby shower is so much fun. You get to curate that special moment in time when the soon-to-be parents, friends and loved ones celebrate the joy of welcoming a child into their lives. There is no question that the first step is always the most enjoyable, picking the baby shower theme!

Do you want something that will garner ooh’s and aah’s — or maybe something more like hoo-hoo-hooooo’s? Then an owl baby shower theme is the answer. Owls are endearing, magical creatures. They represent wisdom and can inspire the most adorable and whimsical details, an ideal baby shower theme for girls.

Take a look at the ideas we’ve put together below for a charming owl celebration.

Owl Baby Shower Invitations

baby shower invitation with owl slippers

When shopping for girl baby shower invitations, opt for a style that will be as endearing as your owl theme. Go with soft colors, an elegant script and personalize by adding a photo of the parents-to-be on the back. You can display the invite at the welcome table next to the party favors; add a few details like an owl card holder and place cute owl-inspired baby garments nearby.

Owl Baby Shower Decorations

painted wooden owls on a wall

Decorations for baby showers should be cute, delicate and simple to make yourself. You can take small wooden owl motifs and paint to match your party color scheme. Combine them with greenery, add some garland and you have a stunning backdrop. Visit your local craft store for additional options and to find more inspiration.

Owl Baby Shower Centerpieces

postcard going into a box for baby shower

For a fun and practical activity at each table consider making the centerpiece a way for the guests to offer best wishes and advice for the new parents. Simply place a decorated box at the center of the table. Order personalized owl-themed stationary to place around the box with several pens for guests to leave as many special messages as their hearts desire.

Owl Baby Shower Favors

jars filled with candy and owl charms

Mason jars are ideal containers for any party favor. You can fill them with delicious meringue cookies or caramel candy. Bring in the owl theme by adding an owl charm, twine and a bit of greenery for a woodsy look. Don’t forget to add a personalized tag sticker to each jar to express your gratitude.

You can also consider some of these party favor ideas to incorporate:

  •        Mini Champagne Bottles
  •        Scented Candles
  •        Lip Scrub
  •        Seed Packets
  •        Honey Jars
  •        Natural Soap
  •        Tea Packets
  •        Organic Nail Polish Set

Additional Owl Baby Shower Ideas

someone painting a baby onesie with a gold marker

For everyone to have a good time at the baby shower, plan on having interactive activities to break the ice. Have guests guess how many jellybeans are in a giant jar or the price on popular baby items like feeding bottles, rattles or formula. Spark creativity with a onesie decorating station — parents can take home a unique collection of outfits for their little one.

A baby shower cake is often the focal point of the party. Here are some cake and dessert ideas that go very nicely with the theme.

You can adapt any of these ideas to your baby shower color story and décor. Think of including the parents-to-be in the dessert plans: ask what cake flavors they like the most or if they prefer cupcakes instead of a traditional cake. They will surely appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Owls are an ideal baby shower theme. You can make it as colorful and bright as you want or leave it more neutral, depending on the parents’ taste. You can also incorporate woodland-themed baby shower accents to create an even more breathtaking ambiance. Browse other baby shower ideas to see what you can borrow and apply to your owl party, think elephant or nautical baby shower themes. Keep in mind that the main goal is for everyone to have a joyous time celebrating the arrival of a little one.